The fine folks over at the Victory Brewing Co. – makers of such tasty treats as HopDevil Ale and Golden Monkey, among others – tossed out the following Tweet last Monday after watching a myriad The Voice commercials during the Super Bowl on NBC: 


Yes. Yes we did, Victory. 

Upon seeing the Tweet, I reached out to Victory communications manager Karen Noonan to inquire further. She said that while the company certainly notices the similarities, they find the whole thing humorous and flattering, and they don’t plan to take any legal action. Noonan: "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We will just assume that the creative director for the NBC show is as huge Victory Beer fan and wanted to pay tribute to our fine brews." 

Bill Covaleski, the President and Brewmaster of Victory, sketched the original logo back in 1994, before the company officially launched. The "V" in Victory, Noonan said, lent itself naturally to the "V" shape our hands make when we give the "peace" sign. 

Screen Shot 2012-02-13 at 10.39.35 AM 

Now, here’s the twisted irony in all this, showing just how interconnected our world is: NBC is owned by Comcast. Comcast is also part-owner of the company-branded Xfinity Live! Philadelphia which will open next month in South Philadelphia with Victory Brewing Co. as the title sponsor of the Victory Beer Hall…….. which will be located next to the NBC Sports Arena

What. A. Tangled. Web. We. Weave.

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