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The Washington Nationals – the Yankees of the NL East, according to Bryce Harper – have their swag on high. Somewhere, 2007 J-Roll™ nods.

Speaking to a leggy blonde from CSN Washington, Nats manager Davey Johnson was supremely confident in talking about his team’s playoff chances: [CSN via Washington Post]

Will it be a failure if your team doesn’t make the playoffs?

"No question in my mind. And they can fire me."

Strong words?

"Yeah, we should make the playoffs. There’s not doubt in my mind."


No doubt at all, Davey?

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Still none?


Sure, it’s big talk for franchise that hasn’t had a winning record in six years. But, there’s no denying that Nats are going to be better– what with Stephen Strasburg returning, douchebag Bryce Harper potentially playing with the big club, Jayson Werth continuing to underachieve, and, um, Brad Lidge…

Anyway, they're confident. Are you worried?