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Oh my God
. This isn’t an interview– it’s an episode of The Bachelor.

Yesterday, humanity’s favorite weather girl, Sheena Parveen, a Tampa area native, took Hunter Pence to lunch at Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill on Clearwater Beach.

We’re convinced that the folks at NBC have just gone straight for the ratings kill shot here– Parveen, Pence and (Let’s Go Eat) puns. This is like fishing with an atomic bomb… the viewer stands no chance against this form of alliteration.

Pence talks about the best thing on Clearwater Beach, crushing grouper (agreed), and shows Parveen his handshake, which he calls The Matrix. He also revealed a modified version of the maneuver, named… The Turkey.

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If you’re starting to feel uncomfortable… don’t worry, so am I.

Pence last enjoyed sun and sand when he tripped to Cabo with Playmate Shannon James, who – I believe – is currently out of the picture… so, yeah, he's doing something.

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