Flyers Trade For Nicklas Grossman (Who?)

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Your new d-man!

Not more than 20 minutes ago, on CB Radio, Drew and I predicted that the Flyers would most likely trade for a little-known defenseman. Drew called that sort of thing a #GoogleTrade, a trade where you have to Google the guy’s name.

I’d say Number Two nailed that one.

Tim Panaccio reports that the Flyers just traded for Dallas Stars defenseman Nicklas Grossman. Who?! Here, let me Google that for you

The Flyers give up their second and third round picks this year, according to Panotch.

Grossman, 27, is a 6’4, 230 lb blue-liner. In 338 career games with the Stars, he has three goals, 38 assists and is +5. Flyers beat writer Dave Isaac gives Grossman the oft-used moniker of “stay-at-home defenseman,” and tells us not to be fooled by the low point total– that’s not his game. Clearly.

Hardly the answer to the Flyers’ problems. But it’s a start, I guess?

If you think I’m joking about us calling the trade, give a little listen to the clip after the jump…

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52 Responses

  1. So we don’t want a defensive mind defenseman who has a big frame and can keep players away from the front of the net? Just because he isn’t a known guy doesn’t make him a bad move.

  2. Uhm, interesting choice I guess, but come on CB you don’t google his name, you have to YouTube it!

  3. agreed…your hockey senses are off on this one. he is a rugged, gritty d-man with a solid presence in his own end. we are a top three offensive team, we dont need any more points coming in, especially from the back end. People who are just flyers fans and not hockey fans dont know him, but they will definitely like him while he is here..

  4. We gave away little for a solid defenseman with size. Little cap hit and he’s a UFA after this year. Eric is right about “flyers fans and not hockey fans.” Stop covering the flyers if you’re not a hockey fan. Also, the “number two” name… c’mon.

  5. Looking beyond his goals(or lack their of), assists(5), and +/-(0), he has 100 blocked shots in 52 games (which lead the stars), which I’m guessing was the motivation for acquiring him.

  6. And stop talking about Rick Nash. The young guys are literally college aged kids. Not getting rid of them. The reason we’re losing is because of Pronger out and JVR being out. He also wasn’t all there when he was playing. Lastly, remember when we went to the stanley cup as a 7th seed? Get to the playoffs first, then you can write an essay on what’s wrong with the team if we lose.

  7. So the Flyers got exactly what they needed, this probably won’t be the only move, most big stay at home defencemen in the Western Conference require LMGTFY… I think we can stop with the ‘number 2’ and ‘over on the duce’talk for alittle, you’re beating a dead horse.

  8. I love this blog to death, but the hockey knowledge is down right awful. Grossman is a big, physical defenseman who is just what the Flyers need.

  9. You act like he’s an all-star. Yes, he’s the right role and it’s a good move, but it’s not putting them over the hump

  10. It’s not even a matter of being a hockey fan to know the flyers do not need a scoring defender. Hell, if you are actually even flyers fans you should know they need defenders that know how to defend and who will not be committing bullshit turnovers in there own zone or while pump faking three times on a slapped from the point which ultimately screws us and creates a breakaway for the opposition. Now that we’ve broken the ice on making deals, please TRADE Matt carle ! He’s overrated and over paid. Coburn obviously must get his shit together also, he was good for 2 years and now his potential got flushed down the toilet

  11. I am with @Jay Grace. I used to live in Dallas and went to alot of Stars games. This guy is big but plays like a big pussy. They should have unloaded Bryz in the deal somehow. Send him back to the KHL.

  12. Who the heck is this loser?? With Webber and Sutter available, why get this moron. I seriously don’t understand why the flyers are being so cheap. It sort of angers me. Does Holmgren know what he’s doing? Webber, Sutter and Nash are all available and seemingly going elsewhere, because all of a sudden, Snider had tightened up his wallet. I bet he lost money with Madoff or something.

  13. I’m sorry, but who hasn’t noticed that Bryz has been playing well recently? He got a flu and didn’t play while Bob gave up a couple losses, niet? Defense is where the team has been lacking. Good move.

  14. Disappointng holmgren made an Ed wade type of move. Doesn’t that yearly loser Ed snider want another title before he passes away. SMH

  15. good move…… wait till the offseason to make the right move on a Dman and get suter. and if grossman works out resign him cheap.

  16. I am waiting up all night to see what Chirp’s idiotic thoughts are on this trade. I’m sure that know it all loser with love it. Apparently, Chirp the Twirp doesn’t think you need offense to win games. Anyone see the score tonight? 7 goals and W. Get Nash and we score 7 a night.

  17. lol..Barry you continue to show your youth and stupidity.
    Why would we trade for Nash when we are the #3 scoring team in the NHL? DEFENSE wins championships son. Weber and Suter are not free agents, to get them its going to cost you Schenn, JVR, Read, or Cooter. Are you ready to deal your youth for a rental player???
    This move is a good move by the Flyers. You did not lose any young talent, you did not give up much and you picked up a guy with size to clear the front of the net. The number 1 issue on this team right now.
    Everyone on here that knows this is a smart move knows hockey, you dont trade away your talent for a rental at this point. Wait for the off season and then make the moves.
    This team does not need offense they have a enough of that.
    They do not need a top named D man either. They need big guys to keep people out of Bryz way. When pronger played no team wanted to get to the front of our net because they knew they were going to get a stick to the back or whacked. We need to control the front of our net and help Bryz. Once we do that we need to get bryz his confidence back.
    @DK i noticed and your right. Bob had a chance to come in and steal the show and he didnt…that should have proved to everyone that no matter what goalie we put in its the same results. Which means that the D is the issue.

  18. @Chirp, Maybe I’ll give you then benefit of the doubt, maybe they don’t need offense, but then why not go get Webber and Sutter? Snider has boat loads of cash…. Why’s he being cheap all of a sudden???? I don’t get it. Trade Read, JVR and Carle for Webber and Sutter (I’d love for them to take Shelley too, but I doubt it). Then just pay them whatever they want. I guarantee you Snider lost money with Bernie Madoff and never told anyone. All of a sudden, he is a cheap ba$tard.

  19. Chirp – did you see the 2nd goal tonight by Buffalo. How can an NHL goaltender allow that to happen. Oh I forgot that was the defense’s fault as well.

  20. Solid pickup. Why is everyone about trading our rookies and young guys a solution for a team at the time is struggling covering opponents/clearing the front of the net. Blocking shots is also a big concern as well. Basically all the top 5 teams in the league have competent defensemen. We have one in Kimmo. Not going to cut it. I’m just keeping my hopes on this team getting hot come playoff time which could very well could happen. Let’s stop hitting the panic button and let Holmgren do his job.

  21. @Rob Not to make excuses for Bryz but it is a little bit easier to see how that second goal went in because it deflected off of Carle’s stick.

  22. Barry, why would they give up the combination of three of Read, Couturier, Schenn, and I’ve to get Weber or Suter when they can sign Weber or Suter in the offseason? You don’t trade future superstars (the oldest of which is 24) for rental players. It would be the equivalent of trading Chase Utley, Ryan Madson, and Michael Bourn for Barry Zito.

  23. Tommy K,
    Barry Zito would not compare to Shea Weber. One was a product of a ball park whereas another is actually good

  24. Barry Zito at the time had just won the Cy Young and was legitimately the best pitcher in baseball. The same concept still applies.

  25. @Rob…I dont know how can 2 NHL goalies give up 7 goals in 3 periods?
    second goal was bad but he shut the door after that and did his job.

  26. @barry, you dont trade your team away for rental players.
    The NHL has a CAP you cant pay guys whatever they want. Flyers are against the CAP every year. Snider is the farthest thing from a cheap owner. EVERYONE knows that.

  27. Gosh people don’t really pay attention, do they? We gave up pretty much nothing in return for him. He seems like a big body who isn’t afraid to block shots- something we desperately need. Plus, if we go after Suter or Weber now, what happens as soon as the season ends? Plus- I’m not willing to part with Read, Schenn, Courturier, etc. I’m fine with parting with draft picks… who do we give up for Suter or Weber? The only player I’m willing to part with right who may be worth anything in return is JVR and he’s out STILL.. so who’s going to take him? Why would we trade away our young players who are already playing like vets just to get a rental to last the next 2-3 months?

  28. @Amy All I’m saying is to be a bit more educated when it comes to being a philly sports fan. Messing up athlete names is unacceptable.
    If you can’t handle that, I think the Mets and Islanders are looking for fans…

  29. You only have to use google to find out about him if you only watch the Flyers and no other NHL team or games. Many have a clue who he is, know his style, & like the pick up since they gave up picks that weren’t even their own.

  30. @James- I can’t remember the last time I saw the Dallas Stars play a televised game that didn’t involve them playing the Flyers. Sorry I had to google him too.

  31. @BB like you never made a mistake pronouncing or spelling a players name? Gimme a break she knows her hockey better than most the idiots on here.
    @james, I know Grossman because of NHL 12 for Xbox…I wouldn’t expect most people know who he is or anything about him… doesn’t make them less of a fan though.
    Either way, the Flyers addressed the #1 need on the team. I still think they have at least 1 more deal coming up for another D guy and I would not expect it to be a big name guy.

  32. @Chirp I agree 100%, but not one from a team that I follow daily.
    Props to anyone, you especially, who has a good head on their shoulders when it comes to hockey. Or any other sport for that matter.

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