Ilya Bryzgalov to Fan: “You Care Too Much”


Photoshop via reader Joe

Judging by the boos on Saturday, and that .900 sv % (good for 62nd in the league), it’s safe to say that, thus far, none of us are too happy with the Flyers’ $51 million investment. 

Based on some recent comments, Bryz isn't too happy, either. This is what he told reporters on Saturday:

“You know, I think it’s an easy life when you can blame one guy…’it’s a bad goalie, it’s the goalie’s mistake.’ It’s easy to find a scapegoat. You point to one guy and say we’re always losing because we have a bad goalie, but I think it’s the wrong philosophy. I know I was frustrated in my game today and I know I have to be better and I will continue to work on this, but….I will try to find peace in my soul to play in this city”


Yeah, see, that’s not good. And when you factor in Bryz's lost in the woods statement, the team has a better chance to win without me comments from the Winter Classic, and his general demeanor, you can’t help but think that he may become one of the players that gets eaten up by this market.

Reader T.J. gets that sense, as well.

T.J., a 39-year-old father with whom I spoke earlier today, brought his 9-year-old son to the Flyers Wives Carnival yesterday. His son wore an Ilya Bryzgalov jersey and was thrilled when he got to shoot on the $51 million goaltender. Later, at an autograph signing where Bryz signed a picture for the young fan, T.J. tried to give the forlorn goalie a fan’s vote of confidence:

I said, “Hey Bryz, this is a great city to play in. If the fans didn’t care, you wouldn’t hear from anybody. But good luck the rest of the year, man.” And he looked at me, kind of crinkled his lips, put his head back and to the side and said, “I think you (the city) care too much.”

I didn’t say anything. There were other people around, a couple ladies were behind me, in line, and like “no, no, no.” They were kind of groaning a little bit. I could have said all kinds of things to him, but that was not the time, place, nothing. Especially since I was standing there with my kid. He’s in awe of the big-time goalie for the Flyers. So I wasn’t going to say anything.


That’s hardly criminal. But telling a fan – one who paid around $20 just to meet you – that “they care too much,” is a just about the worst thing an athlete can say to a fan or fan base. In fact, I just came up with a rule, which I do wish that you will like: Any time an athlete who you’re paying to see (and that includes purchasing a ticket to watch them perform) tells you that you or the fan base "cares too much," you can do one of two things: 1) punch him– but that might not end well. Or, 2) (recommended) Google his salary and contract info (in the case of Ilya Bryzgalov, $51 million), and inform him that your “caring too much” allows him to own a humongous house and hot girl Husky like this:

Screen Shot 2012-02-20 at 1.20.25 PM

T.J. was bothered enough by the comment and Bryz’s demeanor, which sounded like it was somewhere between indifferent and tolerant, that he thought the encounter should be shared. And so do I.

Between that comment and many others this season, it’s fair to question whether Bryz can hang in this city. I wonder if any team would be willing to take that humongous big contract off the Flyers’ hands?

Probably not.


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  1. Ridiculous. Young father pays money to meet him at a charity event and he has to make a smart ass comment like that.

  2. I have tried tolerance. I tried giving him time. I tried blaming the injuries and poor defense. But now its time to try and piss him off enough that he will finally play better. Spite is a powerful motivator. As long as the assumption is that person can be motivated.

  3. Bryz needs to be boo’d even more. What is this bullshit!? Welcome to Philadelphia earn your money or get the shit boo’d out of you! This isn’t a place to be gentle or careful of his feelings. He doesn’t care enough to come out of the stars and play hockey!

  4. I was at the Carnival yesterday with my kids and if he said that to my kid (one of whom plays goalie mind you), I don’t know what I’ve said or done. Kudos to TJ for keeping his cool. Attitude like that in this city will get an athlete run out of town faster than anything else.

  5. He probably heard “words of encouragement” from every other person who went up to him that day for an autograph. I’d be sick of it too. If he’s embarrassed about how things have gone as it is and is still probably stinging from getting a standing boovation in the last game, he probably doesn’t want to hear it.
    Fair devil’s advocate?

  6. I care way more about the way Bryz plays than whatever shit he says. He’s a nut. Anybody who thought he was going to act normal all the time didn’t know shit about him before he came to Philly.

  7. Let us put it this way….do you think Holmgren, Luuko and Company will let this slide all year? Will they let him suck all the way into next year and sit idle? They are prideful men, but they are NOT stupid, and they will yank the leash when they feel it is time, if this kid does not get his act together. The game has not changed, HE has changed, so HE must fix it. I know this organization will not sit idle forever….big contract or not….lets just keep rooting for the Flyers and keep some faith…….its all we can do at this point (for right now).

  8. What was his save percentage against fans yesterday? Couldn’t have been better than saturday? Fans must have scored on him left and right

  9. Amy??? What did I tell you? Go put on your best lingerie and get back in the kitchen and cook a steak. Medium for me please.

  10. My God. Is there any wonder why there’s such a humongous (and growing) disconnect between players and fans when an exchange like that takes place? I want to give Bryzgalov the benefit of the doubt, but that’s getting harder to do all the time, I mean, is this an act, or is he really that big a headcase? If he is, then the Flyers are in BIG trouble as it would be next to impossible to dump him and that albatross of a contract. We can only hope this is just a phase he’s going through.

  11. I also went to the carnival with my brother. We are in our mid 20s so we aren’t ones these athletes would be annoyed to get their picture with at the 30 dollar photo booth he was at. Yet we take the picture, and you could literally put a wax statue up and would get the same result, Bryz did not even look at the camera nor did he even smile. I immediately switched from, okay lets give him yet another shot, to SERIOUSLY you’re a douche.

  12. Every fan in the building at the next home game should have a sign that says
    “I care too much.”
    Someone should make them up and hand them out.

  13. @jay
    To defend the Russian Siv for a moment, I think players get pretty overwhelmed when they play here for the first time. ESPECIALLY at the carnival.
    They have NEVER seen this kind of devotion from wherever they’ve come from and it probably weird, creepy, sobering, humbling, exhausting and exciting all at the same time.
    I’m sure he smiled for some pictures.

  14. @stevie radio
    No to be honest there was this couple that were like their first ones to get picture taken, and they were laughing/surprised/pissed that EVERY picture turned out the same way, he wasn’t even like facing the camera or even trying to smile. If it were just my picture I wouldn’t mind, but everyone walking away said the same thing.

  15. This is why I have a strong dislike for most European and Russian players. They are soft, fragile and dont “get it.”

  16. I see the defense as the bigger problem. The team needs to rally around him and stop turning pucks over, taking stupid penalties and letting players camp out front without repercussion. Kind of hard for a goalie to get in a groove or have any confidence when their team is constantly short handed and undisciplined in their own zone. I didn’t see anyone complaining about save percentage or goals against when Bryz had an 8 game winning streak earlier this season and the team was rolling. Bryz is a workhouse goalie who gets better as the season goes on so let him play out of the funk and show him some support. Confidence is paramount for goalies and the fans/media are stripping him of whatever shred of confidence he has left. I heard fans booing after the shutout loss. Come on people, show him why Philly can be a great place to play. The pressure the fans and media put on goalies here is ridiculous. They are constantly pegged as scapegoats, no wonder no goalies want to come here and it’s evident in the home/road statistics that they prefer to play away from the Wells Fargo Center. Philly has gone from being a place opponents feared to play to a place where the home team feels too much pressure to not get booed.

  17. Bryz has not been good by any measure. However, most fans’ anger is misplaced.
    The concept of players performing up to inflated contracts is absurd, and the sooner fans accept that, the sooner you will realize that this terrible situation is Holmgren/Snider’s fault, and not Bryzgalov’s.
    Paying top salary for a goalie does not magically transform a decent goalie into a “number one.”
    Caveat Emptor.

  18. This is such a bullshit one sided article. Go get a hobby, bryz is right in what he said, and I agree with his philosophy if anyone has something to say go stand between that net, take 90mph 1inch thick rubber discs to your body multiple times a day, then get a reputation in the hardest sports league in the world, as one of the best goalies in the league. Point and close. Go Flyers.

  19. Yeahhhhh Bryz is just about done. He can take his fragile ego and leave. John Kruk said it best, “You hear players, media people, say that it’s tough to play in Philly in front of these fans, to those people I say: ‘you didn’t have the guts to succeed here!'”

  20. I probably would have went with choice ‘A’ and punched him in his stupid fucking face. Wrong city for him to act like a douche and to play like an even bigger douche.

  21. Goalies win cups. end of story. Bryz may get ‘better’ as seasons go on but he is known to choke in playoffs. we’re in trouble with him either way.

  22. @ James- I’ll stand there in a bathrobe with a catchers mitt, a pair of jordans, and a jason mask for the money that guy is getting.
    My translation of this Bryz statement is the most telling and if I’m Homer I’m using this. Bryz has to play in a place like…Columbus. Small market. Uninterested fans. Low attendance. No. Pressure. In this situation, he thrives as one of the best in the business. He can’t handle the bright lights of the big city.
    If he thinks it’s bad here, imagine what he’d be like in say New York…or in a hockey haven like Montreal or Vancouver.
    Grow up Bryz.

  23. I’ll let in soft goals like Bryz does for less money Flyers wanna pick me up?? haha
    pay me as much as Bryz and i might even make a few saves for the team too.

  24. I went to carnival, there was no roller coaster, i get disapointed…i tell the fans they care too much about chockey and not enough about the universe. They tell me to play next game without mask…i just blew my nose with one hundred dollar bill, high fiva!

  25. As a teacher making a shit salary in Philadelpia, spending what little extra cash I have on partial season plans to Phils and Flyers, I’d say I have a right to “care too much.” It’s offensive when someone making $51 million doesn’t seem to care at all that hardworking fans in this city are spending hard earned money to watch athletes PLAY A SPORT!
    We have a right to care when we’re paying to see them play. Bryz needs a reality check. I guarantee he’d be bitching if he were playing for some shit team where no one cared at all.

  26. I think he was trying to make a joke along the lines of “it’s strange how you show that you care.”

  27. James – It was his choice to come here. He knew there was going to be pressure. He even said he wanted the pressure of playing here (though that appears to have been a ploy to get the fans to want him and thus pressure management). I don’t care whether you’re making minimum wage or $51 million, you don’t tell the customer they care too much. He had the option to go somewhere where they cared less, and make less money.

  28. Jennifer – that’s the exact problem with most sports fans. You pay what little money you have to WATCH A SPORT…yet you get mad at them for PLAYING A SPORT?
    Yes we all realize it is just a game, but at the same time it is a lucrative business. If you are not happy with the product on the ice/diamond, then don’t go. You won’t care as much about your money being pissed away as you do now. Your anger is directed at the wrong people, the players have nothing to do with how much they make. The owners/agents/fans are the ones to blame when it comes to ridiculous contracts.

  29. Kyle
    Usually I agree with you, but not on this one. The anecdotal story that guy shared with you sounds very open to interpretation. As one commenter already pointed out, that 39 year-old dad was probably the 500th fan to offer his or her collectively take on the city of Philadelphia and how he needs to keep his head up. I don’t think Bryz was saying, “You care way more about this sport than I do”, I think he was saying to the dad, “Thanks, but I don’t need a pep talk, it’s not as bad as you may think.” Like a kid telling his over-protective mom that she worries too much, or something. Bryz may be in denial and hasn’t accepted full responsibility yet for having a bad season, but I doubt he was telling the fan that he doesn’t care.
    The guy is a professional goalie in the NHL. I am sure he cares as much as most professionals care about their respective vocation. Piling on to his struggles clearly isn’t helping him come out of his slump.

  30. I supported Bryz long enough, gave him the benefit of the doubt, yeah the defense hasn’t been up to par at times, but enough is enough. Saturday was the last straw, how many soft goals can he give up in a year? I don’t care how much he’s paid, it isn’t coming out of my pocket. Sit his ass on the bench for the rest of the season, play Bob, who also sucked on Saturday, or get another goalie in here ASAP.

  31. Seriously though, how would you like it if someone told you every day that you sucked at your job? He’s tired of hearing it. It would be overwhelming for even millionaires. It’s not personal I’m sure, but Bryzgalov probably hears this 100 times per day. You would get jaded too. The guy who spoke to Bryz was basically telling him that he was bad this year. There is such thing was showing tact when speaking to someone like that. The wishing him luck part was fine, but the rest was just as inconsiderate as the response. No one likes to be taunted whether intentional or not.

  32. I see what is said here and am amazed at the anger and overall disgust people have for Bryz. Yes he shouldn’t have said what he said, but if he would have said nothing this guy would’ve been pissed off as well. He is the scapegoat for alot of the issues the Flyers do have, but if you read the 1st part of this he did take responsibility for the way he played Saturday. No one seems to remember how well he started the season, or the fact that before Saturday he had only given up 8 goals total in his previous 5 starts. He has also always been a 2nd half of the season guy. I live and die with my sports teams, and probably would’ve been pissed at what he said yesterday, but I also know that not everything that is wrong with this team is his fault either.

  33. anyone notice how deep bob/bryz play in the net? other goals challenge the shooter. time for a new goalie coach? i’d try anything at this point

  34. see what is said here and am amazed at the anger and overall disgust people have for Bryz. Yes he shouldn’t have said what he said, but if he would have said nothing this guy would’ve been pissed off as well. He is the scapegoat for alot of the issues the Flyers do have, but if you read the 1st part of this he did take responsibility for the way he played Saturday. No one seems to

  35. Very annoying bryz is pissing me off on my day off from work. Just wanted to take a cat nap after my pizza city lunch & this shit me furious & unable to nap. I’m so riled up!!

  36. see what is said here and am amazed at the anger and overall disgust people have for Bryz. Yes he shouldn’t have said what he said, but if he would have said nothing this guy would’ve been pissed off as well. He is the scapegoat for alot of the issues the Flyers do have, but if you read the 1st part of this he did take responsibility for the way he played Saturday.

  37. As a family of Ranger’s and Coyotes fans, we are thrilled with this trade and the fact that Bryz is where he needs to be.

  38. I don’t care about his personality the fact is he’s sucked a big fat one in goal for us so far

  39. Unbias Sports Fan, i think shes more pissed that we spend money to watch them play like shit. We clearly support them or they;d be playing in front of an empty arena. we deserve for them to want to win and play like it just as much as we want them to win.

  40. I was fortunate enough to meet Danny, Hartsy, Kimmo, Simmer and Lavy at a private event last week. During the event, one of the people I was with told Lavy we need to beat the Rangers. Instead of giving an answer like the one Bryz gave, Lavy agreed and said how much he hates losing to them. We all agreed the Rangers and Bruins have been healthy all season and he mentioned if we were 5-0 against them, we would be running away with the Atlantic.
    I could tell by his tone how much Lavy cares. He did not give us so bogus answer and did not get mad by the comment. That is the type of answer that every player on this team should give. You are right Universe, we care. And for $51 million, you should too!

  41. No one is calling Bryz at all hours of the night to tell him he sucks and can’t stop shit in net. They aren’t telling him that in post game interviews (even thought i wish someone would already). I hardly doubt everyone at the carnival said things to him about his play. Saying they support him and are pulling for him to succeed is far from shitting on him. He goes out and reads the articles on himself. He reads how much people are tired of him. He puts himself down right after games. This is all in his head. He needs to stop reading the shit written about him and focus on that damn puck he can’t stop.

  42. this is exactly what is wrong with philly media…a one sided story about how bryz is an asshole…grass is always greener when you say things like “pay me 51 mil and id do anything the fans wanted”…im sure bryz isnt happy with himself and the way hes playing so that fact that hes forced to sit there and given blind “encouragement” from countless fans would probably irk all of us as well

  43. Has anyone actually watched Bryz play this year. The guy is never in good position and struggles stopping shots from 10 feet away or more. He relies too much on his athleticism and in this league that will not work. The defense tries to compensate and leaves players open. The defense is designed to push players outside and take long shots. Problem is that is Bryzs weakness. Either Bryz needs to learn the fundamentals of the position or his ass needs to land on waivers and bury him and the contract in the AHL.

  44. Anyone making 51 million dollars to play a game for a living should have thick enough skin to get heckled every once in awhile for a couple hours during a fucking carnival. Hell, if that were me making that money, every fan could have told me I’m a worthless pile of shit and spit on me. And if I’m under performing to the point where the organization could have just paid Brian Boucher 10 dollars to do the same thing, it’d be warranted.
    Could he have been misunderstood, being as eccentric as he is on top of being a foreigner that speaks less than perfect english? Absolutely. But the bottom line is, with the situation this guy is in now, its not so much to ask that he watches what he says about the fans.

  45. I’m not sick of Bryz……I’m sick of you FRAUD FANS that act like you have a CLUE about Sports. How about ripping Holmgren? That pompous, arrogant prick has you all by the balls. He (along with Snyder, Coatesy and JJ) all get free passes and they all think the Flyers are the only “hard-working” team in the NHL. 1st Holmgren, how about all of his 40 year old signings? He talks like we win a Cup every 3 years and WE ARE…the Gold Standard of the NHL. Yo Holmgren, win something before you walk around town like your shit don’t stink???
    And Coatesy… little drunk SOB…..stop crying about the refs after EVERY damn game, stop acting like it’s an absolute honor to play for the Flyers and start planning for that 40 YEAR ANNIVERSARY CUP TEAM …… even at the Flyers Wives Carnival he was interviewing guys asking them how honored they are playing in Philly……then he’s asking guys how great it is that the Flyers are the only ones to have a Carnival like that…..Jagr said “yea well it’s great Coatesy but EVERY TEAM in the NHL donates money and does different events”…….
    I may seem like I hate the Fly-guys, I don’t, but they just piss me off when I hear Snyder and Holmgren talk like they are the smartest 2 guys in the world when they haven’t won SHIT. It looks like Pronger made Lavi and the Defense look better than they really are…..and WHY did Holmgren give Coburn a BIG RAISE? He SUCKS!!! Carle SUCKS too!!!
    Yo FANS!!!!!
    Instead of trashing Bryz, how about trying to get him in the groove first? We still have 8+ years of him, don’t you guys realize Goalies have bad years? They are like closers…..3 great years and a couple shitty years……you just gotta pray they get hot at the right time… can happen but 1st things 1st……get this Defense playing like men, they look like Nate Allen (wearing a skirt) out there…….but let’s show Bryz some love and make him feel at home???? STOP trashing and Boo’ing him!!!!
    And we wonder why we get trashed by the National Media???? There’s a BIG Difference between BANDWAGON FANS and Loyal Die-Hards……and most of you YUPPIES are FRAUDS…..YOU know who YOU are!!!! The same ones that jumped on the 08 Phillies Wagon….and the 09 Flyers Wagon… are all trashing the Eagles too, when we win the Superbowl next year, you will all HOP right back on the BANDWAGON and act like you’ve stuck by Big Red all along…….same with the Flyers, when Bryz makes you all EAT YOUR WORDS, YOU will be the same ones that said you never boo’d him……it happens in all 4 Sports, just like the 76ers this year……a lot of you guys acted like you stuck thru them the past Decade are full of SHIT!!!!! The empty seats don’t lie!!! Either does Bryz’s numbers before he came here!!!! 15 shutouts in 2 years!!!!
    I know some of you will hate this post, but I would like to hear comments either way!!!!

  46. Kyle Scott,
    I’m sorry about earlier. You are beautiful. No matter what they say. Words can’t bring you down!!!!!!!

  47. I feel like this story could be one sided and open to interpretation. I attended the Carnival yesterday and paid to get my picture taken with him. Someone commented that he showed no emotion. This is not true. When I went to take my picture with him, at first he seemed to be disinterested, but I told him I had faith in him and I still supported him regardless of how he was treated yesterday. That comment got him to actually smile, he thanked me and even gave me a brief hug. Out of all the pictures I took with players yesterday, his was probably the best. He looked the happiest out of the players. I think that maybe he might have still been a little upset about yesterday. Maybe the wording of the comment came out wrong. Whatever happened, I truly don’t believe he was trying to offend fans. Especially those that support him.

  48. Whats with all these chicks commenting on this blog? Your opinion means nothing… I remember the days when you had to be a white land owner in order to comment on shit.

  49. Hey Fraud guy… Lay off the crack.
    A) Snider owns Coatsey et. al. They have to suck the Flyers dick on air, its just the way it goes. Same thing goes for the other local broadcasters. I think everyone knows to take it with a grain of salt. Nothing new. Lay off the crack.
    B)I don’t have a clue about sports because I’m pissed off that a guy who was supposed to resemble some sort of backbone of the team is playing like shit? A guy we not only got rid of our captain for, but paid 51 million, who was finally supposed to give us some stability at a position that we haven’t had in two decades, is playing shitty and I’m a fraud for being mad? You talk about getting him in groove…He’s had over half a season to get into groove. Hasn’t done it yet. A big reason why people are so pissed off with this is because with Pronger, Kimmo, Briere, and Jagr having a collective age of 500, this teams window to win a cup could close very soon. We have a lot of young talent, but with the exception of Giroux, none of it is certain to pan out yet. I don’t want to wait 2 fucking years for Bryz to get his shit together, and have some of our key veterans be worthless by the time he does. Lay off the crack.
    C) Holmgren has us by the balls how? He’s only given us a team with the likes of Pronger, Briere, Timonen, Hartnell, Jagr, etc. No manager in any sport is perfect, and Holmgren definitley has had a few signings that didn’t pan out, but you honestly think that hes the problem? And its not his fault that Bryzgalov is laying an egg. The cost it took to get him can obviously be debated, but don’t act like you were predicting this when they signed him.
    Lay. Off. The. Crack.

  50. Bryz is so slow. He sucks. Anyone that thinks otherwise is clueless, especially I HATE FRAUDS guy (which judging by the length of his post is prolly Chirp).
    He is terrible. When was the last time Bryz ever had a big save? Last season is the answer. He blows.

  51. Maybe the players should just stop talking. JVR, G, and Bryz have all had comments the past couple days towards the fans. Yeah We may care too much but it is better then not caring at all. Watching Center Ice the past week, i have seen what it is like in other cities. No fans show up and the games are so quiet and boring. Im proud to be a Philadelphia sports fan that does care too much!

  52. I dont hide behind fake names…everytime I post it will say Chirp. But The fact that I actually have people saying things about me when I am not even commenting is pretty funny.
    Looks like a hit a few nerves with some people. Sucks when you know I am right huh?
    About Bryz…Can you people put 1 and 1 together? The guy speaks terrible english, he cant answer half the questions hes asked because he doesnt understand them, He speaks whats on his mind (which worked in PHO not here.) Why do you think the Flyers tried to make him off limits to the media? Because he doesnt know how to act here or what is right or wrong. He is crazy like most goalies…
    He tries to JOKE about the team having a better chance at winning without him, about his thermos, about not wanting to play goalie and be a phone operator…but in philly its not funny, its basically food for the Media to eat up and jump all over him.
    I dont care what ANY player says to the media, all I care about is what hes doing on the ice. Bryz was bad last game. Put him in against Winnipeg and let him get right back at it.
    Like it or not folks Bryz is not going anywhere so bash him all you want but hes the goalie for the next few years…
    @Barry, you though Bryz played in the KHL last season…enough said. Go back to your xbox.

  53. First off, Bryz’s .900 Sv % officially ties him at 40th place (not 62nd) with none other than Sergei Bobrovsky, who many of these Bryz haters love. Ever since the Winter Classic – in which Lavy made a huge mistake playing Bob – Bob’s stats have plummeted, and Bryz’s have greatly improved. He has had a couple bad games – the worst being Saturday – but there is no reason to boo him that badly then give a rousing ovation to his struggling backup. Bob deserved that about as much as Cliff Lee deserved the standing O he got when he left the mound after an outing that eventually led to the demise of the 2011 Phillies season. Point is – Bryz has not lived up to expectations (yet) but he has not been nearly as bad as many fans perceive. There’s no way that 4 years as a top goalie in the NHL was a complete farce, I don’t care what market he was in. I don’t like some of the comments he has made, but again, I think the combo of him being a jokester with a few loose screws and his poor English make some of his comments look / sound worse than they are. And no offense to T.J., but I don’t know him from Adam, so I’m not going to blindly take his word on what happened at the carnival.

  54. He’s burning bridges in his first season with the fan base, something you can’t do here – like it or not. This city has some of if not the most brutal, venomous fans once they turn on you.
    The ship has sailed.. When he playoffs end he will be boos unmercifully (rightly or wrongly) and if past is prologue, he will respond and further fan the flames.

    We all know (and if you don’t – you should) this signing came down from Snider. He wanted to pay for a “#1 Goalie.”
    So now what Ed?

  56. I HATE FRAUDS AND BANDWAGON FANS- no doubt is chirp. He thinks were morons but we know its you chirp

  57. Chirp: A) You said “Put him in against Winnipeg and let him get right back at it. ”
    People have been saying things like that all season. “Ohh give him a string of starts and he’ll be fine.”, “Start him against this team and he’ll do good”. Trouble is that HE HASN’T DONE IT. He’s gotten his string of starts and played the bad teams and he still hasn’t gotten whatever ‘it’ is back. You’re acting like he’s just had a few stumbles and will brush it off and suddenly return to the non-existent elite status that he was never at this season. People want to pin it all on the D…And for good reason, they’ve been crap. But he was playing this way when Pronger was still here. When our D is bad, hes bad. When our D is good, hes bad. And all defenses are going to blow it every once in awhile, and their goalie needs to be counted on to bail them out sometimes. Bryz has NOT done that at all this year. This is further backed up by the fact that he’s stopped TWO–count em– TWO shootout attempts this season. Can you honestly say with a straight face that you trust this guy?
    B) I agree that this quote probably was taken out of context. But you think he was joking when he said he was lost in the woods or when he said the team is better without him? Put those comments next to his other goofy comments and you can clearly tell that the guy wasn’t joking. He’s said a lot of things this year, that regardless of whether or not hes under scruitny from the press, reveal that something is terribly wrong. And as I said before…Maybe he will eventually get better. But how long is that going to take? One…two seasons? By then our core group of veterans could be toast (Pronger likely already is). If he’s this sensitive to all of us evil fans, then whats to indicate that he’s going to get better soon enough to give this team a chance to win a cup?

  58. Hot Dog Special:
    1 Hot dog
    1 order of Fries
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    for $1.75
    Best deal ever

  59. All i’m asking is for Bryz to make routine saves. Is that caring too much.
    That hot dog special looks good.

  60. That hutdog special sounds good, but not better than the large pie and cheesefries special at my place, Old English.

  61. Bryz gives up soft goals like Hextal used to let up towards the end of his career.
    russian pete was a warrior delivering in his 1988 ford escort during blizzards. he also was mershens bff

  62. You really just keep taking it all to a new level of being a douche bag. It’s mind boggling how much of a tool you are.

  63. This guy just keeps digging himself a deeper and deeper hole with us Philly fans…It is unbelievable how he thinks he can say these negative comments about us and get away with it. This guy has lost his sanity

  64. Holgram should get fired for signing this Russian head case. 9 fucking years, come on man wtf. He’s the NHL version of Steve Sax

  65. I agree with easing up on bryz. I sat next to him yesterday for a pic, put my arm on his shoulder and told we were lucky to have him. I also brought him a gift bag with some cool stuff in it..some russian caviar, a little 5th of good russian vodka and some south philly / italian treats as well.
    I told him we want him to consider philly his 2nd home. So the food was a combination of here and there.
    My son had his picture taken next and told him thanks for being here.
    He was all smiles in both of our pictures and thanked us pretty genuinely.
    Heads up philly fans: we need bryz as bad as he needs us right now.
    How about we be there for him?

  66. They should ask roy or hasek to cum out of retirement. I hear that they are both in great shap & rested

  67. @ mr. Taste it – seeing as how I didn’t agree with Amy doesn’t make sense were the same person. Nice reading skills though. You might want to improve on that before you make dumb comments buddy

  68. Flyers will not win a cup until I’ll never call him Mr. Eddie Snider sell the team or departs. Classic example- look at the sixers after he left

  69. Not to be a straight out dick like I have in the past, but I don’t see the sense in posting “hear-say” that could have been taken out of context, or never been said at all to get a rouse out of a group of people already upset with this goaltender. It’s not guaranteed to be true, has been received as such, and just adds more pressure and hatred toward a player that really doesn’t need any more of that right now if we want him to be the player he was in PHX. Is it your own personal grievances with certain Philadelphia players that causes you to post damaging gossip, or do you really believe everything your readers tell you? I can think of more than a few people willing to falsify a story to be credited in some way.
    I’m not defending Bryzaster’s recent play (I kind of love the nickname). He’s been a terrible product for the price tag. Defense aside, I can think of at least 5 different times soft goals blew leads. spreading damaging gossip isn’t going to improve anything. I’d rather have the guy’s head in a hockey game for once, rather than worrying about how he’s going to have to word his post-game interview so that we don’t go on a witch hunt.

  70. I agree with Tits. TJ is a lying douche. Probably doesn’t have the stones to even cross Coatsey let alone Bryz. So he needs to send an email to say how tough he is? Who DOES that anyway? No love from Daddy?

  71. Yup, I come onto a sports blogs and use fake names to try and hide my identity. To prove it was not me I do not agree with the guys Homer assessment. I actually like what Homer has done for this team.
    @Pete H…Goalie is hardest position to play. If Bryz continues to play this bad into next season then I would be all over him as well. But to jump on him before he gets one full season is crazy to me. It takes time for a goalie. The problem is in this town we don’t give goalies any time. In our eyes a goalie needs to stop a puck and that is so simple right? Everyone has put Bryz under a huge microscope because he got 51 million. Most fans don’t even realize hes not even the biggest cap hit on this team…Briere is and he has been awful.
    Bob comes in and has been awful since the Classic and nobody says anything. His 3 goals he gave up against Pitt were terrible. He gave up 6 against NJ in less than 3 periods…I didn’t hear a peep about it…Bob gets a free pass for some odd reason. When Bob is in net its the D that sucks, when Bryz is in net its his fault. Its frustrating listening to those idiots that think like that.
    Bryz needs a full year under his belt. I am okay with that and that is why I say continue to put him in there. Since the All-Star game he has had 1 really bad start. The problem is Philly is already against him…He gets a shutout and loses in a shootout and the first thing you hear is Bryz sucks…what about the 20 guys in front of him that couldn’t score on the 45 shots they had (Islanders game) Or how about the 1 goal he gave up against the Jets and lost in the shootout after stopping 2 of 3 shots? How many goals have we scored in shootouts? Probably about as many as Bryz has stopped…but that is Bryz fault right?….people are against Bryz and hate him…nobody says anything about Giroux who has what 3 goals since his concussion, who had 2 awful passes against Pit that lead to both SHG’s, and has been bad in the D zone. Go look at Kyle’s headline for the Buffalo game who is standing in front of the net doing nothing as Pominville gets an easy goal? Giroux. Jagr who has 5-6 goals in the last 20 some games? Briere…awful. JVR Terrible…
    Offense has dried up most nights…especially against top teams. (Rangers, Detroit) Defense is consistently bad, Goal tending is sub par. But the only guy on the team that is blamed is Bryz…

  72. …you can tell most of the posters on here have never played a team sport before…
    @tits…great point.

  73. @Chirp, I think the varying level of interest in the goalies’ play is simply the difference in the amount of money being received. I can’t say for sure, but you know how larger contracts are viewed under a microscope in Philly (not saying they should or shouldn’t be).

  74. If you are a true flyers fan, your goal is to see another stanley cup in this town. hopefully several. How does railing against Bryzgalov accomplish that goal? It doesn’t, all it does is undermine it. Regardless of what you think, Bottom line is, the goale isn’t going anywhere, he’s your guy for the next 5 years and his stats will balance out to the level he’s shown over his career over time. LISTEN PEOPLE, the flyers could have george vezina in his prime and not survive a round in the playoffs backing to below the circles against one guy on a 5 on 3. Btw, Bob is outta here, first chance homer gets to get a decent piece for him. Jeff Reese is outta here soon as well and rightfully so, he has done a horrific job this year with both Goalies, throwing Bryz aside you can see how Bob has regressed. Leighton will be back by the palyoffs as your goaltender insurance policy, thats all your gonna get so get happy and get ready for the playoffs.

  75. He really needs to shut his mouth. English is not him native language and there could be misinterpretations of what he meant. To sum up….SHUT UP AND PLAY BETTER!!!

  76. chirp.. bobs a 22 year old back up to the 51 million dollar goalie. doesnt speak english. still not used to north american hockey. he isnt earning the big bucks.
    bryz doesnt shut his mouth. the goofiness is not cute when he’s allowing these ridiculous shots (see jordan staals goal, matt cooke’s first goal, vanek’s goal last thursday). not that bob is a stone wall, but even in games bryz wins, its usually because of lockdown defense.
    you bring up offense like it is a problem. its not the problem. a few examples of certain games is not a sign of a problem with scoring. fact remains that they are currently 1st in goals per game. we cant always outscore the other teams. when we do outscore other teams, bryzgalov’s soft goals are easily overshadowed because the flyers got the W. we’ve won so many games because of scoring.
    i see excuses for bryz, but i dont know how much time will factor in at this point. how about getting rid of jeff reese. i am tired of seeing bryz and bob constantly standing in the paint, not challenging the shooters. jeff reese has been around for a few years, and for a long time our goalies have sucked, maybe its time for a new direction in the goalie coaching

  77. Hey “I HATE FRAUDS AND BANDWAGON FANS” you are amazingly stupid. Sorry to say but you are. Before going on your little rant, try doing a little fact checking.
    A) His name is Ed Snider, not Snyder
    B) The Flyers had their cup run in 2010
    C) Just because somebody wears a suit to work doesn’t mean they can’t be fans.
    D) The Eagles are absolute trash
    E) How should fans react to a team playing like hammered shit?
    Go pound your Natty Light and collect your unemployment check to go spend on the aforementioned swill. Don’t worry pal, the roofing season is right around the corner.

  78. Oh and I forgot to mention “I HATE FRAUDS AND BANDWAGON FANS”, do you remember a guy by then name of Gary Dornhoefer? Do you recall he used to be in the broadcast booth? Do you recall him trashing the Flyers after a very one-sided playoff series against Buffalo in 2006?
    Notice he was replaced and never worked a game again?
    Probably not a good idea to speak out against Ed Snider and his Flyers publicly.

  79. I’ve been chanting “Snider must go” for years. He never holds people accountable enough…except coaches (whom he holds too accountable). Holmgren will do no wrong for the next 10 years as long as fans show up (like Clarke’s tenure). Stop filling the building and maybe real philosophy change will occur. Maybe we need more fighting…I hear Dave Shultz is making a comeback…I also hear Dale Howerchuck is available…

  80. @danglitis…Bob is 23 years old and has a cap hit of 1.75 million. That is 10K less than Johnathan Quick of LA. Sorry to say but for a back up to be making 1.75 a year and be the 32 highest paid goalie (which if you have 30 teams means hes one of the highest paid backups) I would expect more. I do get what your saying though, and I agree Bryz needs to be much better because hes not playing at the level worthy of that contract.
    your right about not shutting his mouth. He doesnt get that yet. I would imagine soon he will or this off season the organization will be making it clear what he is to say and not say.
    I agree about the scoring as well, my problem is the games we are not scoring and Bryz plays well. (my two examples Islanders and Jets) He still gets the short end of the stick and gets blamed for it when it wasn’t his fault. Nobody wants to say anything when he plays well, and nobody notices it because hes not flashy and all the credit goes to the guys scoring. Its a team sport.
    Honestly I never really looked at the goalie coach as being the issue. I guess I never really figured that they could factor in that much but you make a good point. I would have imagined that most goalies have their styles already and the coach would only be there for some pointers or tips.
    I am excited to see Kubina and Grossman play tonight. I hope they put Bryz in, he needs a few road games so he can try to forget his last home game…

  81. Hold up here. You do not need to have a full year under your belt with a team, especially when you are supposed to be a veteran goalie (least of all one who is commanding a $51M contract). FYI, Thomas is making $20M, Lundquist is at $40M.
    Bryz is not a rookie. He started with the Ducks and didn’t get the play time that he thought he deserved, moved to Phoenix and was a Vezna Trophy candidate and has been in the playoffs several times, though hasn’t done so well (with a pretty solid defensive core and minded team in front of him mind you. What more do you really need under your belt?
    Yes, the Flyers D has been weak esp. after Pronger left, hopefully that comes to an end with recent acquisitions. The offense has been consistent and they are still the second highest scoring team in the league, so, let’s not point the finger at the offense, they have been there all season.
    I don’t think all of the finger pointing should be at Bryz, however, he has let in some terrible goals this season. He’s not tracking the puck well and has been slow at times moving side-to-side, esp. when the puck is behind the net. When he goes down in the butterfly or commits, he is done – if he doesn’t make a save, or if the puck doesn’t hit him or get blocked, he can’t seem to recover and looks like a fish just yanked up onto dry land.
    His comment about finding heart to play in this city is not acceptable. He knew from day one that this city was counting on him to bring his A game. That is why he wanted so much money, he knew that he was supposed to be the missing piece of the puzzle and knew that Philly was expecting to win with a veteran goalie and obviously he vouched for being the guy to get it done. If he didn’t know that Philly was a tough sports town, with a critical media and fan base then he should have done his homework before saying he was worth $51M. Its part of the job, it comes with territory, weather you are talking about being the Flyers starting goalie, the QB for the Eagles, a big bat for the Phils or center for the Sixers, if you don’t show up every single game you are going to hear about it.

  82. Gotta love the moronic misogynists who feel the need to comment. Do you guys feel offended that a lady can post more coherent and rational comments than you? You sods make me ashamed to be a Flyers fan and rival the dipshitisity of Rangers and Penguins fans.

  83. Eh, I don’t know. Foreigners say things that don’t translate well to Americans. I’ve worked with so many, it’s a fact. They also think of things differently than Americans do. Not going to get into it but… you know… the universe is so big. So I think I get what he was trying to say. But really… it’s not like he’s going anywhere anytime soon. Why ever boo your own team? What do you hope to accomplish by doing so… it’s not going to make them win. It’s going to get them flustered and frustrated and they’ll feel like losers. If you want them to win… treat them like winners. Cheer harder. I want the team to win the cup this year… I don’t boo my team. I don’t want to be part of the reason for their lack of confidence. Having masses of people booing you is going to make you suck no matter how good you are.

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