Phillies Games Will Be Broadcast on 94.1 WIP

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Photo: Phillies

Well, shoregoers will like this. As predicted earlier, WIP’s humongous big announcement… Phillies games on WIP, which, of course, means the expanded reach and clarity of FM. Games will also remain on 1210 AM. 

So, it’s not really a huge announcement as was advertised, but you know…

The first game will be broadcast on March 3, against the Yankees.

Anthony Gargano said that he and Glen Macnow will broadcast from the ballpark on most days and be able to stop down to the field and talk to players pre-game. I'm sure Chase will love that.


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  1. can someone explain what happened between Brian Westbook and WIP? He was announced in September to be co-hosting a show there. I think he was on once or twice and now I see is will be on 97.5 The Fanatic..

  2. Gargano looks like he slept in the dumpster out back. C’mon Cuz, have some self respect. Is a hair cut and a “non-hoodie” too much to ask for?

  3. how the fuck does that Tony Soprano wannabe keep getting jobs? Its bad enough that he has the afternoon show but now more of him! WHY!!!

  4. I wonder how long it takes before Gargano completely annoys the fuck out of every player in the clubhouse by chasing (no pun) them around the field for an interview while they are trying to get ready for the game?

  5. Macnow at least talks flyers every now and then, but from 10am till 10pm, 97.5 takes the cake.
    Bruno and Mayes need to do a morning show…

  6. Finally! People in the office always ask me what my boombox is, so I have to turn it on to demonstrate that it really is just a boombox, and because it’s tuned to 1210 it’s invariably that assclown Limbaugh.

  7. I’ve noticed a lot of anti-WIP comments here. I can only assume most of the commenters here are below 25 years old. I have tried listening to 97.5 and have found them to cater towards a younger demographic. Every show centers solely on one topic and it will be talked about for 4 hours straight with no deviation. The hosts treat the callers like they are 10 years old. Also, what’s with the rap music between segments? Who wants to listen to that crap?
    Gargano and Macnow are pretty well-rounded in their show everyday. They talk all (4) major sports each day and obtain quality interviews with major sports athletes and personalities (just check out the podcasts over on their site). They are polite to the callers as well and do not cut them off. What the hell else do you want from a sports talk show?

  8. I am in my 30’s. Both stations are terrible. How many times can you discuss pizza, mob movies, Seinfeld reruns, or wax-poetic about the Big 5 or some other nausiatingly nostalgic topic?
    BOTH of this city’s sports talk stations are jokes.

  9. Duh Cuz needs to lay off the weights and Primo hoagies and jump on the treadmill. Mix in some salads, ease up on the spaghetti portions. No one over 35 hould be lifting weights imo, Father Time turns all that muscle into ugly flab.

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