The Sixers Are Really F@$^ing Good and Everyone Was There To See It, Again


We used this title last week, but it seems to be a running theme here with the Sixers, who are not only doing everything they can to get notables out to games, but they’re also winning. They’re winning a lot.

Last night’s 95-90 win against the Lakers was the Sixers’ 13th home win– that ties them for most in the NBA with the Spurs. They're now four games ahead of the Celtics in the East.

As reader Boobie Styles pointed out, having all these bandwagon fans – or, once-dormant fans – really gives the Sixers a legitimate home court advantage. Some of those fans? Well, there’s Raul Ibanez, as seen above. He spoke to Matt Cord here.

There was Mr. Holland’s Opus co-star Terrence Howard, who resides in Lafayette Hill:


LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson were there. But that got interesting. McCoy – who, it seems, was pulling for the Lakers or, more likely, Kobe – was shown both on television and the big screen at the game (interview with Cord here). D-Jac? Not so much. So why LeSean and not DeSean? Because LeSean thought about his wardrobe choice, D-Jac didn't: (best pic that exists)


I’m honestly not sure if Jackson is getting these tickets for free. I’d imagine that most of the courtside celebs are absolutely receiving comped tickets. Hats off to D-Jac for supporting his team, but if his tickets were gratis, then he should probably choose his attire more judiciously… or, better yet, the Sixers should have blasted his mug all over their broadcast and the scoreboard– see how the fans react.

I’m not ripping on D-Jac for the sake of ripping on D-Jac, but, really, he can’t seem to do anything that even remotely portends to relate to Philly fans. This guy had what seems like a typical encounter with D-Jac, and Matt Cord told Jon Marks last week that D-Jac brushed him off for a fluffy courtside interview, which, I’d think, is an implied responsibility if the tickets were courtesy of the Sixers.

Of course, none of this matters when you have a .gif of this dancing fan:



Dancing fan .gif via (@PhilaBCoulter)


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  1. Ha I hope D-Jac signs with the Jaguars and has 0 TDs for the rest of his career. He’s the epitomy of douche nozzle.

  2. He’s gonna sign with whatever team pays him the most. He has no desire to win a Championship… he just wants to get paid so he can pay back Rosenhaus all the money he owes him. DeSean, you’re a scumbag.

  3. Fuck Desean Jackson. God I can’t stand him anymore. BYE BYE, DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU ON THE WAY OUT.

  4. D Jax is a punk. I would knock him to the floor if he ever drove the ball to the basket a la 10 & 10

  5. Mr. Holland’s Opus?
    What about Howard’s key roles in TV shows such as “Living Single” or “New York Undercover”?
    How can you ignore his work as the young Al Cowlings in one of the many OJ Simpson made-for-TV movies?
    And how could you forget his work in the Ed Lover and Dr. Dre classic film “Who’s The Man?”
    Please, don’t sell the man short here.

  6. Why the hell is LaShawn pulling from the Lakers when he is from Harrisburg? That’s an even bigger violation.
    If D-Jac received comp tickets, he should have been escorted out the door like Elaine on Seinfeld when she wore her Orioles hat in a Yankees box.

  7. It seems like everyone is dumb founded that the Sixers are good this year, they been developing young talent the last 3 years, I could tell by last year that these guys were gonna be a force to be dealt with this year, It seems the only team we can’t stop is the Heat….

  8. you people are so gay
    why do you get butt hurt about who athletes are cheering for
    No Love,
    Beez Nutz

  9. As much as I can dislike Desean, you can’t rag on him for supporting his hometown team in the Lakers, then a few years ago get mad at Kobe for wearing a Dodgers hat at the NLCS. Double standard.
    I can take Desean rooting for the Lakers he’s from SoCal, Kobe is a fraud sellout though.

  10. Why do our pro sports athletes HAVE to cheer for the other teams in the city…its a choice not a rule…come on cut them all some slack….

  11. Who gives a shit if LeSean or DJax are fakers fans? Most celebrity types are anyway…The more important thing is that we have that ambiguously aged bite sized person dancing in front of a whale-sized man flashing his tits on the big screen for all to enjoy. Win.

  12. If I was the Sixers management group I’d keep DeSean as far away from my players as possible. Give that piece of shit Ed Snider’s box with a chaperone.

  13. Seems like everyone complaining about this in comments has absolutely no idea what elite athletes think or act like. Anyway, these dudes are going to keep their allegiances to the Kobes and Jay-Zs of this world no matter how embarrassing and pathetic their careers might grow in their latter days.
    In the same way that American kids with right-wing business dads all across the nation will always be Yankees fans, even if the Yankees spend the next 10 years under .500, you know? It’s just the symbolism of the thing.

  14. Sure, the Sixers are good, but not quite good enough. They were demolished on the boards by Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol, and while Doug’s boys and runa nd gun with the league’s best, without plenty of size and bulk up front, they’ll face plenty of trouble when they face teams with strong halfcourt games. Bottom line, there’s plenty of room for improvement. STill, it’s damn good that the Sixers are revelant again.
    By the by, Don Cheadle was better as Rhodey in Iron Man 2.

  15. Jackson is from Cali just because he plays for the eagles doesnt mean he has to be a sixers fan. come why do we fans make a big deal out of such stupid shit. I would have had more of a problem if he would have come dressed in sixers gear knowing he was a lakers fans. Then all you would hear is how he is trying to appease the fans to get a contract.

  16. My $13 tickets were upgraded to court-side for free by the Sixers for the Nets game because they wanted the court-side to look full for TV. I’m a nobody. I’m sure they’re giving most of their court-side tickets for free to celebrities.

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