Skate Bites: Who Needs Goaltending?!

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We have a winner! Barely…

The Flyers tied a franchise record for most shots in a road game, 55, but needed a last-minute goal and overtime to beat the Winnipeg Jets, 5-4.

All was normal until the 4:57 mark of the third period, when Evander Kane gave the Jets the lead on what could best be described as someone performing a knucklepuck with a feather. Bryz missed.

This was all just moments after Brayden Schenn made the save of the night (for the Flyers). Yes, Brayden Schenn. Reader (@skadoooosh) got a screen cap. Can you spot the goalie?

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No, me neither. 

Anyway, the Flyers found more jam. Simmonds and his Shredder mask scored. Classy Jets fans gave him the finger….  

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Lavs pumped his fist. And Jaromir Jagr went on to win it in overtime

After the game, our $51 million goaltender, who was mockingly serenaded by the awkward Canadian crowd (playing patty cake here— much thanks to those who sent video), joked about the reception compared to Philly: [audio here

"You know, I like it. It’s great atmosphere. I wish every building was going to be supportive like that, going to support me like here. It was nice to hear cheering: Ilya, Ilya, Ilya. I never heard it before, anywhere. When 15,000 people support you, it’s very impressive. 

Here’s a cheering. In Philly they boo me." 


Again, he was joking.

Claude Giroux broke a TSN reporter's watch during the game.

Jeff Carter had a hat trick in his 500th NHL game

ESPN continued their love of hockey. They thought the Flyes beat the Canucks.

Full game highlights and notes over on BuzzOnBroadDOTCOM.

Video of Bryz comments after the jump.


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  1. Steve dont want to take anything away from that save but voracek did not get much on it…plus he made many more other saves that were just as good if not better. Briere in front, Simmonds side of the net, the leg pad save I think on Hartnell.
    Bryz looked bad on that one goal but he did make some key saves on Kane, Ladd (glove), Ladd in OT (leg save). I know people will still bash him for that one goal he gave up (which I will not defend him on) but he did come up with some other key saves.
    He still needs to be better and so does our PK…Jets were 2 for their last 29 on the PP and went 3-3 against us…awful!
    This is one of those wins that could really turn things around for the Flyers. I think being on the road will help as well (especially Bryz)

  2. anyone else think the flyers would actually fair better with 6 skaters and no goalie? yes, i’m kidding but another softie from bryz

  3. …lets see how many people take his “Here they cheer me, in philly they boo me” out of context and make a big deal about his joking…

  4. Dude, stick to writing about the color of Cliff Lee’s piss. Yeah, Bryz let in a bad goal that handcuffed him. Anyone that’s played goalie can attest to the fact that shots around the head are among the hardest and most awkward saves to make. He should have made the save but those saves are hard to make. Also, rather than constantly nitpicking every single goal Bryz lets up, how about, rather than taking the easy way out and harping on goaltending all the time, show some journalistic integrity and maybe make a note that the Flyers continue to take stupid penalties and get burned on the PK. Their PK was 0 for 3 against a shitty PP. They among the league leaders in time shorthanded and penalties taken (maybe that coincides with a lot of goals being scored against? Crazy notion, I know. There are some pressing TEAM issues at hand that get overlooked by everyone because people come to your site and all they see is goalie this, goalie that.

  5. The Flyers could park a pappasan chair in front of the goal and it wouldn’t give up more goals than Ilya. I may even be able to stop more pucks if you strapped a pad to me….

  6. Imagine how many more wins the flyers would have if they had goaltending play anywhere close to Pavelec did last night

  7. I wonder if he’s so out of touch at this point that he really thought people were “cheering” him last night rather than “taunting” him with their “ilya” chants. smh

  8. It’s the goalies again huh? I think we should hold open tryouts for the position amongst the bloggers and commentators. As a fan, that was a great game to watch. For the coaches? a nightmasre. is it illegal to check or be close to your check between the blueliines in Winnipeg? Grossman and Kubina give this team a hole new dimension of jam on point shots. Would love to see us add a PK guy like John Madden or Knuble prior to friday. BTW – Matt Carle is absolutely brutal right now, fist pump me why he’s an option on the ice surface in overtime?

  9. Its exciting to see people stand up for Bryz, being a goalie so much has to do with how confident you are. That confidence can be boosted by himself, fans and the coaches. I really think things are going to turn around down the stretch for ILYA! and when he is standing on his hand I can’t for everyone to cheer for him like he is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
    As for Grossman, any word on why he didn’t play last night? Or if he did and I just missed him, why such little minutes?

  10. everyone is sick of $10 million b/w the pipes when we couldve paid boosh 1 mil and got the same deal. and boosh – the shooutout specialist – seems to poke check the same way bryz does.
    even when bryz has a high save percentage & gaa and a ‘good’ string of games put together.. the goals he does let in are soft.
    anyone know much about jeff reese the goaltending coach?

  11. Tired of hearing about the salary, it’s irrelevant, Tim Thomas sucked a dead whores twat the year the flyers whooped the bruins ass in 7, he was never even brought into the come back game in Game 7, he made more money that year then he did last year. It’s just the way contracts are structured to entice free agents in today’s NHL.

  12. @MM… are you referring to Tukka Rask in the 7 game series? pretty sure Rask started all playoffs for them. either way, salary cap is relevant whether or not you want to hear about it.

  13. I sure bet Bryz really appreciate all the supporters he has in here…
    It’s pretty black and white, and you can say its the defense or its the PK or whatever else you want to use to disperse the blame from this head case we have in net…but Bryz is not playing to his potential and that potential equals $51 million smackeroos.
    I certainly don’t sympathize with a guy that like to make smartass remarks about a topic that we haven’t found funny since Ron Hextall (or Parent if you really want to get into it).
    I really hope he turns it around and proves us all wrong, but this issue he is having is in his head and anyone that plays hockey knows that is a big problem for a goalie to play with.

  14. @danglitis nice comprehension skills, yes, i was, thats the point, thomas was never brought off the bench because he sucked so bad that year they had no faith he’d be any better than Rask and no, once you lace up your skates what you’re paid is irrelevant.

  15. @mm .. ahhhh i see. ive been sitting at a desk too long sir. i thought you were saying he was playing bad in the playoffs. i digress

  16. Yes Pavelec lost- he also faced 55 shots. The scoring presence for the Flyers deserved to win. Bryz deserved to lose. Pavelec deserved to win. Luckily, the Flyers were able to outscore the Jets. Bryz did not “outsave” Pavelec. Maybe he can take some lessons from Schenn on how to stay in the net? I love that after all that Schenn was able to get up and have the presence of mind to play the puck. But people still say they have too many rookies playing and that’s what is hurting the team… NOT the goalie ducking away from the puck?

  17. When will people wake up. Yes their PP was 3-3, but two of them were shots that Bryz needs to stop. All NHL goalies need to stop them. This is the problem with Bryz. Not that he allows goals. That he is guaranteed one soft goal a night, sometimes two or more. You can not win when you are starting the game down 1-0. If this wasnt a trend, then yes you shake your head and say “oh well, he misjudged it” but this has been happening ALL YEAR LONG. If Bryz wants our respect, stop giving up 1 bad goal or more a game and start makign the stops you need to make. And to do that, watch how Tim Thomas plays, or Henrik Lundqvist, or Jimmy Howard, or any of the other 20 plus goalies who actually use positioning to defend shots from 10+ feet out. Stop relying on your athletic talent to make saves and use some positioning and intelligence to let the puck hit you. Did anyone ever wonder why hes terrible in shootouts? Its because he gives the shooter almost the entire net to shoot at and they pick him apart all day long. Bryz has talent, but if he doesnt use his brain and play the position the fundamentally correct way, he will give up 3 plus goals a game in the NHL.

  18. @danglitis Somehow Jeff Reese managed to teach Michale Leighton how to do it and he had no talent. Now imagine if he could show Bryz how to play the game the right way with the talent he has.
    @MM Yes, it is the goalies fault. He has given up two absolutely inexcusable goals in the last two games and lets not forget about the complete trash he gave up against the Rangers. When your team plays its ass off and you cant stop shots that any NHL goalie is expected to stop, yes its your fault. There is no other way to put it. They won despite more poor play from Bryz……..again.

  19. @Bill.. why are bob and bryz always so deep in the net, always in the paint.. maybe cutting down some of the angle would help. i think leights was just on a roll. i think it was just pure luck he was playing well
    a normal goalie may misjudge a puck one in 10 games, ours do it 1-2 times a game.

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