Roy Oswalt Will Pull a Roger Clemens

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You know, without the ass needles and thrown bats.

Last night it was announced that Roy Oswalt would make an announcement today (I know, that makes my head hurt too). Number Two thought it might have something to do with retirement– it doesn’t. Oswalt will sit out half the season and look to return in mid-season ala Roger Clemens, according to ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick.

Oswalt, 34, has told teams that he plans to keep throwing, stay ready and would be willing to return during the season if nothing materializes before then. That approach would mirror what Clemens did in 2006 and 2007, when he returned in June to pitch for the Houston Astros and then the New York Yankees.


It’s not a terrible idea for Oswalt, who always seems to have something wrong with his back, to wait around and find a spot where a high-level pitcher is needed. He’s a family man, saying last year that baseball was somewhere around third or fourth on his list of priorities, and the route that he’s taking has to be one of the best loopholes in all of sports– stay in shape and then latch onto to a contender for two or three months for a few million bucks. Not bad.

See you in August, Roy.


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  1. anyone else think that when vanimal is going through his expected sophomore slump and the phillies start smelling fish behind them that they go out and snag oswalt after the AS Break for the stretch run and the post season?

  2. Perfect. Audition Blanton for the first half, hopefully he puts up good numbers, ship him to Anaheim and snag Oswalt for $3mill for the rest of the season. This has RAJ juice all over it.

  3. If this becomes a bidding war for his services come mid-season with another team, it’s just straight up cash that’s owed to Oswalt, correct?

  4. Oz signing mid-season will only be cool if Suzyn Waldman will be there to call the event as if she were witnessing the second birth of the Christ child.

  5. Yeah, I’d keep L’il Roy’s uniforms at the ready if I were the Phillies. Something tells me Oswalt will return to the fold come July.

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