I hate myself for writing that title, but it's true. The Sixers are getting it from all angles… and that's probably a fitting reality on this Valentine's Day.

Ben Detrick of Grantland:

But as we have seen in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles, a clusterfuck of superstars does not necessarily guarantee dominance. With the current salary cap, locking down three players with princely contracts means the rest of the roster will be fleshed out with unproven youngsters, waiver-wire offal and veterans with one chipped hoof in the glue factory.

Maybe somewhere, though, between the Parnassian peaks where the haves frolic and the swamps where have-nots lurk, a third path exists. Yes, the NBA’s middle-class dream is alive in Philadelphia.


The article is filled mostly with things not new, but it's always fascinating when the country recognizes whatever _________ we in Philadelphia already know.

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