So what that we feel like we get a raw deal in the national media? We do. Last night, Canadiens fans gave us a reason to say "Oh yeah, and Philly is bad?" Wonder if this will live in infamy like that time the entire city was portrayed as cheering for Michael Irvin's injury?

After being hit in the face with a puck, tall man Zdeno Chara went down to the ice and the fans in Montreal… enjoyed it.

Chara reacted after the game, via ESPN.

"I can't control what the fans are going to do but it's disappointing, I guess," said Chara, who took stitches on his chin to close the gash. 

"It's nothing to do with sport and even what happened previously with our two teams but that's something I can't control and that's all I have to say," Chara added. 


Typical…Montreal Typical.

H/T Puck Daddy.