Morning Wood: Going Down


Ittttttttt’s baaaaaaaack
. Your morning baseball stiffness, in allll it’s glory….. well, at least on a limited basis until Opening Day.

Moving truck photos are baseball’s yearly cock-tease– texting you pictures of brand new sexy panties but making you wait weeks to see them on.

The Phillies tweeted the above picture of a moving truck being packed up for spring training. Oh happy day. 6 ABC cameras were there to capture the annual ritual, and Nydia Han is excited to tell you about it after the jump.

The Inquirer's Matt Gelb sat down with Phillies president David Montgomery to talk about Cole Hamels potential contract extension and other financial issues.

The Phillies might be interested in Vladimir Guerrero, Xavier Nady, Magglio Ordonez, or Manny Ramirez.

Billy Beane, speaking at a Villanova Law School symposium on Friday, told the crowd that the 1993 Phillies partially inspired his Moneyball tactics: []

"I was right here in Philadelphia watching the World Series [which the Phils lost to Toronto]," said Beane, who was part of a panel discussing "Moneyball's Impact on Business and Sports." "Those '93 Phillies took a ton of pitches, walked a ton, and scored a ton of runs. That's when it hit me."


Hop it for the moving truck video.



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  1. With the way the other teams have gone I need the phils more than usual. Can’t wait for opening day.

  2. Ah, the annual photo of the Phillies equipment truck leaving for Clearwater, now featuring walkers, canes, Hoverounds, and an extensive variety of fiber supplements.

  3. I bet beane makes that same speech to every city hes in…I was in (insert city here) watching the (insert team) and eureka

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