Kimmo Timonen Calls Out Teammates


After another loss to the New York Rangers, Kimmo Timonen had to get some things off of his chest. Everything he said was 100% spot on.

Questioning the heart of this team right now is fair, and if I'm going to be alright with someone in this locker room doing it, it's going to be Timonen. No one works harder than him, and he plays injured. He is a fearless shot blocker and leaves every bit of energy he has on the ice.

So with that said, give it to them, Kimmo.

Q: Was the big difference in this game the special teams?

“Well obviously they got three [power play] goals, so it was huge. We were disappointed with the effort actually. The emotional level, playing against the top team in the conference…league…to be honest I think we got half the guys going half the guys not.”

Q: Right from the beginning?

“Well, that was my opinion. You might have seen differently but that’s what I saw.”

Q: Did you voice that concern in the dressing room after the game, or even between periods?

“Well I think everyone realized we could’ve played better. It was a tie game, 2-2, but still, I felt like we could’ve pushed more and pressured more, but they got another two points.”


Can't disagree with one thing he said. Not one.

The most interesting answer that Timonen gave involved a possible shot at the Flyers goalie situation. Maybe. You decide.

Q: Is it concerning to you that this is a team that, right now, looks like it’s going to win the Eastern Conference. They just seem like they’re consistently a lot better than you guys.

“They play the system every night. They play the same way every night. There are no surprises and if there is a breakdown the goalie makes the save. They block a ton of shots and somehow they get the job done. Like I said, it was a top team and that’s why they’re at the top. They play the same way every night, they work hard, they do the same system every night and their goalie plays very well every night.”


Ryan Suter, where you at?


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  1. This year’s Flyers team is turning into an underachieving disappointment, kind of like the last 35 seasons. Shocker.

  2. Because being 4th in the conference even when you lose your best player is disappointing…

  3. Ryan Suter would cost way too much and he’s only a rental. They are not winning the cup this year, they stand no chance against Boston or NYR even with Suter. So keep the youth and build on it for next year. Get Hal Gill for cheap if you really want a new d-man rental.

  4. No one player is going to change anything. This team is overloaded with rookies playing important roles and may actually be overacheiving (waiting for them to hit the rookie wall…). Maybe Bryz or Bob will get hot and carry us in the playoffs(unlikely, yes), but just enjoy the ride. They are still going to win a lot of games and are set up great for years to come (re-sign Carle!!). Don’t ruin things by giving away important pieces for one that won’t make a difference.

  5. Kimmo is consistently the best defensemen on the ice. Matt Carle has become a liability as of late. I don’t know what’s going on with him, but he keeps coughing the puck up right in front of our net. Without Kimmo we are losing way more games. Do you guys even watch the Flyers? We need a stronger defensive core which we would have if Pronger hadn’t gone down. I think we should wait until the off-season and see- the only forward I’m willing to part with is JVR. He hasn’t played in what seems like forever and it seems like he hasn’t scored a meaningful goal since the play-offs.

  6. Laviolette needs to go. He has taken every advantage this team has and is playing a system that works against its strengths. They are Young and he insists on playing girls hockey. Just watchign the game you can see no one is trying to hit or make contact. If they even get close to another player they will only brush away from them or push lightly with there arms. You can’t play a veteran team and think ok we have a very young team here lets try and out think/outplay them. you have to hit over and over and wear them down. FIRE LAVIOLETTE!!!!!

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