Report: Flyers Listening To Columbus Regarding A Deal For Rick Nash

Rick Nash
We talked about the Flyers possibly acquiring Rick Nash on CB Radio and said that it was a long shot, but we also know there are many ways to win in the NHL.

With the Flyers sturggling on defense, giving up young pieces for Nash will make a lot of people scratch their head.

According to Tim Panaccio of CSN Philly, the Flyers are listening to Columbus, and they want some young guns.

As for the asking price for a player of  Nash’s caliber? Probably Sean Couturier and Brayden Schenn.
But … it may be something else. It may be James van Riemsdyk, another player, plus goalie Sergei Bobrovsky. Or a high draft pick besides a player.


The Blue Jackets have two scouts at today's game against the Penguins, and neither are there to watch the Penguins.

Rick Nash is a star, but giving up Schenn and Couturier certainly seems like a reactionary move. They have a ton of upside. Giving up on them now may be something they regret down the road.

With that said, if I'm going to give up two young players with that kind of talent, I want a player like Rick Nash in return. A line with Claude Giroux and Rick Nash sounds flat-out dangerous. Oh my.


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  1. A line with Jeff Carter and Rick Nash sounded flat-out dangerous. How’s that working out? NO WAY IN HELL am I giving up Schenn OR Cooter in a trade right now. JVR, Bob, & a pick – that’s a no-brainer but I’m sure there are other teams around the league who would offer more than that. Just trade JVR for Luke Schenn straight-up already – they’re the same player at different positions.

  2. If it’s Schenn and Couturier, I’m headed to Homer’s office with flaming pitchforks. I’d love to have Nash but not at that price. However, if it’s JVR, Bob, & a 1st rd pick for Nash and Steve Mason, then I’d be totally on board with that deal. No matter the upside that JVR has, his ceiling is that of Nash. Bob is blocked by Bryz for 9 years no matter how bad Bryz plays they are married to him. The only worry I have is the cap hit of Nash. It would seriously hinder their chances of adding a Ryan Suter in the offseason.

  3. i dont think with his 8 mill a year hit jvr bob and a pick would cut it. wouldnt you have to get them to take on a larger contract like a briere.

  4. The most I would give up is Schenn and Bob and maybe a draft pick for Nash, can’t throw away both our young future star centers for a 27 year old winger

  5. Tony – Pronger no longer counts against the cap (4.9 mil), JVR makes 1.65, and Bob makes 1.75. Rick Nash only makes 7.8 so it would work. That being said I don’t know we could land Nash for JVR, Bob, and a 1st.

  6. The Nash-Carter line didnt work out because carter is a shooting center not a playmaker like Giroux. Nash, and Carter have the same style of play. You need guys who complement each others type of play. Nash-Giroux-Jagr/Hartnell would be amazing. Nash will camp out in his sweet spot and G will make it happen. Its just a matter of who gets shipped out. The Flyers HAVE to keep Couts out of the deal. They can afford to lose Schenn, JVR, or maybe even Read. I just don’t think they can afford to lose Couts’ penalty killing. Also they have a considerable amount of cap space in the LTIR with Pronger being out so it won’t take a whole lot of maneuvering to get Nash and his 8mil cap hit.

  7. ITS NOT WORTH IT. Nash is hardly a $7.8 million a year player. Maybe $6 but that’s it. This team is built to win in a few years, and already have a competitive team that could catch hot and make a run this year.
    Like mentioned, the only ones worth giving up for Nash are JvR, Bob and a pick, and that won’t happen because A)Flyers can’t fit that under the salary cap and B)Other teams would be willing to send more prospects to Columbus.
    The Flyers should stand pat from here on out. Kubina might not even want to come here, and even if he does, the Lightning might want more then what we gave up for Grossman. This won’t happen.

  8. I dont want Nash. We got enough scoring! Who cares, go to LA or Toronto with that horrible contract. Fuck it, we dont need any more goals. We need another D man. Damn it Homer dont do this!

  9. Only reason this would make sense if the deal for Nash was to trade for him and then trade him to another team for a stud Defenseman.
    I thought we were going to go after Hal Gill, but he landed in Nashville. He would have been a perfect fit…unless Nashville is getting ready to trade Suter for Nash or something along those lines.

  10. This would be a typical Flyer move. Sacrifice youth for a veteran, while ignoring glaring weaknesses on the blue line and in goal.
    37 Years……..

  11. This is probably a knee-jerk reaction, but isn’t adding more offense to this team like burning money in a 40-gallon drum. Bryz is just dreadful. He has no confidence. He’s hiding deep in the net.

  12. FORGET ABOUT WEBER!!!! It’s not going to happen. I like the play for Nash. Schenn and Coots is a definite NO. I’m tired of waiting for JVR to develop and become that Man he was in last year’s playoffs. I know he’s been battling a hip injury, but you know what you are going to get with Nash. An absolute stud. JVR shows flashes of brilliance, but I’m tired of waiting for him. He was #2 overall in his draft year. Pat Kane was #1. I’ll wait for Dmen and goalies to develop, but a fuckin winger?! Come on already!!!
    I’d be okay with JVR, Bob, and a pick, and even get Read in there somewhere. Maybe JVR, Bob, Read, and a 3/4th rounder.

  13. Other teams may have more prospects they are willing to give up, but the Flyers have the pieces Columbus badly needs. If they deal Nash, they’re losing a power forward, they’re a mess in net, and four of their defensemen are free agents this year. Yes, they need center depth, but as the Carter deal illustrated, they’re going to need to fill a lot more positions to turn the franchise around
    Schenn and Couturier for Nash should not happen. In fact, Coots should be untouchable. I feel that I deal of JVR, Bob, Bourdon, and a first rounder would benefit both teams. JVR’s ceiling is Rick Nash and he’s twice shown he can be a major factor in the post-season. Bobrovsky should be a starter in the NHL; he’s worlds better than Mason, he’s had (minimal) playoff experience, and this is only his second year in the league. Bourdon has shown this year that he can be a consistent force on the blueline, and he’s only a rookie. Then give up the pick to round out of the deal. Maybe (and this is a big maybe) Schenn can be added to the deal as a future number one center. But this is something Homer’s going to have to greatly weigh in his mind. Keeping in mind the age of Jagr, the Flyers get a star winger in return to play with Giroux for years to come, as well as the leader the team needs.
    Holmgren shouldn’t (and will not) trade for Weber or Suter before the deadline. Nashville’s going to hold on to them because they are a playoff contender and I’m sure the management feels they can resign at least one of them in the offseason. At season’s end, the Flyers should resign Grossman, let Carle walk, and try to land Weber or Suter (If by chance they land Nash, probably Suter since his cap hit is more suitable). Imagine that team and try not to salivate at the possibilities. It’s going to take a miracle, but Homer has pulled off at least two of those in his time as Philly’s GM.

  14. The Flyers need a forward like the phils need a starter. keep the young guys and look for defense!

  15. I thought all this Nash talk was dead. How many times do we as fans have to yell and shout and scream that the Flyers need blue line help, not another scorer, and damn sure not at the risk of losing up and coming talent like Schenn and Couturier. Enough already!

  16. If they part with Schenn, Courturier, Read, etc I will have a very hard time watching the rest of this season. They’ve proven their worth and skill this year. You know who hasn’t? JVR.

  17. Viroid and Nash certainly wouldn’t play on the same line.
    Michael leighton will be called up this week. Kubina or not they need someone with a pair of pads to compete

  18. *giroux btw on the way out I told the attendant to give my ices raper to the goalies. I sat behind Bryz in the second, it’s bad real bad

  19. If this is true it sounds like Homer wants to get bigger to take on the Rangers and Bruins. Lets be honest: Coots or Schenn aren’t “rough” players, and neither is JVR for that matter, and by getting Grossman and now Kubina, getting Nash helps them big time for this year.

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