Paul Holmgren Statement on Trade Deadline

The Flyers didn’t make any moves today. The always long-winded Flyers GM, Mr. Paul Holmgren:

"We like our team and we're quite comfortable coming out of it like we did, without doing anything more today."


Thanks, Paul.

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12 Responses

  1. I believe this was touched on a few weeks back but I am wondering what happened to Ed Snider. He has become so cheap

  2. Alright dude, homer traded both your man crushes in one day ease up, it’s over. The guy does a good job overall. All snarkiness aside, for realsies. They’re reunited in LALA land and happy as two fags in denial can be.

  3. I think house has a crush on me…just saying.
    He didnt trade away any youth. Weber and Suter did not move which means in the off season he sees whats up with Pronger then determines if he wants to make a move on one of those.
    Bryz will be fine. Look at Mike Smith in Phoenix. Its a product of a goalie on a defensive squad. Flyers are an offensive attack squad so its going to take some adjusting. Relax.
    Tired of idiots like House who want to have a knee jerk reaction and trade away bryz and make big blockbuster deals for big name guys while we throw away the future.
    The team is in 4th place, doesnt need offense, needs a big D leader (Kubina?) and Bryz to start getting some confidence.

  4. @Barry. How has Ed Snider gotten cheap?!? There is a hard cap in the NHL and the Flyers are up against it every season with little wiggle room?
    The only reason they have some room this year is because we took Prongers cap off the books. What happens when we get a big name guy making 5+ million and then pronger is ready to come back next season? We have to unload all the excess money and every team in the NHL knows that so we would not get anything good for what we wanted to trade because teams know we are desperate to shed salary…
    Come on people try and understand the game before you make yourself look like an idiot.

  5. Another player the Sharks inquired about was winger James van Riemsdyk in Philadelphia. Like the Jackets, the Flyers wanted a lot for JVR, and the two sides could not find a fit.

  6. @ESPN JVR trade value is low right now because of his numbers and his recent return from a concussion. If he can have another great playoff appearance his value will rise really high. (See Umberger) Trading him now would not get much of anything in return. So smart move for Holmgren to hang on tight. Well that is unless he continues to just suck…

  7. Trading JVR now would get his ridiculously inflated contract off the books, but Chirp can’t understand that b/c he is a flyers apologist. Kubina, a mediocre defensiveman, is now a Defensive leader in Chirp’s eyes b/c the flyers traded for him. In reality, Chirp has only ever seen him play when the Flyers played against him. Guy is clueless

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