Look, Pittsburgh Folks Defaced a Jaromir Jagr Jersey

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Just in case the national media had you believing that Philly fans were the worst fans in all the land, we bring you this bit of tid from the assholes in Pittsburgh, who, for some reason most likely rooted in inferiority, thought it would be cool to deface the jersey of the second greatest hockey player their city has ever seen.

The picture comes via reader (@IfTheShoeFITTS), who is probably not using his real name on Twitter. It was taken this weekend, when Mr. If It Fits was visiting the nut sack of Pennsylvania. 

And to think we merely boo.

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  1. This is what you’re crying about? You want national media attention because someone taped stuff on a piece of glass?
    Inferiority? LOL. When was the last Flyers cup?

  2. Joe Mama, the last Flyers Cup was last year, as it is played every year between two high school teams. Why did you bring that up anyway?

  3. I want to say emphatically, as a Pittsburgh Penguins fan, I am embarrassed by these “fans” and they do not speak for the majority of us. Jagr helped win back to back cups for the team in the 90s. He won several scoring titles and was a pleasure to watch every year. Just because he signed with the Flyers at the end of his career hardly erases what he accomplished in Pittsburgh.
    I would never boo him and he’s still one of my favorite players (when he played in DC, NYC, and now in Philly).

  4. I live in Pittsburgh (but born and raised Philly, hate Pittsburgh teams), anyone know which bar here this was at? I’m curious.

  5. Where’s the defacing of Pat Burrell’s crap? He stole a World Series ring from us with San Fran!

  6. Ok, turns out it was Carson City Saloon (popular bar in Southside of Pittsburgh, the main nightlife spot in Pittsburgh), pretty much what I figured

  7. Ha but notice they didnt take it down, like any sane fan base would do.
    Must be nice to be a Penguins fan…suck for decades enough to get high picks that include 2 top tier forwards in Crosby and Malkin and a top goalie in Fleury. Ill take our sustained succes

  8. Taping tape onto glass is somehow worse than throwing batteries at someone for not signing with the Phillies?

  9. Use to go to school at Duquesne and saw this shirt or one like it at Carson Street Saloon. Went back to visit the day jagr signed with us and that jersey was already up with the jagoff on it. Thank god i transferred to St. Joes, Couldn’t stand that city. They have no respect for anything not from yinzer town, even one of the greats who helped win them their first stanley cups. pathetic.

  10. Carson City Saloon* Funny, they do leave the Talbot one untouched and act as if it is some sort of shrine

  11. it’s not that he signed with the fliers. that’s not why pittsburgh hates him. it’s more or less the reason he left the pens in the first place.

  12. Hahaha this is at Carson City Saloon in the South Side, Im from philly and go to school in pittsburgh, I always make sure to yell a “go flyers” every time I walk out the door. I feel bad they apparently “tar” and “feather” Cleveland fans at this bar too!

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