LeBron James And The Miami Heat Stopped By Sabrina’s Café In Fairmount

LeBron and the Heat stopped by Sabrina's Café in Fairmount. As for me, I'm still not quite sure how I feel about those Rec-Spec looking glasses he's rockin'.

H/T to Zach K.


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  1. Zach why dont you go ask your buddies on 13th street how they feel about the glasses…

  2. Who cares, I saw Darwin Walker at Cracker Barrel(?) in Mt. Laurel this morning. And for accuracy sake, he drives a 2 tone F150 truck which is white and gold. He was wearing a gold colored valour suit which was way more stylish than LeBron and his stupid looking eye glasses. Sixers gonna show them sum luv tomorrow.

  3. Word on the street is LeBron finished all but the last of his pancakes. When he couldn’t finish them he panicked and asked D.Wade for a hand.

  4. I heard LeBron was banging one of the waitresses & couldn’t cum so he had to ask Pat Riley to finish her off

  5. He’s trying getting ready to poop all over yooouuurrrr ssvveennttyy sssiixxeeerrsss tonight!

  6. I love how all the guys (except the token white guy) are all wearing matching outfits – “LeBron and the Chokettes”

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