Giroux Sneaks A “Shit” Into A TSN All-Star Interview

Giroux Grilled Cheese TSN
In an interview with TSN during All-Star weekend, Claude Giroux was treated to a grilled cheese sandwich – his favorite. G couldn't hold back his boner and let a "shit" fly on television.

And yes, that is the most awkward interviewer ever. I felt uncomfortable watching.



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  1. Is that interviewer retarded? That was one of the most awkward things I’ve ever seen. Also “alot of bread, I love bread.” I don’t know why I found Claude’s delivery of that sentence so hilarious.

  2. Well, “best grilled cheese samich in Ottawa” means worst Shyte samich in the real world. I couldn’t tell if poor young Claude couldn’t wait for the interrview to be over so he can spit out that crapple samich or so he can get away from that creepie guy tootdasweet.

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