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Photo via the Phillies' Twitter

Phillies single-game tickets went on-sale this morning, not just to Philadelphians, but to the entire world, unlike those fucks in Washington, who are attempting the ticketing equivalent of Mark Wahlberg’s acting career– all bark, no bite… and mostly laughable.

As you might expect, folks who are unaware of the secondary market and platforms like Crossing Broad Tickets – which routinely have regular season seats, for both home and away, available for below face value (plugs!) – and who have gobs of time on their hands, lined up very early to get a crack at tickets. The earliest liner-uppers (word?) were CB reader Robert, who goes by the Twitter handle (@Captinaws0m3)…, and his friends. Mr. Awesome fills us in on his experience… which began at 3 p.m. yesterday:

At 9:30 p.m., we ordered pizza, which we had them deliver to the Mike Schmidt statue. It’s so hard to get food delivered to a street corner, but I'm awesome, so I get things done. During the night we just kinda sat around and talked about all the Philly sports: Flyers, Eagles, Sixers and of course the Phils. Once the sun started to come up so did our energy levels, knowing we were just a few hours away from our tixs. We got opening night and both bobblehead nights. We also do plan on going to BAL. And, forbidden or not, we will be in Washington.


Heh. Why do I have a feeling that every ticketing story this season is going to include a dig at the Washington Nationals? 

Congrats, Robert, on your ticket success. For those of you who struck out (yay puns), you know where to go.