These Guys Ordered Pizza to the Mike Schmidt Statue While They Waited in Line for Phillies Tickets Last Night

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Photo via the Phillies' Twitter

Phillies single-game tickets went on-sale this morning, not just to Philadelphians, but to the entire world, unlike those fucks in Washington, who are attempting the ticketing equivalent of Mark Wahlberg’s acting career– all bark, no bite… and mostly laughable.

As you might expect, folks who are unaware of the secondary market and platforms like Crossing Broad Tickets – which routinely have regular season seats, for both home and away, available for below face value (plugs!) – and who have gobs of time on their hands, lined up very early to get a crack at tickets. The earliest liner-uppers (word?) were CB reader Robert, who goes by the Twitter handle (@Captinaws0m3)…, and his friends. Mr. Awesome fills us in on his experience… which began at 3 p.m. yesterday:

At 9:30 p.m., we ordered pizza, which we had them deliver to the Mike Schmidt statue. It’s so hard to get food delivered to a street corner, but I'm awesome, so I get things done. During the night we just kinda sat around and talked about all the Philly sports: Flyers, Eagles, Sixers and of course the Phils. Once the sun started to come up so did our energy levels, knowing we were just a few hours away from our tixs. We got opening night and both bobblehead nights. We also do plan on going to BAL. And, forbidden or not, we will be in Washington.


Heh. Why do I have a feeling that every ticketing story this season is going to include a dig at the Washington Nationals? 

Congrats, Robert, on your ticket success. For those of you who struck out (yay puns), you know where to go.


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  1. @Luke So Aeropostale stuff with the generic location of their HQ is off limits now? Everything must say Philadelphia on it? Got it.

  2. Is it me or is this website slacking since the merger with buzz broad or whatever its called…hopefully its just that time of year..but the sixers played last night yea they lost but theres barely coverage on them when they win…rather read about how the sixers defense has been sliding this month then these cool dudes jerking the mike schmidt statue

  3. take that sticker off your hat you douche…and what the hell is with the earmuffs in the hats? was awful in the 08 series and its awful now..grow up jabronis

  4. stupid, talk to somebody with a season or partial ticket package and buy your tickets. I already had my tickets in hand for over a week now

  5. Their pizza was delivered by Ed Wade, who they were then able to convince to give them his ’88 Dodge Colt, another large pie and 50 wings for a tip to be determined later.

  6. What’s with all the negative comments recently? Everybody pissed off for some reason? I mean, I know it’s the internet but normally CB isn’t this bad with the comments.
    Except when guys like Eric from Champ Nutr hate on that J.T. douchebag. He’s sooooooo lame and probably HATES it that someone continues to hate on him. He must not, at all, think that he made such an impression that someone is that obsessed with him. Man, he’s probably gonna kill himself now, because someone has to use made up handles to insult him on a comment section on a local sports blog. Ouch, he must be terribly, terribly hurt. Where is he, anyway?

  7. Glad I got 8 hours of sleep, got to work at 6:45 am and got paid to buy Opening Night tickets from my desk at work this morning instead of camping out like these jabroni’s.
    PS – they bought those hat’s in the last 48 hours…guaranteed

  8. Whats with the identical clothes with the two on the left??? wonder if they are in chess club together or something. Man code #22, there is never an acceptable time to have a matching outfit with another man in your immediate “circle”, never….

  9. Last time any of them seen vagina….When they were coming out of their respective mothers!

  10. Guys I’M Captinaws0m3 the hate comments are funny. Like grown men coming at me who also is a grown man. Im 20 but all the haters act like thier 5 years old. Its too funny. Like I get that most ppl can not handle my awesomeness so they come at me like they now me. Its too funny like get to know me before you come at me than again alot of you need to grow up.

  11. These 3 dudes should have spent their $$$ on a massage parlor instead of phils tix & treating themselves to pizza pie

  12. I dont gota pay for sex? I have girls i talk to and get with. Like yall think im a fucking tool dont ya? Like im willing to bet anyone with a hate comment that im more athletic than you in all sports except basketball I hate that sport. But feel free to hate because of one bad pic.. Feel free to check out my twitter or fb pics of myself in norm. Settings n not after standing im the cold for 17 hours

  13. @deezy close but not exactly. Doesn’t HAVE to say Philadelphia, but definitely canNOT say New York. It’s like triple stampin a double stamp bro, you just can’t do it. Pick another hoodie, I heard they made two kinds this year.

  14. Mr. Awesome, my mom can beat up your dad, and she’s a classy broad. I challenge you to a 1 on 1 baseballing contest, we both bat first and play centerfield on our respective teams. First to one run wins.

  15. @luke dude it was freezin in all honesty i forgot it had new york on the front… Like its a violation i agree but dont think i like new york cause i dont.

  16. @luke okay like idc if ppl come at me they dont know me. But it is a violation ur 100% right on that

  17. “You guys look like … what do they look like, Jimmy?”
    “Dorks. They look like a couple of dorks.”
    “Hahaha … they’re your clothes, muthafugga.”

  18. everybody who is hating on these kids need to chill..there phillies fans who happened to buy tickets. who cares what they wear or what they look like? grow up people

  19. These guys look so queer its hilarious. Major violation to call yourself awesome you creep.

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