GTFO, Kobe

GTFO, Kobe

Old white-haired guy was in rare form tonight, on his knees for most of the game. But at no time was he better than when the Lakers turned the ball over in the fourth and he told Kobe to GTFO. Or something like that.

Sixers beat Lakers, 95-90


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  1. It was easier to tell on TV, but i believe he said “That way” in regards to the call being Sixers ball.
    That guy is my hero.

  2. Hes a loser because he is talking shit to Kobe? Ummmmm OK… I dont know who this guy is but id like to shake his hand

  3. clap your hands…. everybody… for philadelphia…..76ers. 1 2 3 4 5 get the fuck out of my face kobe!

  4. this dude has been sitting in the same seats at sixers games for as long as i can remember he is even featured in some of their ads showing the team over the years. he use to have a big afro

  5. He sits in those seats all the time. I thought he was Doug Collins boy or something. I sat near him during the Magic game. He thinks he’s on the coaching staff. He tries to get into the huddle during time outs but they kick him out.

  6. Bill, that was a really stupid comment and completely untrue. I was sitting in floor seats near him (row BB) for the Orlando game and that never happened. I have been going to games for awhile and all I can say is that he is a crazy passionate sports fan. He shows up to all 41 games whether it’s the Lakers or the Bobcats. He doesn’t do anything out of line, but he could probably get away with anything he wanted to. His tickets are crazy expensive and he has been there for years. You show up to 1 game because the team doesn’t suck anymore and act like you know what you are talking about. Doug’s family has sat with him at games in those seats, so he probably is boys with the coach. From talking to some people within the Sixers this dude is practically an owner.

  7. It’s Bill S. Preston, Esq.; and “Ted” Theodore Logan to you StevieG, lol, Nice B&T reference

  8. He is the greatest! Who needs Hip Hop when you got Alan. I wish all fans were as loyal and passionate. How’s my ass taste Kobe?

  9. who is this man???? I have been watching the sixers forever and he is at every single game… and hes not just sitting there like most of the rich snobs who sit courtside and prolly couldnt tell you who the starting five are, he is into the game from start to finish… anyone who has information about this guy please come forward!!!

  10. He is the owner of Campus Apartment and I know this as I used to work there. He would show up at 11 and leave at 2, which he could since he owned it. He also drove a red lamborghini that he would park illegally in the street and block it off with cones.

  11. More like billionaire. Horwitz has enough connections to make Rendell look like some City Hall janitorial intern.

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