SIGHTINGS: Ruben Amaro Goes Shopping For Milk, Sergei Bobrovsky at Sixers Game


Photo via the Sixers

In Soviet Russia, courtside sit you!

Meanwhile, at the Fairless Hills Pathmark, Ruben Amaro told reader Brian what we already know: that Roy Oswalt will not be back.


His daughter just wanted some 2%, but Ruben came away with a pallet of whole milk… and the cashier's wallet. Weird.


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  1. Dude, Sixers games are the fuckin place to be this season. I’ve been to 3 and the likes of Shady, DeSean (twice), Trotter, big titted blonde porn star, Giroux, John Spagnola were there. Even shook hands with Max Talbot who I’m pretty sure was trying to court two college chicks back to his apartment for a threesome.
    Not to mention that Meredith Marakovits always films her pregame stuff for comcast right in front of my section…Its worth the couple of bucks just for that.

  2. Amaro got 2 free cartons of milked and talked the grocery store into picking up half of Howards contract

  3. The price of the milk was $4.00 for a gallon.
    When Rube discovered that it was out dated and that the milk came from a Latin cow, he demanded to pay $6.50, and then bought two.

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