F$@#ing Nicklas Grossman Looks Like Jason Statham

Here's the Flyers' exclusive interview with their own player, the new guy, Nicklas Grossman. He's a stay-at-home defenseman with penchant for making driver movies. So, really, after a penalty-kill he's going to don a ski cap and hightail it out of there on the zamboni.

Picture of Statham after the jump, for comparison… and for you ladies home alone on this Friday afternoon. 




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8 Responses

  1. In the italian job, it was never really made clear as to why Handsome Rob needed his share of the money, perhaps ha had a retarded looking twin brother in Sweden. Dude looks like every Swede Male over the age of 30, baloon faces.

  2. Naaa Grossman looks like one bad mu-fucker. Statham looks like a balding actor who was pretty before his hair fell out.

  3. He literally has nothing in common with Statham other than a balding head on a relatively pale guy.

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