Montreal Typical! Canadiens Fans Cheer Chara Getting Hit In The Face

So what that we feel like we get a raw deal in the national media? We do. Last night, Canadiens fans gave us a reason to say "Oh yeah, and Philly is bad?" Wonder if this will live in infamy like that time the entire city was portrayed as cheering for Michael Irvin's injury?

After being hit in the face with a puck, tall man Zdeno Chara went down to the ice and the fans in Montreal… enjoyed it.

Chara reacted after the game, via ESPN.

"I can't control what the fans are going to do but it's disappointing, I guess," said Chara, who took stitches on his chin to close the gash. 

"It's nothing to do with sport and even what happened previously with our two teams but that's something I can't control and that's all I have to say," Chara added. 


Typical…Montreal Typical.

H/T Puck Daddy.

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12 Responses

  1. Get over it. You want to know what’s worse than Philly getting unfairly stereo-typed in the media? People from Philly whining about Philly getting unfairly stereo-typed in the media!!!!!
    Who cares.
    It’s a battle you can’t win.
    Let it go.
    Get over it!
    Who gives a Flying Phuck !

  2. I have no problem with it.
    We cheered Irvin crumpling on the Vet turf and rightly so.
    We hated him. I hated him.
    Cant rip Montreal when we did the same thing.

  3. I agree with R Diddy. We’re the Boy Scouts in a throwdown with the U.S. Army regarding how we’re treated by the media. Chances are what happened in Montreal won’t get so much as a peep nationally because it didn’t happen HERE. So be it. Doesn’t bother me either.

  4. FYI Chara put a Canadian on a stretcher last season when he smashed him into the glass that separates the bench and fans seats.
    Next time watch a flyers game notice how the glass is curved at the end of the bench now and not a 90 degree angle. They made all rinks change their glass because of the hit.
    Not saying its right to cheer Chara getting hurt…just a little back story on why they are cheering it.
    LOL @ Big Al.

  5. Celebrities like us get booed all the time. It’s part of the territory, brah. Now let me get back to smoking shitty cigars with my shirt unbuttoned.

  6. Drew, as some of the comments above had already stated, we would have done the same exact thing–and I wouldn’t have much of a problem with it. It’s not the right thing to do necessarily, but Chara did commit an offense that was more than deplorable in their rink last year. Can’t blame them one bit.

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