Skate Bites: Flyers in a Pickle

No image. We only have an image if the Flyers score a goal.

Well, poop. Aren’t you glad you stayed up until 1 a.m. to watch a 1-0 game with 58 minutes of scoreless hockey, yo?

No, no you are not.

Thanks to what I’m sure is some hokey agreement and the fact that Sixers games somehow bump the Flyers from what is essentially their own network, those of you (me) with FIOS had to watch the game sans HD on channel 99, Art Fennell's channel or something (I’m telling you, Apple is going to change the ridiculous TV industry soon). But whatever definition you watched the game in, no loosely pixelated puck crossed the goal line for the OnB. The Flyers lost to the Sharks, 1-0.

Before the game, reader (@RPM044) asked me the over-under on shots until Bryz let up a goal. He set it at 5.5, and I took the over– 7. I should have taken the under. Former big leaguer, CB reader and Flyers fan Kevin Mench, among others, went with the under and won as the first shot of the game went in. Couldn’t put this one on Bryz, though– he played quite well. It was the offense that came up short and Antti Niemi who [insert pun here]. Claude Giroux was held without a shot for the first time in 66 games and James van Riemsdyk ducked back into obscurity during the Flyers last game against a Western Conference opponent.

The takeaway story from the game – if there is one – is the hit on Danny Briere by Marc-Edouard Vlasic, who, yes, is related to the pickle people

Danny Briere was knocked head-first into the boards by a pickle.

Briere told reporters he felt OK, but did admit to being dizzy after the hit…

Watch video of the hit on Briere after the jump. Full game “highlights” here.


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  1. Didn’t Verizon have to sue to force Comcast to even offer them channel 99 in SD? If I remember correctly CSN and TCN (or whatever it was called then) weren’t available at all when FiOS first launched. I’m sure Comcast just puts the Flyers on 99 in SD every time because they draw stronger ratings and they want to annoy as many people as possible into possibly switching back to Comcast. Every time I complain to Verizon about it they tell me that they’d love to offer 99 in HD but Comcast won’t give the HD feed to them. Cable companies really are the best.

  2. Your better off watching streaming video than SD 99 on fios. No way in hell will i ever switch back to Comcast. It sucks that we cant get the HD feed on Fios but it is what it is.

  3. Notice at the end of the video Jimmy Jackson was about to say his usual 6.5 times a game comment of “NO penalty”! Anyone else get sick of hearing that? I swear he’s more worried about the refs than calling the play sometimes

  4. You could post the screen capture from the 1st period where the puck came across the crease from Bryzs right to left…puck is over at his left side dot and he’s clearly setup and looking to his right…ugh.

  5. Just watched the video of the hit on 48 (couldn’t stay awake last night). How the hell is that not a penalty?

  6. This is just another example of what happens when you have an iron fisted monopoly like Comcast which has a stranglehold on broadcasting sports in this city and can basically do whatever it wants with it’s programming without fear of punishment or even a mild slap on the wrist from the FCC. And, sadly, nothing’s going to change anytime soon, if at all.

  7. The real p 2, what do you want him to do? He’s calling the game and was expecting a penalty call there and expressed his surprise when it didn’t happen. The officiating in the NHL has been mediocre at best and that was an easy call, especially for a hit on a guy just coming off a concussion.

  8. i think the first shot whizzing by bryz’s head as he dropped to his knees to stop a high wrist shot woke him up.
    not blamin bryz.. offense didn’t crash the net enough. just the normal 1 bad goal…

  9. @Wilson-
    If I remember correctly, the play you are talking about the defenseman broke his stick on the shot and the blade of his stick went flying to Bryz’ right. He thought it was the puck. Can’t really blame him… it was a black thing flying through the air quickly- many people would mistake that for the puck. The Sharks didn’t score on the play, and once Bryz realized it wasn’t the puck, he recovered rather quickly. No harm, no foul.
    It was not even a bad goal. He was screened, his defense was literally laying down on the job and didn’t challenge the shooter AT ALL. The shot was placed really, really well. That was not on Bryz. You could tell by Lavy’s reaction. When it’s on Bryz, he’s pissed off on the bench but usually pretty quiet. On that one, he was absolutely reaming out the defense for just backing up. If the guy hadn’t taken the shot, I’m pretty sure the Flyers’ D would have kept backing up right into the 15th row of the stands. Bryz played REALLY well last night, it was not on him at all.

  10. So the Sixer’s win last night and all we get is a story about ET’s girl. Neat.
    Why don’t you just clear the air and dedicate a post about why you hate basketball and prefer to jerk off to 2 Stanley Cups you never experienced yourself.

  11. @J.T. well i only saw the quick replay as i only realized the game wasn’t on at my friends house because channel 99 was unavailable.. and it looked like he could have had it. I was very impressed with a few saves he made though. not biting, holding his ground, i think it was a wide open point shot where the save wasnt miraculous but he played the angle perfectly.

  12. @danlitis-
    I think I remember the one you are talking about. The Shark got the puck at the point and had about an hour and a half to hold it and shoot. And you’re right- Bryz held his ground and played the angle perfectly. It was impressive- the guy ended up taking the shot from the circle and Bryz seems to give up about 75% of those shots recently. But he played it really well. And he wasn’t giving up many rebounds, either.

  13. Bryz had a really strong game.
    Flyers had a spirited finish, but the offense spent the first two and a half periods waiting for power plays that never came.

  14. Dennis, the NBA sucks and is boring to watch. Hockey is the superior sport of the two in this city. Wake up man.

  15. @Tony Amonte (cool name man)
    I guess I was just showing my frustration of how nerdy Flyers fans are in this city. They’ll rip the Eagles for continually trying to win with the same formula but give the Flyers a free pass because “Eddy Snider is always going for it man!”.
    How long did it take him to realize that slow, oversized forwards can’t win you a cup. If the Flyers are such a proud franchise, then how come they haven’t developed a goalie since 1987?

  16. “Couldn’t put this one on Bryz, though– he played quite well.”
    C’mon Kyle, this loss is definitely on Bryz. No matter how well he played after. Had he been ready it would have been a 0-0 tie. Once again Bryz is not capable of bailing out the defense when needed, although it was a better offensive play than defensive breakdown this time.
    I’d like to see a stat on how many time the Flyers/Sievegalov give up a goal in the first five minutes, or the first five shots on goal. Telling stats those will be. At the end of the day, Bryz is hardly alone to blame for the defensive failings, but he was last night.

  17. Jay you are an idiot. If you are expecting a shutout almost every game go watch soccer. Bryz was amazing. The Flyers didnt crash the net enough and the Sharks bullied them to the outside all night long. The defense collapsed on the goal the same way they did on the Stajan goal in Calgary. Thats EA Sports NHL12 AI bullshit right there. Bryz was great and he had nothing to do with the loss.
    Interesting fact: The Isles lead the league with I believe 10 times allowing a goal on the first shot. Their goalie? Evgeni Nabokov, a guy everyone wanted at the deadline here in Philly to replace Bryz.

  18. @Jay-
    When the offense CAN’T SCORE A FUCKING GOAL, the loss is not on the goalie. It’s on the OFFENSE. Holy shit. I get that people don’t like Bryz, and that I give him more credit than most… but saying that loss is on him is fucking retarded. I don’t normally name-call, because I feel that it takes away from your argument, but there is no other way to describe JayRockers! comment than “fucking retarded.”
    Not to mention that the goal wasn’t even on Bryz. Yeah, a save would have been great. But that’s the thing- it would have been an INCREDIBLE save. Can’t blame a guy for not making it.

  19. @ Dennis 0 Championships in 37 years a combined record of 8 wins and 24 losses in cup appearances since 75 How dare you criticize this organization…….1973 DVD is on sale in lower concourse. All Winter Classic jerseys will be 3% off for remainder of February

  20. Just ANOTHER MORON out there blaming Bryz…..
    NOBODY deserves to win a game when you don’t score, and if the Goalie gives up 1 goal, he deserves a WIN.
    FIVE TIMES the Flyers have been SHUT OUT this season, are you that STUPID?????
    Bryz has our only shutout in about 3 years. He also had 15 in the previous 2 years……BLAME HOMER and the DEFENSE you DOPE!!! What a NITWIT you are!!! BEAT IT, YOU DOPE!!!

  21. Now, there is a professional guy in Philly for once (ABOVE).
    Kyle, I gained 3 more Twitter followers today!!!
    3 more than YOU!!!

  22. Shame we lost when Bryz finally turned in a solid performance. Yea the Sharks hit a couple posts and crossbars, but Bryz made some HUGE saves for us.
    The Sharks did a great job limiting our chances from the point. That’s how we get a good amount of our goals- corner –> left D –> right D –> shot –> rebound.

  23. anyone actually surprised that the league said that there will not be a hearing for vlasic’s hit? god this league’s officiating is terrible.

  24. I am still trying to figure out how it makes a difference if its the first shot or last shot of a game that goes in…
    Timmo is old, Mes sucks this year. They were basically sitting on Bryz lap for that first goal.
    Nice to finally see OUR HIGHEST CAP HIT PLAYER Briere where he belongs though…4th line.

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