The Phillies Don’t Have One Prospect in the Top 68 Spots of Baseball America’s Top 100 Prospects List


Well, we kind of asked for this. Baseball America released its annual list of their top 100 prospects in baseball and, not surprisingly, not many Phillies were featured. In fact, only one was: right-handed pitcher Trevor May, #69 (giggles).

Last year, Dom Brown came in at #4. Now he might not make the team. Topping both years' lists? Douchebag Bryce Harper.

This is what happens when Ruben Amaro goes on a spending spree for three straight seasons… but we’re not complaining. We’d rather have Hunter Pence instead of some mythical prospect who could turn into Hunter Pence. 

Anyway, full list here.


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  1. These rankings are total crapshoots anywhere. Our farm system is somewhere in the middle of the pack.

  2. The funny thing is I think I only see one name on there that we traded away to get quality players such as Halladay, Lee, or Pence. If I missed one, I am sorry, but the only I see is the catcher we sent to Toronto for Roy. I would take Roy over any prospect.

  3. @ Greg De Felice: Jarred Cosart (50) went for Pence. Gose (39) went for Oswalt (then flipped to TOR. Singleton (34)went for Pence…in addition to D’Aurnaud (17) as you mentioned.
    Not saying I dislike any of the moves…just pointing out we did give up talent.

  4. Baseball puts so much on how great your prospects are. I don’t get it. If the Phillies had 5 guys in the top 100 but won 70 games last year… we would be complaining. So instead, they win 102 games (should have won the WS or at least the NL) and now people bitch they have no farm system?!

  5. mike arbuckle built our minor league system back up and is responsible for howard, utley and rollins along with many more. he quit the day reuben was made the gm and i think we need to hire him back from the royals to go get this shit in gear.

  6. I count four former Phils on the list: d’Arnaud (Halladay), Cosart and Singleton (Pence), and Gose (Oswalt). No regrets here, though. I’d make all three of those moves again – even Oswalt.

  7. Cheap Shot on Brown isnt right. The Phillies havent done him any favors with the way hes been handled. Hes only 23. Philadelphia fans are awful with young players when they have been told that they “could be great”. Outside missing 2nd base and a few botched plays in RF, hes been fine. He also missed all of Spring with a broken hand. Brown or Mayberry developing are huge to this season.

  8. I love how in 5 years when the Phillies finish in 4th place everyone will be bitching that Ruben traded away too many young prospects and signed too many old white guys during their string of 10 NL East titles….especially them nerds a philliesnationDOTcom

  9. I love how people think you can’t have a good farm system and a good team at the ML level. Having a good farm is crucial to ensuring you can keep a good team for years to come. Hmmm, Arbuckle and Lamaar abrubtly left the farm they helped build because of disagreements w/ Amaro’s philosophy. I’d trade Amaro for both of those guys in a heartbeat.

  10. It all mean nothing if we win a World Series in 2012. Our time is now. I call it the jugular theory – when you are good enough go for the kill. Dont worry about tomorrow. Just win!

  11. In 2009 we traded prospects for Cliff Lee, the rationale was, “If we win a Championship, who cares?”
    In 2010, we traded prospects for Roy Halladay, and later Roy Oswalt, the rationale was, “If we win a Championship, who cares?”
    In 2011, we traded prospects for Hunter Pence, the rationale was, “If we win a Championship, who cares?”
    In 2012…..

  12. You guys do know there’s a draft every year, right? In five years, there will be more prospects to trade to the Houstons of the world to reload the major-league roster.

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