“If You Can Show Me A Horse That Chooses To Jump Off A 40-Foot Diving Board On Its Own, Maybe I’ll Change My Mind”

Screen Shot 2012-02-09 at 3.27.44 PM

– Jen Utley via PhillyMag.com (the quote… she's not the horse)

You’re probably asking yourself– the fuck?

You see, way back, when Nucky Thompson ran shit and people spoke in an odd staccato, horses used to jump off 40-foot-high platforms at Steel Pier in Atlantic City for the amusement of us humans (yeah, prohibition sucked). Now NBC New York is reporting that there is a plan to bring back horse diving to the Jersey Shore…and no, that’s not a clever way of saying that we’ll get to watch juiceheads ride Snooki off an elevated plane (darn).

Naturally, with this news, Philly Mag writer Victor Fiorillo reached out to Philly’s resident animal activist, Jen Utley, to get her thoughts on the plan. As you can see above, she doesn’t like it. 

I’m still torn on the idea, to be honest. My fucked-up side thinks watching a confused steed plummet 40 feet to what it probably thinks is its death would be exhilarating. But, my sane side tells me that it’s a horrible idea, and would be torturous to the poor animals. 

Perhaps just reliving this craziness on YouTube is the way to go. Hop it for the video.



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  1. There was a movie about this years ago (12-15)…now if only I could figure out what it was (goes to Google)…Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken (1991).
    I’m almost ashamed to say that I saw that movie. Almost.

  2. Much Worse being the rider, just as you struggle to the surface after shruggin off the over half ton animal, the shit he spewed in terror rains down on your head. Mad props cowboy.

  3. No wonder Atlantic City is going to the dogs if this nonsense passes as entertainment.

  4. Ok, what’s worse or less worse
    – running around a track in heavy horse traffic getting whipped by a Columbian midget (once a week)
    – clomping around an American city with some fat cop sitting on you in heavy vehicle traffic sucking gas fumes – (every day)
    – dragging around 4 fat tourists in city traffic
    – falling into a cool pool
    would a horse choose to do any of these activities? but they certainly are better choices than any pig, chicken or cow ever get

  5. Nucky Thompson is fake. The guy the character is based on is named Nucky Johnson. Just saying…

  6. very good point above…and another reason why I hate some activist. They’ll go to hell and high water to stop a (relatively) safe event (from what i’ve heard) to the animal…but yet just walk past police forces and Amish people who abuse the shit out of animals.
    Keep bitching at Vick who does nothing anymore while 50 miles west the Amish have Puppy Mills and kill dozen of animals daily. real logical.

  7. George thanks for the history lesson.
    Am I missing something? There was no penetration in that clip…

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