Sam Donnellon Talks With Scott Hartnell About His Divorce, Heckling Fans in Old City, and More

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Photo: HughE Dillon, who has more from this night here

Intrepid hockey scriptual Sam Donnellon penned a nice piece in Saturday’s SportsWeek – the Daily News-looking paper that is actually an edition of the Sunday Inquirer to help circulation numbers – about Scott Hartnell and his struggles during his time here in Philadelphia.

As many of you know, the Scott Hartnell wife-Jeff Carter rumors were not true, but they took their toll on Scott since they coincided with what sounded like a messy divorce. His butting heads with Peter Laviolette (in 2010) and some fans (in a bar earlier this season) didn’t help things. 

He hit the bar near his Old City crib for a few pops with some teammates. A couple of men, 20-somethings, eyed him up, stored up a sufficient quantity of liquid bravery, and started in on him. "Giving it to me pretty good," he says. "Stuff like, 'We wish we could trade you for a bag of pucks.' Something stupid, right? So I just said, 'Don't come to Broad Street this summer if we win.' I called them out a little maybe, too. And then I left.

"So we'll see what happens." 



By the start of the 2009 season, life was not good. Rumors of Renneke's trysts, including one with Flyer Jeff Carter, hit the Internet, and it worked like kryptonite on the player and his team. Hartnell's goal total was still in single digits in December when he and Carter were forced to publicly deny the rumor. It was first reported in a blog post by a Temple University senior, who claimed he had gotten it from a Flyers employee. Hartnell did admit then that he was dealing with some "personal issues." Later, he confirmed that they were about his marriage.

"It was pretty tough," he says now. "Somebody you love absolutely turns the switch and calls you every bad name under the sun. Calls your family things, too. And making the money I do, I lost a lot of money in the mix as well. People can blame me, whatever. But it was a really tough year."


Good read from Donnellon right here.


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  1. I was one of those “20 somethings” that night. Hartnell is lucky I didn’t welcome him to south Philly and put him to sleep.

    1. Hahahahahah you’re a loser man, your punches probably feel like getting hit with pillows

  2. I’m sorry everyone. I don’t know why I get so mean and angry sometimes. I also realize that some things I say are hurtful. I am truly sorry );

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  5. what a hard ass. goes to the internet to acknowledge that he did something through drunk courage and thinks he can take on a professional hockey player. Jokester

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  7. I don’t understand why you would do coke with a woman and not fuck. I doubt that was a valid rumor.

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  9. I think about 75% of the flyers faithful wanted Hartsy (sorry) gone a couple of years ago..
    now he has turned into a Matthew Barnaby type player but can score 30 goals… the perfect flyers as I call it.
    But once again, our goalies suck… so its useless to argue about it.

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  11. holy shit instant worst comments section on a CB post ever? People in the real world don’t have the same “I’m having relationship issues at home so sorry for shitting the bed at work this year” excuse.

  12. To think that after almost Half a cwntury trying to win a Stanley Cup, it took a Flyers ex wife who couldnt keep her legs crossed as the main reason the LA Kings are Stanley Cup champions today. My new site Hockey Inside Out caters to sports fans that like other..Sport’s fans.

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