This Guy Wants to Play the Role of “Big Shot” for the Sixers

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Each week, it seems, Adam Aron and the Sixers reach for another element from the past. Whether it’s bringing back Here Come The Sixers (which is slowly winning me over), buying Dr. J’s memorabilia online, or purchasing and distributing the hardwood from Wilt Chamberlains’ 100-point game, the new ownership group continues to mold the past into the future. And with Sunday’s – perhaps foreshadowing – Tweet that the Sixers could bring back Big Shot, we’re closer to rejuvenating another part of the Sixers’ past.

Chris Morris wants the job.

This morning, just before I hopped on-the-air to hypothesize about what the Phillies could do with their own TV network, Moore – a comedian and actor – was on the WIP Morning Show to talk about his quest, which includes this Facebook page: Make Chris Morris “Big Shot” – the next Sixers mascot

So far the group (really, who creates group anymore?) has 1,376 members. We’d encourage you to join– not because it matters who will play the role, but because we want the fat blue guy back on the floor. 

As mentioned on Sunday, you can help in other ways– just Tweet the following to (@SixersCEOAdam): I SAY YES TO BIG SHOT #BBBS.

Democracy, people, Democracy.

Listen to Morris’ interview after the jump. Audio courtesy of WIP.


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4 Responses

  1. I might be the only person who doesn’t want to see Big Shot brought back. While the new options presented a few months back were unispired and out of touch, I don’t think the idea of a new mascot should be abandoned completely. It should be revisited, by different people. Allow fans to submit their concepts, narrow it down to 3-5 choices, and let the public vote.
    The new ownership group’s efforts to integrate past, present and future have been admirable. I think it’s best not to revisit the past with this one, though.

  2. I feel like most people actually want no mascot. The games are getting a cool college atmosphere where the fans are the entertainment with chants and what not. A mascot could hinder that, so let’s just not do it. No Big Shot.

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