Flyers Defense Against Rangers: A Pictorial

Screen Shot 2012-02-11 at 4.04.32 PM

Turn around!

Three of these goals came on the power-play, but don’t let that fact cloud the issue– the Flyers’ weak-side defense is as porous as crotchless panties: ya just slip it right through!

[all were goals]

Screen Shot 2012-02-11 at 4.05.55 PM

The closest defender to Ryan Callahan is – minimum – 10 feet away


Screen Shot 2012-02-11 at 4.06.49 PM

This was a completely uncontested redirect by the Rangers' captain

Screen Shot 2012-02-11 at 4.08.51 PM

Don't mind us

Screen Shot 2012-02-11 at 4.10.06 PM

Zac Rinaldo providing some token coverage of Artem Anisimov as four other Flyers circle Derek Stepan


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  1. I guess that is what happens when the defense consists of an over-the-hill vet (Kimmo), guys other teams gave up on (Carle and Mez) and rookies (Gus and Bourdon). The Flyers’ only shot is if Boston and NYR are somehow taken out. I don’t see the purpose of trading away JvR and Schenn to fix it.

  2. Trade Schenn or JVR? Force Briere to waive his NMC like they did Gagne. What has he done lately anyway?

  3. You can’t trade Schenn, Read, or Courterier..unless you get an all-star. Even then I don’t think they do it. Other untouchables(ignoring the obvious) Voracek(no other playmaker, except Jagr), Simmonds(really becoming a team leader), and Bob(no one trusts Bryz). Maybe you package Carle or Coburn with Rinaldo or something to upgrade. But I don’t see how it’s enough. Briere makes to much money for someone to want him. Really the only movable forward, where you might get something in return is JVR, but since his brain might be one wants him either. I think they are basically screwed this year.

  4. There’s no one on the market. It’d be a mistake to go after Suter or Weber before free agency. Why give up young pieces for rental players when they could wait until the off-season, assess where Pronger’s at, and potentially sign a big player without giving up players.
    Defense is a team commitment, so they need to improve as a whole. And Briere and JVR will be highlights during the playoffs.

  5. The top comments are embarrassing. Fans that don’t know anything. Kimmo is a team leader and our leading shot blocker. The Flyers have a good team and have ran into a rut like some teams do. Like comment before me, defense is a team effort. Trading for a big name before free agency would be stupid. We would have to give up young talent and throw off any chemistry this new team has been trying to build. We could get weber or suter in free agency without handing over our future. The problem with our team is we go for it every year and every year we are disappointed. Let our team grow up and grow stronger. Don’t trade away pieces before the puzzle is built. The future will be bright.

  6. Trade for me. I’m not as slow as you think, and I’ll make people pay for getting near the blue paint. I can’t be worse than Gufstafaffsfsson.

  7. Briere and Jvr are good in playoffs???? We have to get there first!!! I say dump Briere, but no one in their right mind would pay that much!!! And I’ll say it again we paid too much for Bryze!!!!Kimmo is the only good defense we have….and yes him and Pronger are old but WTF????

  8. First off, Kimmo has been our best defenseman this season. The poster who called him over-the-hill is ridiculous. Second, I don’t see how trading for a defenseman is going to solve our defensive problems. The team as a whole is not executing the system. One player (whether it’s Suter or Gill) won’t make a difference if the whole team is playing like crap. Homgren needs to be smart at the trade deadline. Let our team get fully healthy, and see where we stand at the end of the season. If Pronger is done for good (which looks like the case), then go after Suter and or Weber. There’s no point in trading away valuable, young pieces right now for a rental player. Also, I read on HFBoards that someone was seating near Snider for today’s game. He overheard Snider call Holmgren during the game and state that we need a defenseman, maybe two. If this is the case, Snider needs to BACK the fuck off and stop with the reactionary bullshit

  9. This isnt the year guys. Own it. So let’s not make any shit moves. Prongers loss with the bryz situation is the death knell. Fwiw i think the flyers are not giving bryz the best situation. Maybe if he gets hot, big maybe, we’d have a chance

  10. Talk about dreadful breakdowns and mistakes. Inexcusable! The more I watch this team, the more I’m convinced they’re going to have a painfully short stay in the playoffs, as in one round and done. It’s clear the Flyers don’t have what it takes to contend withe likes of Boston or the Rangers who, plain and simple, own us. That said, I agree with others here who make the case for standing pat and not making deadline deals for short term rentals that probably won’t help in the long run.
    On an unrelated issue, how ironic that the Sixers, once freed of Ed Snider’s oppressive yoke have become more exciting and more fun to watch than the Flyers who, some nights, can’t get out of their own way.

  11. JvR is a pansy who needs to grow a pair…and moving away from home might make his grow them..He is not consistant and he is milking out this head injury..Look at the hit he got, it was a joke and from one of his best be out this long? Get something for him before everyone knows he is a total bust…and then we are stuck with him. The rookies are already better than he is and he can’t play defense to save his life.

  12. @ Rob House? The same Rob House goalie from Connecticut? That was a 3rd string goalie for La Salle University? Doubtful but just wondering…
    Its shocking to me that with Bryz in net we lose and its all his fault. Then we put Bob in and the same result but this time all of a sudden its the D’s fault.
    Hopefully now everyone sees what I (and many others) have been trying to explain for a long time now. the defense sucks and is probably one of the bottom 5 in the NHL.
    Coburn looks lost, Carle is nothing without pronger, Mez is running around, Timmo is our best but he cannot hit the net for the life of him and hes getting older and you can see it on the ice like it or not, Bourdon is worst NHL D man in the NHL, and Gustaffson is still an AHL D man.
    Problem in Philly is not the goaltending.
    PP goals or not the Rangers are awful on the PP and we let them get 3? We looked lost and deserved to lose that game.
    Every player on this team looks bad right now. Its a team sport, you cant throw one line out there and expect to win every night.
    JVR and Briere are the only two I would trade. I know Briere is money in the playoffs but he is the highest cap hit on this team and we are not paying him just for playoffs. He is a veteran on this team and should be stepping up and he has not all year. I don’t think hes used to not being the #1 center.

  13. BTW…This team starts 8 rookies a night. Blew its team up in the offseason and brought in new pieces all around.
    Then we lost Pronger, JVR, Briere, Giroux, Schenn etc. For some time.
    I understand we went out and picked up the one piece we were missing with Bryz but this is not NHL12 where you can pick up any players you want and throw them on the ice and win.
    I am un happy with their recent play but when you take a step back and see everything I wrote above and realize that this team is the 3rd best in the EC at this point in the season, that is rather impressive.
    Playoffs come and its a totally different game. You need to ride a hot goalie. If the Flyers can get Bryz on his game and give him a little more help who knows what will happen.
    Even if they finish 6th in the East they get to play the Southeast winner who will most likely have less points then them to begin with. We know we are not getting the division so 1-3 is out of the question. We all know this team will make the playoffs, so the important thing is we get things straightened out and get hot going in. Last 10 games of the season will really let us know what we have…

  14. @ Chirp
    Your absolutely clueless. We don’t need to read your drawn out explanations about why the Flyers stink. The Defense isn’t the problem, guys like Bourdon are going to be superstars in this league. Bryz is the problem, we should trade him. I know from experience when goaltending is the problem
    Also, trade Briere? For what a puck bag. This isn’t NHL2012 for Xbox

  15. I’m an idiot for saying a 36 year old defensemen is over the hill to people who feel that it is possible to trade Briere and Bryzgalov? Ok, I’ll take it.

  16. You are an idiot. The guy was just on the all star team you dope. He’s been the most durable, shut down d-man since he started playing in philly. Although as good as he is he can’t make up for 4 other players not doing their part.

  17. “guys like Bourdon are going to be superstars in this league.”
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I literally have nothing to say to that. lol wow…yes I must be the clueless one…wow haha.
    great comeback made some solid points in your argument what could i possibly say…
    @Rob you didnt answer my original question…are you the same third string goalie that played at La Salle university?
    Bob or Bryz in net and we still lose and you think its Bryz that’s the problem…
    Man i seriously cannot compete with the stupidity on these comments…

  18. this is a young team starting 8 rookies and unfortunately starting to look like it too. I think if anything they were overachievers to start the year. Those of you who think we should be cup contenders are a little delusional considering the off season the flyers had. Give them a couple years and give bryz more than half a year before running him out of town please. Philadelphia is “goalie hell” after all. haha. I would also like to see them cut pronger loose as well. We spend too much time counting on him when at his age we are expecting too much. Reminds me of how hatcher’s career ended in philly as well.

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