Of Course The Washington Nationals Stiffed This Local Company Out Of Tickets

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What a bunch of shits.

Really– shits, they are.

Chuck Stock, senior vice president of Integrated Services Inc. in Lafayette Hill, told CBS Philly’s Spike Eskin (who is fresh off a sword fight with Buzz Bissinger) about a little stunt the Washington Nationals ticket office pulled on his company.

Stock’s colleague, Kate McCorriston: [CBS Philly]

“We put an order in and a deposit on tickets [in December], and were guaranteed the tickets, got a signed contract. We were told that by January, we picked where we’d want to sit, but by the end of January we’d confirm where the seating was, and [the Nationals would] forward us the tickets,” Kate McCorriston, Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications at ISP Inc., said. “So we ordered a bus, put a deposit down on a bus, and notified employees to save the date, that we were going to the park on May 5th, to see the Phillies.” 


Cool. Sounds fun.

But then came that whole take back the park thing, and the Nationals never followed up with ISP, despite the signed contract. So Stock and McCorriston called and emailed the Nationals several times with no luck.

Then, finally, in what may be the douchiest customer service response of all-time (if McCorriston is accurately relaying the message), the Nationals told Stock and McCorriston that they had to take back their park, like a bunch of hippie zealots who just looped Braveheart one too many times:

“This had been going on for two and a half weeks, and they finally just notified us and said ‘well sorry, we have to take back our park, you know, you can’t have the tickets, there aren’t any tickets left, and we’ll refund your deposit. That was it.”


So, yeah, not only are the Nationals using this whole take back the park thing for some unfortunate PR, but, it seems, they’re also actively backing out on agreements that were made long in advance.

Like we told you before, this thing doesn’t actually have teeth, because, um, $15 tickets herehere, and here… but there comes a point when sticking by your guns becomes lunacy. The Nationals crossed over into the latter quite a while ago.

As for ISP, they’re stuck with a $400 bus deposit… but at least the Nationals were nice enough to refund their $200 ticket deposit.

Meanwhile, in doucheville, reader Adam sends along this photo from a Nats PR trinket… Bryce Harper… throwing… a knuckleball. Why?

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  1. the first game in DC should be a blast, remember this franchise is 3 to 4 seasons away from being in a different market.

  2. They should have picked a different organization to do this to, like a church group, or a youth baseball league.
    They did this to a real business entity, real business entities usually have lawyers on retainer.
    Say it with me……RE-TAAAAAAAAINER.

  3. That company doesn’t have to worry about their bus deposit when they win the settlement because they signed a contract. Everyone in the Nationals organization is retarded. Congrats, being douchie and trying to stick to the already-nationally-abused slogan “take back the park” will only cost you money that you barely have. Good luck paying off Jayson!

  4. Every Phillies fan needs to gobble up these secondary market tickets to these games making the past couple years look like nothing. I’m in and I’ve heard plenty of others starting to make plans….in February. F the nats!

  5. All this bullshit is doing is throwing logs on the fire. Every Phillies fan there will be well aware of all this and will most likely take their obnoxiousness up to an 11.. I wish I could join in! I hope legal action is taken!

  6. I go to school in DC now but am I die hard Phillies phan, I’ll be sure to be at all the Phillies games with a sign that says “Take Back The Park?” and be totally decked out in Phils gear, and I’ll be sure the P in park is Phillies Phont…Phuck the Nats

  7. Legal action against anyone who violates the law at Nats Park? You bet your arrogant, obnoxious asses.

  8. Nationals Park is going to look like LA after the Rodney King incidents……
    And I’m sure ESPN will make us look bad!!!
    Can someone have a friend dress up like an old lady in Phillies gear and they dress up as a Nats fan and act like you are beating her up?….and tape it?….and send it to ESPN?

  9. That was not cool of the Nats, but it’s not like the ISP group can’t still go to the game and use their bus. As you pointed out, there are plenty of cheap tickets available elsewhere. I really don’t understand this whole outcry over the “Take back the park” thing… if you really want to go, just get your tickets on StubHub and shut up. It’s really not a big deal.

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