James van Riemsdyk Doesn’t Want You Booing Ilya Bryzgalov, The $51 Million Goaltender Searching For Peace

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The goaltending situation got more uncomfortable today. Just a few hours before Paul Holmgren traded for Pavel Kubina, JVR and Ilya Bryzgalov spoke with the media, both touching on the scrutiny put on goaltenders in Philadelphia (gee, I wonder why?). 

First up, Bryz: [quotes via the Flyers city-leading PR department] 

Q: The fans got on you a little bit today, do you think it would be better for them to support you guys during struggles like this? What’s your reaction to that?

“You know, I think it’s an easy life when you can blame one guy…’it’s a bad goalie, it’s the goalie’s mistake.’ It’s easy to find a scapegoat. You point to one guy and say we’re always losing because we have a bad goalie, but I think it’s the wrong philosophy. I know I was frustrated in my game today and I know I have to be better and I will continue to work on this, but….I will try to find peace in my soul to play in this city


Perhaps the woods would be a good place to find it. 

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Now JVR, coming off a ridiculous question in which he was asked if he was faking injury for the sake of not getting traded: 

Q: Talk about the goaltending situation. It’s been kind of a mess in the past, you were around for that, and people thought it was going to be fixed this year but clearly the fans seem to be turning on the goalies once again….”

Yeah, you know what, I think those guys need to kind of keep quiet up there. I know they pay their money to see the team but you win as a team and you lose as a team. You can’t ever pinpoint it on one guy and we know those guys are working hard back there so we’re going to have to support them a little bit better and figure it out. It’s not just one guy, it’s all twenty of us that have to turn this thing around.”


Someone should tell Jim van Riemsdyk that the whole don’t boo us refrain didn’t work too well for Eagles players. 

JVR heard about it:


Screen Shot 2012-02-18 at 8.27.28 PM


Screen Shot 2012-02-18 at 8.27.28 PM


Screen Shot 2012-02-18 at 8.27.28 PM


Screen Shot 2012-02-18 at 8.27.28 PM


Screen Shot 2012-02-18 at 8.27.28 PM


Screen Shot 2012-02-18 at 8.27.28 PM


And he responded…

… via Twitter:

To clarify my comment from earlier, never said it wasn't ok for fans to do that! My issue was with one guy getting singled out! Its a team game and the best way to make someone feel comfortable/confident is with support.


Hey James, your vagina is showing. Rarely, if ever, does instructing Philly fans on how to act ever turn out well, especially if the object of their ire just signed a humongous $51 million contract. Plus there’s that whole what happened to the guy we saw in last year’s playoffs, why is he playing like Chris Gratton and only taking slap shots from the blue line? thing. That’s not helping you.

Oddly, the videos of Bryz’s and JVR’s post-game comments are missing from the Flyers’ website… but CSN has video of Bryz:

Full post-game comments over on our BuzzOnBroadDOTCOM.

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86 Responses

  1. If you accept the big bucks, your skin has to be thick enough to deal with the criticism. If you don’t want the responsibility, don’t sign the deal.

  2. Don’t blame Bryz for his contract…….blame the MORON HOLMGREN for that…….you guys act like our front office is the GOLD STANDARD or something, they haven’t won SHIT in over 30 years!!! Beezer over CuJo, Emery, Daigle, Roenick, Forsberg, Hatcher, Gratton………the list goes on and on people. Bryz had 15 shutouts in the last 2 years……how about putting a Defense in front of him, I don’t care what Goalie you stroll out there, they will all struggle with these MORONS in front of him…..why does HOMER get a FREE PASS?????

  3. because Homer wasnt the guy who wanted Bryz. That was all fast eddie snider. He was pissed, got reactionary and boom the flyers went nuts for the biggest name goaltender available. the trades that homer was responsible for have worked out well. snider wanted a goalie so homer gave it to him. blame snider going al davis on this one.

  4. Only time JVR played with any jam was the 2011 playoffs. I would put that mole face pussy in a package for Kevin Nash

  5. You can’t get mad at homer. Have people’s hatred for the eagles front office boiled over to Holmgren? The guy has only brought in Briere, Pronger, Timonen, Hartnell, and a bunch of other great players. The Bryz signing was a no brainer for him, especially with Ed Snyder and all the rest of us (anyone acting like they werent clamoring for a goalie after last year is a fraud) breathing down his throat. No one saw this coming. Bryz wasn’t supposed to be playing this terrible– consistently terrible ALL season to the point where he can’t be counted on at all. He’s been here for over half a year and half a season; the whole “getting used to a new city, new coach, new team” excuse is past it’s experation date. If he’d be even half of what he could be, we’d be in the thick of the race for first in the east now.
    The D has had its problems, but the goalie we paid for should be able to bail them out at least sometimes. 3 goals on 13 mostly average shots is embarrassing. Look at Cookes second goal today. Despite it being a bad breakaway, Kimmo was still tangled up with Cooke enough to slow down the shot. It wasn’t even a shot, the puck was just kind of carried in on net just out of pure momentum rather than from force. The damn thing was moving slower than tepid porridge and Bryz fucking blew it.

  6. Why are people so quick to abandon ship on JVR. You’re aware he’s 23 years old right? By the way, shitdick, its Rick Nash, what the fuck is this, WCW?

  7. Hey Herpies…. while we’re correcting other people, you should know JVR is 22 you dumb a$$hole.

  8. @HerpyDerp He’s only 22 not even 23. And yeah really the kid makes one slip up in a post game interview. He even clarified on his twitter that he didn’t mean to say the fans were wrong but that Bryz isn’t the only one who should be accepting responsibility for the loss. Get off his dick. There was a power play AND a 2 man advantage in front of Bryz that shouldn’t have let the fucking pens even get out of their zone, let alone get shots on goal. JVR is a good player who will grow into a star in the NHL, clearly you guys don’t realize that Jvr is a kid and will make the occasional mistake.

  9. …so the Flyers Wives Carnival won’t be awkward or anything. If JvR was smart, he’d contract the “Philly flu” real quick and stay home tomorrow.

  10. I was defending JVR not Bryz, fuck Bryz. JVR will progress with age, Bryz is 30, got paid and now he spends all his time marveling this universe instead of standing in front of a piece of rubber

  11. nahhh paying 100 dollars to watch a junior high goaltender perform isn’t worthy of booing. Did he make one good save? I dont think so.

  12. Smarter than you, how’s that even a slip up? JVR is completely correct. You win as a team and you lose as a team. I’m sure that the team could have done something to prevent giving up 2 odd man rushes while up 2 men about a minute apart. Its amazing that when someone doesn’t speak out in a press conference, he gets blasted for it, but when someone does blow up in defense of a teammate, they get blasted for that too.
    I would have said the exact same thing.

  13. @Tommy…yea, the odd man rushes should have never happened on the PP, but Steven fucking Hawking could have saved the first shorty, let alone the first goal of the game. And where was Mr. Poke Check Happy when Cooke was coming in? He pokes at the puck like he does at every inopportune time, theres no goal, at least not right away. Maybe Cooke gets a penalty shot, but I’d bet anything he trips over his vagina and fails miserably.
    Ed Snider wanted a goalie bc thats what we as fans called for. Maybe the fans are part to blame for that. But the fans have absolutely nothing to do with the guy stopping straight on shots from the top of the circle that should be nothing more than routine for an NHL caliber goalie. JVR absolutely overstepped his boundaries on this one, and he should get ripped for it.

  14. The funny thing is… JVR is right. And we are condemning him? He grew up watching the NYR not boo their goalies and they have had Richter and Lundqvist (meanwhile we have had how many goalies?). Bryz and Bob are both as physically talented (and Bryz has proven himself in low-pressure Phoenix), the problem is fans completely rob them of the mental aspect of their game. Shut up and they will start to thrive. Ever think, gee, maybe it is our fault for getting on their case? I remember us turning a highly talented Olympic MVP goalie into a second rate goalie (Nittymaki). We now have one of the top in the league and are bringing him down and one of the most promising goalies in the past decade… Just shut up and let them recuperate.

  15. I don’t really care about what JVR said because if he just left out the swipe at the fans, it’d be a non story. The rest of his comment about winning/losing as a team is the same comment thats drilled into every athletes brain by their coaches. But they just lost and he had asshole Panotch in his face asking a buncha douchy questions: he’s pissed and slipped a bit.. I’m not sure what he was expecting afterwards though. For fans who’ve been pissed off at the goalie situation for years to be happy that he said something like that? He shouldn’t really be that surprised.

  16. Bryz is a bust. Just accept it. Don’t spew stats. Don’t make excuses. You know in your heart he is a bust.

  17. JVR is done. The “Progress with age” argument is bull. He had plenty of time to get better during the 2 years he spent in juniors after we drafted him and the 2 and a half seasons he’s played with us. He’s never shown any upside with the exception of 1 seven game series during last year’s playoffs. However, his performance this year just proves that it was a fluke. He’s a “power forward” who’s a softy and who tries to play a Giroux-esque game. He won’t get into the dirty areas, and while sometimes his stick handling makes our jaws hit the floor, 99 times out of 100 he just turns the puck over trying to be too fancy. He’s a bust and won’t get any better because he doesn’t put the effort in.

  18. JVR is a pu$$y and deserves a smack right in his mole. Trade him for Schenn. He doesn’t work hard, I know this for a fact as I’m pretty closed with one of the Flyers players (Pronger).

  19. You want to get paid $51 million to be a stud goaltender, then play like one.
    Simple solution Bryz….quit letting in the softies. Your coach knows you suck that is why he pulled you. Don’t blame the fans for letting you know how they feel….I’m sure your coach feels the same way.
    And I’m sure Ed Snider feels the same way.
    You want to play like shit and not hear about it, give back $31 million of the $51 million and we can trade your ass.

  20. JVR sucks. He got a ridikulus pay raise for someone who plays like a little girl. Then he has the balls to tell us to stop booing. I’ve been a Flyers fan since 2009 and he is going to tell me to stop booing at a guy who is still finding himself yet has no problem cashing a 59 million dollar check? Fuck this team.

  21. Does anyone know the buyout rules with the NHL salary cap? What’s the hit if they buy Bryz out and get rid of him?

  22. to the post above me – For players 26 or older, a buyout costs two-thirds of remaining contract value.
    On a buyout, the team takes a cap hit for a percentage of the buyout value (according to a very complex formula) spread over twice the length of the remaining contract years.

  23. Uncle Buck to JVR:
    “Take this quarter, go downtown, and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face!”

  24. JVR sucks? Who drafted him?
    No wonder why us Philly fans get trashed on the National Stage…..because of MORONS like you!

  25. 1.) lol at Buck Russell
    2.) why doesn’t JVR get that mole removed from his mug. It’s gross
    3.) The flyers will never win a cup until that pussy Eddie “give me my $$$” Snider departs

  26. @CaptainJack
    I’m sure you are really close with Pronger……what a loser, wanna-be you are….
    If Pronger knew you, he’d already have mounted a stick half way up your ass

  27. Giroux sucks too. He’s a minus player and always will be because of his wreckless nature. Use him as a piece to get back Carter.

  28. @Swiss Cheese…I’m not saying they weren’t bad goals, they were horrible goals and Bryz should have had them, but JVR is just being a good teammate and he gets blasted for it. Why doesn’t Giroux get blasted when he said pretty much the same thing?

  29. Giroux also complained about the way Bryz was “treated,” but it’s hard to understand exactly what he says.
    It was a tough loss, but it’s February. To hear all this whining is troubling. Excuses for another early playoff exit are being set.

  30. I don’t get why you’re all acting like we wanted Bryz… I certainly didn’t want him and pretty much everyone I know thought his contract was a mistake we saw coming.

  31. Bryz needs to play better, no doubt, but take a look at the team in front of him. The defense has been terrible this year (no one clearing the crease, break aways, players being left open with a wide open net, etc.). If I were Bryz, my confidence would be shot too. Bryz has been inconsistent, but I’d like to see how plays after we’re done trading. Kubina and Grossman aren’t big name d-men, but they will definitely help. If our D can get going, I’m sure Bryz will pick up his game as well. Also, WHY isn’t the goalie coach being looked at? BOTH Bob and Bryz have regressed this year. Reese obviously isn’t doing his job, and I would rather get rid of him first then Bryz or Bob.

  32. Finally the flyers sent down Bourdon, worst DMan in the league…can’t wait to see Chirp defend him too. Guy sucks

  33. @Jane, please keep your comments to yourself. Women have no place in sports. Go put a load of colds in and then get back in the kitchen and fix someone a sandwich.

  34. Scapegoat? Maybe he should learn the GD definition of scapegoat first. Bryz is to lame. He sucks more than a back alley whore. JVR is a baby and a moron. ToodAloo.

  35. @Thomas E. Merschen- still mad the class bully was a girl and took all your lunch money in the 5th grade huh?

  36. Maybe stop using “he has a vagina” as your go-to insult, Kyle. Kind of irritating.
    Get over it people. JVR was defending his teammate. Makes sense, since Bryz got booed at home both after a shutout, and during a 7-2 win. I’d be more concerned if Bryz’s teammates didn’t feel the need to defend him.
    As for JVR, I don’t think this season is an accurate gauge of his value as a player. He can’t seem to catch a break with injuries and such. I wouldn’t shed a tear if the Flyers decide to trade him, but this certainly isn’t the peak of his career by any means.
    It would be nice if people would get some perspective. Oh wait, this is Philadelphia.

  37. @Amy, see my post about regarding Jane. I like Ham, turkey, bologna, cheese, and pepperoni if you got it. Spicy mustard and a Zayda pickle too.

  38. Thomas, your dumb fuck sandwich joke wasn’t funny the first time, and it’s even less funny every time you keep saying it. Go fuck yourself and get a life.

  39. @ Thomas Mershen- what are still a virgin, you classless little boy?? Go have another beer in your moms basement

  40. All the women posting on here? They are all clueless. I guess they’ll be no dinner made tonight in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs.

  41. Trade jvr to columbus for Jeff Carter. Healthy carts is a 30-40 goal scorer which jvr & his mole will never be.

  42. These cro magnon schtick reminds of the Merle Haggard lyric: I remember before microwave ovens, when a girl could still cook and chop wood. (back when a man could still work and still would)

  43. JVR and Bryz would look less dumb if they weren’t crying scapegoat right after their own coach singled out Bryz by pulling him.

  44. @Jason
    Bravo! I couldn’t think of a more planned humiliation. I guess he couldn’t wait until the end of the period. Going back to the Winter Classic decision, I’m sure the front office sees Laviolette as a contributor to Bryz’s failed season.

  45. @ Schtick…..
    Are you sure Bryz’s failure isn’t because he sucks? You must be female. Go make some dinner.

  46. Schtick – I wasn’t saying Lavi was wrong to single him out. I’m a Lavi guy all the way. Bryz is the only one to blame for his pathetic performance this season. I also don’t want to hear anymore about the pressure of playing in Philly. Bryz was the one who put the word out before they even traded for his rights that he wanted to come here because he embraced the pressure. Granted it was a blatant ploy to get more money by getting the fans to clamor for him, but you can’t say that crap and then complain about it later.

  47. I heard a rumor that Bryz was a good goalie at one point. I’ve never watched a Coyotes game, of course. So, I guess we’re supposed to believe that he lost his ability over the off-season. Bryz has been horrible, but Laviolette is not without blame. He chose to embarrass him by pulling him in that situation.

  48. @Schtick… clueless. Bryz has humiliated himself by letting in soft goal after soft goal. I’m sure you are Russian and defending him because he is from your homeland.

  49. Why shouldn’t I single Ilya out? He constantly puts us in the hole with early soft goals. If I could, I’d put him with Adirondack.
    I pulled him yesterday because I am sick of his shit. The only problem I see right now with how bad Ilya is, is that our backup is a little worse.

  50. I agree with @Thomas E Merschen about the women being more valuable in the kitchen than on CB. Out sonmething sexy on, get in the kitchen, and steam me some crabs. And pop me open an ice cold Bud while you’re at it.

  51. I agree bily b, guess have become soft now a days. I make my wife make me 3 square meals a day, some sex and pop open a cold MGD after a hard day.

  52. Billy B, Ron, and Thomas – No woman would ever want to touch you or look at you, so go jack off on your twin bed in your mom’s house, like usual.

  53. Schtick… No one disputes that Bryz was once a very good goalie. That doesn’t mean it’s Lavi’s fault he sucks now. Bryz is making $51 million – man up and deal with it when you get pulled, booed, blamed, etc. I don’t want to hear about a guy making $51 million needing Lavi to spare his feelings at the expense of giving the team the best chance to win a game.

  54. TCR – have the Rangers made it past the second round of the playoffs in the last decade? Oh yeah, no.

  55. Amy. Seriously? Last Phlyer championship was 1975 and you want to point out playoff success? Pronger blew up your team and then quit on your team … enjoy the mess.
    And, um, Mershen may be on to something.

  56. @TCR, I hate the Rangers, but I’m sure we can both agree that women belong in the kitchen wearing something sexy. This Amy chick either can’t cook or isn’t sexy. She constantly on this site, instead of preparing her next meal.

  57. @T E Mershen, I hate but respect the phlyers (Eagles fan, not troll), but this Amy I’m guessing buzzed hair cut & army boots.

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