Lavs Put A Little Jam Into Summer By Appearing On A Popular Outdoor TV Show

6085625278_6362de7a05_b_slidePhoto via the Flyers

Lavs always seemed comfortable in front of the cameras during 24/7, but little did we know he was a seasoned vet. []

This past summer, in his native New England summer home, Laviolette enjoyed one of his favorite hobbies – fishing. 

He even brought along some cameramen and one of the most popular and well-liked personalities on an outdoor TV series to capture the moments.

On Feb. 12, Laviolette will be featured on NBC Network's program of Charlie Moore: No Offense.

Known as the "Mad Fisherman", Moore's TV Show has him take on outdoor adventures with popular figures and celebrities who share similar interests, whether that be going boxing, playing hockey, hiking and of course his first love – fishing.


The show will air February 12 at 6:30 p.m. on the NBC Sports Network.


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  1. He should go big game hunting with Trent Cole. Cole friggin’ hunts grizzly bears and all types of crazy shit in the off-season. This is cool though, props to Lavs.

  2. I wonder how many times he drops the F bomb on this show and tells himself to catch some fish with a little bit of fucking jam…

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