Hunter Pence Performs “The Matrix” for NBC 10 Weather Girl Sheena Parveen

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Oh my God
. This isn’t an interview– it’s an episode of The Bachelor.

Yesterday, humanity’s favorite weather girl, Sheena Parveen, a Tampa area native, took Hunter Pence to lunch at Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill on Clearwater Beach.

We’re convinced that the folks at NBC have just gone straight for the ratings kill shot here– Parveen, Pence and (Let’s Go Eat) puns. This is like fishing with an atomic bomb… the viewer stands no chance against this form of alliteration.

Pence talks about the best thing on Clearwater Beach, crushing grouper (agreed), and shows Parveen his handshake, which he calls The Matrix. He also revealed a modified version of the maneuver, named… The Turkey.

Screen Shot 2012-02-22 at 8.07.31 AM

If you’re starting to feel uncomfortable… don’t worry, so am I.

Pence last enjoyed sun and sand when he tripped to Cabo with Playmate Shannon James, who – I believe – is currently out of the picture… so, yeah, he's doing something.

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29 Responses

  1. So when a chick asks you “Can you cook breakfast”, and “Is that all you can cook”…. wink wink nudge nudge…
    its obvious she’s good to go.

  2. She has absolutely no chance, I’m a dude and my pants started to come off. Had to run away from this video.

  3. I love it. Fox fires bolaris for getting tail on his personal time. NBC10 pays this girl to get laid on company time.

  4. Ok I’m just gonna say what everyone is thinking … They totally banged after this. She is hot and this has all the makings of a soft core porn on Cinemax after midnight … Go Game, Let’s Go Bang the Hot Weather Lady

  5. They call him the egg master because he always remembers to slip a Plan B pill in ever batch of scrambled eggs.

  6. This whole comment chain should be labeled NSFW because I’m sitting at my desk, eating lunch, laughing my f**king ass off. My coworkers are starting to think I’m a little crazy. And maybe I am… or maybe I am. LOL!

  7. @Iron Balls McGinty – Really Dude? Did you really say that? It’s 60 degree’s out today bro, crack the window in your Mom’s basement cause I think the heat is a getting to you

  8. So CBS does “Lunch With Lesley” and they actually ask good questions…NBC tries to get it’s talent married to a ballplayer?

  9. (Sandra Bullock voice)
    She wants to BAAAAANG him,
    Make sweet LUUUUUURVE to him
    Bow chicka WOW WOW

  10. I would love to fuck lesily van whatever her name is on ch3. she has that i love to fuck look in her eyes

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