LA Kings GM and LA Times Address Your Camera Phones, Philadelphia

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Congratulations, Philadelphia, your “camera phone” pictures (and this site?) have caught the attention of the Los Angeles Times. 

Kings GM Dean Lombardi thinks Mike Richards' and Jeff Carter's partying is much ado about nothing: [LA Times]

It only seemed as though everyone in Philadelphia owned a camera phone and managed to snap a picture of Jeff Carter and Mike Richards out on the town.

The pictures were all over the place when the two were running mates in their Flyers days and later when Richards headed to Los Angeles and Carter to Columbus in June. They resurfaced again when the duo was reunited by Thursday’s trade with the Kings sending defenseman Jack Johnson and a conditional first-round pick to Columbus in exchange for Carter.

“I think a lot of this stuff really got blown out of proportion,” Lombardi said. “As I told one guy, if somebody had taken pictures of me in college … I’d like to know if they had cameras around when you guys went out on Friday and Saturday night? How many of those pictures would have shown some things that probably were… this is something you do as a 21-year-old.”

“How many of us are in position to throw stones?” Lombardi said. “We were just never were celebrity enough where people wanted to take pictures of us. I do think that given our culture with TMZ and things, this stuff can get a little exaggerated.”


It sure can, Dean.

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  1. wow thats actually dead on….who would expect two guys in their mid 20s to go out to a bar and have a drink? clearly not philly since we drove them out of town for it

  2. Us exploiting their drinking habits/womanizing via pictures was retribution for their inability to win. This goes obviously more for Carter who disappears come playoff time, and a lot less to Richards, whom WE COLLECTIVELY did not want to see go. So Bob, YES we understand they drink and have a good time, but then again when they (again mostly, Carter) choke consistently around playoff time and let us down, gloves are off…

  3. I think the Carter tit grab picture should have been used. It just illustrates the point so, so much.
    And bob is right regarding the media’s opinion of these guys. BUT, if it was JUST the media, they wouldn’t be gone. But obviously the coaches, some teammates and management did think it was an issue. And I trust them more than I do the media, blogs and fans, and I believe there was fire near that smoke.

  4. Dam it, why did i make them drink when they were here??
    If i didn’t, they would have stayed and won us a cup or two..
    Stop being an idiot BOB

  5. i agree with bob… what do you expect a 20 something millionaire to do with his free time?? please tell me what you would have seen if social media like this had been around during bernie’s time.. dude was a pimp. please follow around the 70’s stanley cup team and tell me you wouldnt have found similar things.

  6. If Carter hadn’t come up so short in the playoffs, no one would’ve given a damn what he did in his free time. I sure as hell didn’t.

  7. Bob is right. You others are trying to turns sports into TMZ. You care more about off field stuff than what matters. You probably like Buddy Ryan more than Andy Reid too right?

  8. @Barry’s Hair- no chirp was that crazy looking dude that was in the pic with carts in a sic parking lot that Kyle posted last summer.

  9. Richards looks like louis skolnick from revenge of the nerds in this picture… gotta agree w/those that are referencing carters lack of playoff production; then again carter often disappears in the regular season too. Nothing bad to say about richards, he is a tough sob and always played hard.

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