Peter Laviolette on the Second Period: “Horseshit”

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We were going to have some sort of a Flyers recap for those of you who didn’t stay up, but, you know, they didn’t score. We’ll just let Peter Laviolette sum up the game:

"At the end of the night, there was probably 15 quality chances, and the guy made the saves on them. Could we have gotten traffic on some other shots? I  don’t know. Maybe. The assessment of the second period is accurate, it was disgraceful. You’d like to think it serves as a wakeup call, because we’re in a playoff race and tonight is unacceptable. We eased our way into the first period, the second period was horseshit. Wake up and try to win a game in the third period."


No jam. Very little jam.

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  1. Bryz looked really good. Team never seems to be on the same page. When they’re scoring, the goalies are weak, and vice-versa. Notice I didn’t mention defense in that sentence, because their performance last night, top to bottom, was the very definition of “horseshit.”

  2. Bryz did play really well. I heard Bill Clement say, after a big save near the end of the first, “Bryz bailed his boys out there.” Which is something everybody has been bitching about- that Bryz never bails out his guys when they fail. Well, he did it last night.
    The first goal was just a matter of time. He was making every stop on that penalty kill, but he had no shot to stop that puck (he actually still made a really good play, he just had no chance). The Flyers looked like they had never played a man down before on that one. The second goal was weak, but it didn’t matter anyway.
    And if a goalie is going to give up 2 goals per game, one where he has no chance and one that is weak, you still should win. Especially when you’re the highest scoring team in the league.
    Hopefully Bryz gains confidence out of this and starts to heat up.

  3. Peter might blow up one night on the bench, not like yelling at people. I think his head might actually explode on the bench.
    Bryz plays well, team plays bad. Can’t catch a break.
    Go owls!

  4. Bryz looked good last night? What game were you guys watching? You can just feel JJ cringing every time he goes to call a save, just like the rest of us. Bryz looked better last night then he has recently, but he still looks like crap.
    The man cant stop a shot from the circle, how is that a good game? He moves so slowly in the crease its like hes playing a pick up game. I don’t think he cares.
    And that “big save” he made in the third? The guy never even got the shot off, the puck when off the outside of the net….
    Bryzaster is what we are heading for….

  5. Bryz was fine last night, leave him be…blame the invisible offense last night. Sure the 2nd goal should have been saved (Henrik would have saved it) however, with the 1st goal being impossible to stop, and Flyers not scoring once, it was all irrelevant. Bryz was solid and should use that game personally to build off of…
    Offense needs to wake up, Briere has to find some JAM and get rolling, team needs its leaders to step up now…..its LEADERSHIP time…

  6. Jim-Joe,
    What in the FUCK are you talking about? He gave up ONE bad goal last night. ONE. The Oilers were peppering him in that second period, and save for one exception, he responded really well.
    And pretty sure no one said anything about that “big save” he made in the third, other than JJ and Clement, and you could tell, as they saw the replay for the first time as they went to break, that the guy just didn’t get a shot off.
    But Bryz did make a couple huge saves other times throughout the game.
    I don’t know how you can say that Bryz “still looked like crap” except for the one weak goal he gave up. How about stopping two breakaways in a row? That doesn’t mean anything? Jesus.

  7. Jesus, you people are idiots. Bryz plays well, even bails out our team on more than one occasion, and you still bash him. When are Flyers fans going to start placing some blame on the team defense as well? It’s been terrible all season, not to mention all the penalties we’ve been taking and our shit PK.

  8. J.t.
    First, get your coffee, take a seat and a breather. Frankie says relax……….
    Second, a number one goalie shouldnt give up ANY bad goals. And if/when they do its not every start he makes.
    You must not have watched the same game as me sir. The “Big Saves” you keep talking about are saves that every other #1 goalie in the league makes and is supposed to make. The lanes were clear for the most part last night. And just because he makes some of those saves doesn’t mean hes good or not looking like crap as I stated before. Kick save from the circle, who cares, thats your job to make those. Watch the way he carries himself and goes about making the saves. The way he eases from one post to the other. Or how his arms hang weakly at his sides when a puck comes in high. Did you not see another infield fly go off his glove in the first, good thing for him it went wide.
    And that he stopped any of the break away saves was a miracle, whats he for the season now, taking into account shootouts? 4-28 or something. To bad he cant do it in an actual shootout.
    Do you think Timmonen hooks the shit out of that guy to force a penalty shot if he has any confidence in Bryzaster making the save? Now Timmo is a good D man so hes gonna do it anyway, but with the vigor of last night?
    I dont think this team has any confidence in him. I dont think Lavy has any confidence in him. And me and most other fans have no confidence in him.
    But what has he done to warrant any of us to have confidence. It sure as hell isnt the “Humungous big” space he has for a five hole.
    That said hes still gonna start Saturday against Calgary. And hes still gonna let a bad one slip by him at some point in that game. Put a fork in him, we’re done.
    Have a good one, im out.

  9. This is exactly the kind of performance I’ve been expecting from Bryz the whole season. And to be honest, I don’t think we’ve seen him put together as good a game as he did last night. Especially coming off the run he has had.
    That being said, the NoJam Express showed up last night and made his effort worthless on the day. Hopefully the effort helps his fragile mind and he can build off of it.

  10. Dude… bad goals are a part of the game. Fact of life. Nobody’s perfect and if that were the case, guys like Brodeur would have more rings than fingers.

  11. a well placed shot from the hash between the 2 circles and you get a piece of it is now a “bad goal” in this town…unfuckingbelievable. The flyers clogged the neutral zone last night and played a shallow smart forecheck in the first period and short shifted which lead to chances and power plays. In the first 10 minutes of the second period they didn’t do any of that. They lost concentration. Meszaros, carle and coburn are playing like AHL all stars and with the exception of chocolate tochett no one wanted to trouble the goaltender. Ever wonder much why so many young goalies you never heard of play so well against the flyers and then you never hear thier names again? That’s why. There’s your game recap. We need a vet presence in that locker room for the playoffs, face off pk guy like Knuble or Whitney, both could be had for a song as playoff rentals, whitney maybe a bit more than a song, make it happen homer.

  12. Eh…I’m still irked he gave up the bad goal, even though it was half on Coburn, who just gave the puck away. The shot was still just from the top of the circles that Bryz saw all the way. Those bad goals still make me cringe because thats the type of thing that kills you in the playoffs. And even when Bryz has played well in the past, he’s still given up a bad goal or two. Sometimes we win, sometimes they deflate the piss out of us. One or two bad goals per game seem to be his standard, and thats going to kill us eventually. Number one goalies don’t let in bad goals EVERY game.
    Having said that, you can’t blame that game on Bryz at all. It was one of his better games this season I think. In this league, with this team, holding the opposition to 2 goals should get you a W most of the time. Shitty defense, bad puck handling and anemic offense in the second period crippled us.
    If Bryz plays like he did last night going forward, I think we’ll be in good shape. But he still needs to cut the crappy goals, cause he certainly didn’t help his case in that department last night. We’ll see going forward because he’s played good games before and then laid duds afterwards. Hopefully he uses this as a stepping stone (as we’ve all said a million times before…but hey, million and 1st times a charm!) Good goalies give up the bad goal here or there, but it just seems Bryz can’t shake em at all. And I’m really not going to stop worrying about it until he plays a couple of really solid games without a bad goal. I just want one of those games where he robs the other team senseless.

  13. The second goal wasn’t even bad…. he had a shot at it but literally had no time to react after that horrendous turnover. There was a lot of bad luck involved, and was no way comparable to one of Bryz’s usual softies. Timmo’s weak hook forces Bryz to make 2 quality breakaway saves and dumbasses like Jim Joe still find ways to blame the goalie for the whole sequence. Well, Fuck you.
    And why does it seem like every shot the Flyers have been taking goes right into the goalie’s midsection? Fuck.

  14. Here we go again…..
    Don’t you Flyers fans think?
    How about blaming the coach?
    You all blame Reid for everything but the Flyers get the free pass, when a team plays with ZERO INTENSITY like LAST NIGHT, it’s the Coach. When teams DON’T WIN CUPS for 40 YEARS, it’s MANAGEMENT……..but nahhhh, let’s just blame Bryz because he makes $51 million in 9 years.
    Love is Blind

  15. And then you all think Coatesy and JJ are geniuses or something….come on now!!!
    BOTH of them BITCH AND MOAN about the refs every single game, last night, Edmonton got hosed all night but they just laugh it off. Tomorrow night, they will biotch!!!
    And Coatesy will be drunk!!!

  16. Ass Whistler…I’ve been pondering that line of thinking for a little bit now. Management was bad but I don’t have a problem with Holmgren. hes done a great job since he’s been here.
    But I agree..I think that people should be a little more tough on Lavvy if this season ends like it did last season. Since he’s been here, his teams have had a tendency to falter in the second half of the season. Go back to the Cup run two season ago when he took over. Everybody forgets that the Flyers played like dog shit up until the playoffs. Same lethargic, uninterested play. The extravagance of that crazy OT win against the Rangers on the last day of the season kind of overshadows that fact even more. Luckily they managed to catch lightning in a bottle and come within two wins of a cup. But when you look at last season and the way this season is going, I’ve been more inclined to think that the cup run was simply nothing more than that…lightning in a bottle, and that Lavs has trouble holding his team together.
    I don’t want to think that, and after seeing Lavy be awesome in 24/7, I think a lot of people are in denial (me included)…Lets see how this season plays out. I don’t want him fired, cause I think he is a great coach and its not all his fault, but I do agree that he should get a little more of the blame.

  17. Coatesy is annoying. JJ is ok. If Keith Jones wasn’t on NBC Sports Network, I’d want him and Bill Clement to be the color analysts.

  18. Fellas, don’t blame the goalie just because the team lost. For the first time in a while, he wasn’t the reason. The reason they lost is because the players in front of him did not execute. It is simple, even Chirp could follow, if it wasn’t past his bed time before the game started.

  19. J.T. going back to your comment…ONE bad goal? how many bad goals did Dubnyk (how ever the hell you spell it) give up? ZERO…and have you ever even heard of the dude before? Didn’t think so. A bad goal once in awhile is o.k. but not every night

  20. bob- yes, he allowed ONE bad goal last night. And if Bryz gives up just one bad a goal a night, the Flyers will be okay most games. If they play any type of defense, they’ll hold teams to two goals a game that way. And when you lead the league in goals scored, giving up two goals normally won’t be an issue.
    And who is Dubnyk? Let’s see, the 14th overall pick in 2004. Three shutouts in his career. So apparently, the guy has some talent. Not saying he’s the greatest, but are you really going to argue that Bryz can’t give up one weak goal because a non-star shutout the Flyers? That’s some flawed logic, buddy. I’d say the Flyers offense should be considered the problem there, not the goalie.
    But, by your logic, we should just trade Bobrovsky straight up to Edmonton for Dubnyk. I mean, Dubnyk has three career shutouts, Bob has ZERO. How’s that sound? Yeah, didn’t think so.
    So a guy had a career night against the Flyers… that somehow brings Bryz down? Get out of here.

  21. Jt…no ones talking about bob. Bobs come back down to earth again and everyone is acknowledging it. And c’mon with this… ” And if Bryz gives up just one bad a goal a night, the Flyers will be okay most games.”
    Really? Why did we go after Bryz in the first place? Because the slop we put between the pipes for the last two years let in a bad goal every game. It’s completely unacceptable to hold a top flight goalie (which Bryz is supposed to/being paid to be) to standards like “it’s ok to let in one bad goal per game.” You think that’s how Lubdqvisg and Thomas approach it?
    And he’s already had tons of games where he lets in just one bad goal this season, not to mention multiple bad goals (As I said above, he’s done nothing to prove that he can’t do that this season)…Hows that gone so far?

  22. Pete-
    Someone had to bring up Bob before I could? I was illustrating how bob’s logic didn’t work out, because no one would make that trade.
    I’m not saying I want Bryz to give up a bad goal every game, or even that he should give up a bad goal every game. But if he only gives up one per game, yes, the Flyers will be okay most games. How does that not make sense? The man has a winning record while having somewhere around the 60th best GAA and save percentage. So yeah, if he ONLY lets in one bad goal per game, the Flyers WILL be okay most games.
    I’m not saying that’s acceptable from a number 1 goalie. I’m just saying that we can work with it (since we’re not getting another goalie in here any time soon).
    And no, the slop we put in between the pipes the last two years generally HASN’T given up just one bad goal per game. It was normally multiple bad goals per game. And that cost the team.
    Do you really think Bryz approaches the games saying “I’m okay with giving up one bad goal?” OF COURSE NOT. He’s trying to stop every shot. But I (me, a fan, not a player) can be okay with it if I see that we will still win games that way. So, just like “Lubdqvisg” and Thomas, Bryz doesn’t want to give up ANY goals, let alone bad goals. But guess what? Lunqvist and Thomas STILL give up bad goals. Not as often this year (well, Thomas somewhat) but they are also the TOP TWO GOALIES IN THE LEAGUE THIS YEAR. They are playing out of their minds. And they STILL give up a bad goal every now and then (see: every 3-4 games). And they also have DEFENSES that bail them out. To expect a goalie to never give up a bad goal, or to expect a goalie who is clearly having a down year (compared to his career) to give up as few as the two goalies playing the best in the league is unrealistic.
    But really, where did this come from? I was taking bob to task for his ridiculous comment (which is exactly what it was). Why did you even start? You blaming last night’s loss on Bryz?

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