Senator Bob Casey Jr. Scores Some Votes, E-mails Nationals Owner Regarding Ticket Policy

Senator Bob Casey Jr.

Senator Bob Casey Jr.– standing up for the rights of Phillies fans everywhere. Good man. Or savvy politician.

Casey wrote a letter to the dude who paid Jayson Werth $126 million, Nationals owner Theodore Lerner. Casey also sent a copy of the letter to none other than Bud Selig. It's a classic case of calling someone out at a party and yelling it loud enough so that everyone can hear.

What exactly did the Senator say?

Dear Mr. Lerner,

I write regarding the recently announced “Take Back the Park” ticket policy at Washington Nationals Park and to respectfully request its elimination. I am concerned that dedicated Philadelphia Phillies fans will be unfairly denied access to games when their team plays against the Nationals.

It has come to my attention that residents of Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland have been given special priority access to tickets sales on the dates in May when the Nationals and the Phillies compete. According to the team’s website, only credit card billing addresses from these two states and the District of Columbia will be processed for the presale, effectively blocking thousands of Phillies fans who root for their team by visiting Nationals Park. I appreciate the desire to enjoy a home field advantage, but this unprecedented policy solely and unfairly targets Phillies fans.

As the Nation’s capital, Washington DC uniquely plays host to visitors from across the country. In addition to the fans who visit exclusively for Phillies games, tourists from the Commonwealth who hope to include a game on their Washington, DC itinerary could be blocked from attendance. In the spirit of good sportsmanship and healthy competition, I urge you to reconsider the policy and immediately allow Phillies fans equal access to ticket sales at Nationals Park.


Robert P. Casey, Jr.

United States Senator


The Nationals are not going to change this policy without a fight. Their Chief Operating Officer means business– uncomfortably so. He seems to genuinely hate Philly fans, and was quoted as saying “Forget you, Philly. This is our park, this is our town, these are our fans, and it’s our time right now.”

Of course, none of this matters. We have your tickets right here, here, and here, starting at $16…

H/T to our buddy Mike Bertha and Philly Mag


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  1. I’m still not sure why this is a big deal. Us going to their games gives the Nationals money, not the Phillies. In reality, they’re doing themselves a disservice by eliminating our hard earned cash from their revenue stream, because you damn well know there are no such thing as Nationals fans. You have your Strasburg fans and you angry Harper relatives, but that’s pretty much it. The stadium is empty a good 75-80% of the time.

  2. Y’know dependent on where the Nationals got tax dollars for the construction of their park, you could make some rough arguments that this policy is unconstitutional

  3. This is the first thing this man has done in six years, and it just so happens to come when he’s up for election. What a douche, go Phillies

  4. “Forget you, Philly. This is our park, this is our town, these are our fans, and it’s our time right now.”
    Funny, considering you’re the one that put ads in the Inquirer literally ASKING Phillies fans to come down last season…

  5. I’m totally cool with Nationals trying to give their fans priority access to tickets. We can still get them and they’re not really doing anything wrong. We’re seeing what should be a fun rivalry being built. I once had to wait in line for a drink at Shea while the vendor helped 3 or 4 mets fans first while being obvious he wasn’t making eye contact with me. I could have been pissy about it, but come on, it’s all in good spirit.
    On the other hand, there are literally hundreds of things this politician should be more concerned about

  6. I try to go to at least one game during each three games series with the Fighting’s at Nats Park. I have spoken to many Nats employees who love it when Philly comes to town. The park is packed, money is flowing and for the most part we are well behaved. I’m sure the local restaurants and the Metro officals will let Mr. Lerner know what a total idiot he is with this new policy. BTW to the Nats fan who cussed out my sweet 16 year old daughter for cheering on Roy Holiday…you stay classy DC!

  7. Casey,
    How about doing your FUCKING JOB instead of worrying about a policy that will not stop Phillies fans from invading Nationals Park, anyway.
    How about you find a way to balance the budget without destroying our education system? Or find a way to stop millions from losing their homes to foreclosure? Or find a way for people to have affordable healthcare? Or find a way to stop fracking? Or find a way to have Pittsburgh traded to West Virginia?
    You know, something that will help the people of this state. Instead of just trying to score votes?
    I’m a die hard Phils fan… and you just lost my vote. Pieces of shit, EVERY sitting politician!

  8. Actually, YES. The Nationals are “doing something wrong”. What if other businesses and services followed suit and only allowed state residents to benefit from their products and services? Or even better, what if they did the same thing by race or religion? This is one of the few times that I think a politician should step in and tell them they’re wrong.

  9. who gives a shit is what i say. so we cant buy the tickets directly from the nationals? so what, when 70% of those tickets go up on stubhub, ebay, and any other ticket exchange the Phils Fans will make their way down there. It will make it all that much more glourious to watch the Phils butt fuck the sorry Nats in their own park.

  10. GoBob – What other business would ever do this and cost themselves revenue? They are a private company and can do whatever the hell they want. Get over it and get a clue.

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