Semis: Howard Sidelined Indefinitely, Victo Would Give Up Free Agency to Stay in Philly

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Ryan Howard missed his first opportunity to put his Twitter to good use… instead the team provided an update on Piece’s visit to the Baltimore-based surgeon who performed his Achilles surgery, Dr. Mark Myerson.

Howard needed to have a small procedure to remove stitches from what had become an infected area. There’s no damage to the all important Achilles, but since a new wound has to heal, there’s no timetable for his return to action, whatever action is for him right now. [Full Q&A with team trainer Scott Sheridan here]

Perhaps the infection explains this tweet from Piece’s fianceé, Krystle Campbell, on Sunday…

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… or maybe she just really likes her cat.

Other news: Shane Victorino gave some extremely positive comments to Jayson Stark when asked about his impending free agnecy (earlier, he had told reporter Todd Zolecki that he “doesn’t plan on going anywhere”): [

"What that statement was saying," he said, "was that I'm willing to give up free agency. A lot of guys won't. In the game of baseball, free agency is what every major league player dreams of. You want to maximize your value, and of course I do, too. But what's important to me is, I want to be here. I love playing here. My family loves the city. I love the city. So when I made that statement, that's what I meant." 



Per CSN's Jim Salisbury, you can listen to the Phillies-Florida State game on the school's website.


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  1. Some athletes just get IT. I’m just grateful at least three of them (Cliff, Roy, Shane) play for the Phillies.

  2. Not being racist here but why does every black athlete bang white chicks? Aren’t there any hot sisters out there?

  3. 1) Grab screenshot on Twitter
    2) Post Twitter screenshot to CB
    3) Rinse
    4) Repeat
    You should try going a week without making 3 out of every 4 posts from Twitter screenshots. Pretend it’s 2005 and Twitter doesn’t exist yet so you actually have to WRITE CONTENT for CB.

  4. Thanks for finding a stream of the game, kyle. It’s gonna make this 14 hour day much more enjoyable lol

  5. “Howard (Achilles) underwent a “small procedure” Monday to remove stitches from an infected area and will remain sidelined indefinitely, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.
    This is a bit of a setback for Howard. It is unknown when he will return to his rehab program, but he is still expected to return to camp Wednesday. The good news is that Howard’s Achilles tendon remained intact after the procedure”
    via rotowire
    Whoa, did FOX get something wrong? SHOCKING

  6. What Vic said is exactly what people wanted Werth to say & do. He didn’t & that’s why he is booed. There are players out there who do this & these are the players Phillies fans want.

  7. @Hey hey
    Did you ever see a hot sista without a weave?
    Or how about a shaved one without bumps?

  8. Yo kyle, shut this fucking blog down and publish your own newspaper! Do some actual work! Pretend its 1995!

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