Of Course Allen Iverson’s Next Stop Might Be Puerto Rico

Allen Iverson
The Allen Iverson experiment went so well for the Turkish team, so now a Puerto Rican league is trying to get AI3 to give them a shot. [Yahoo Sports]

Allen Iverson and Puerto Rico’s professional basketball league are engaged in exploratory talks about a possible deal for the 11-time NBA All-Star, sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Iverson’s business manger Gary Moore has talked with Puerto Rico officials, and the league’s teams are discussing a bidding process to woo Iverson.

The Puerto Rican league, which starts its 30-game season in March, pays its stars about $20,000 a month, plus living expenses, sources said. The league’s commissioner is selling Iverson on the chance to work his way back to a possible return to the NBA.


Iverson reportedly had his reps contact NBA teams, but there was no interest in signing the former star. It's been a rough couple of years for Iverson, who also recently had his bank account taken over by a Georgia judge due to a jewelry debt exceeding $850,000.


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  1. “A Georgia judge has taken control of the bank account owned by Allen Iverson in order to repay an $859,896.46 debt, according to TMZ.”
    Absolutely the stupidest athlete to ever be associated with Philly, and we all know that is saying a whole lot.

  2. Everyone knows he’s going to wind up in prison right? He’s repeatedly proven to be a complete moron + wannabe thug complex = AI eventually gets caught selling pounds of weed or something and won’t be able to afford an attorney. Either that or some memoribilia shit like OJ.

  3. I think he makes a brief pit stop in bankruptcy court first prior to going to the can on some sort of criminal charges.

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