This Is The Bat Phone That Ed Snider Uses In His Suite To Control The Entire Organization

Screen Shot 2012-02-03 at 12.39.14 PM

Shawn Tilger is the Flyers' Sr. VP, Zack Hill (yes, it's spelled wrong) is the PR guy… you know everyone else

What, you think Ed Snider doesn’t have his mitts all. over. every. single. facet. of. this. or. gan. I. zat. ion?

He does. In fact, all of his top doers are just a phone call away.

One of the coolest things about Wing Bowl is that people from every walk of life get to infiltrate the Wells Fargo Center for few hours on a cold winter morning. Regulars, who might not otherwise get a chance to hang “backstage” at the home of the Flyers and Sixers, roam almost freely in the bowels of the arena. Fans and VIPs get to hang out on the floor, just inches above the ice. Bloggers get to chill with the world’s greatest eater and Bernie Parent in the visiting NBA locker room.

And some fans get to sit in Ed Snider’s suite.

A tipster sent over these photos of Mr. Snider’s personal – do not remove! – phone, located directly next to his seat in Suite 4, which he presumably uses during games to stay in touch with every department in his beloved organization.


You know that when Sergei Bobrovsky got a string of starts earlier this season Snider was frantically pounding on the locker room button, simulating the scenes from Moneyball where Billy Beane pleaded and begged Art Howe to play his little-used secret weapon, Scott Hatteberg.

Peter! It’s the chairman. Why, in the fuck, isn’t my $51 million Russian goaltender in net?! This isn’t part of the plan. Fix it. Fit it now, Peter! And will someone PLEASE get me another glass of Malbec, this Pinot tastes like shit!

That, or the phone is a dummy and it's just there to make Ed feel like he’s contributing…


Screen Shot 2012-02-03 at 12.15.33 PM

Hello? Homer… you there?


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  1. I’m just glad he has the drummer Zach Hill from Hella on speed dial. That dude is nasty. If I had his number, I’d do the same.

  2. Why does he have Nolan on there?
    “Lou. ES here. Listen, if Lindros scores or assists just say 88. Do NOT speak his name in MY building!”

  3. OMG! The owner of a company wants to be able to reach his employees during an event they are putting on. The Horrors!

  4. that phone is probably the one they installe dwith the building… after all it says do not remove on it so naturally who would dare cross Darth Snyder. Also it looks as though the photo has been censored to remove the direct dial numbers for the locker room, video replay, and whoever is below “Zach” Hill.

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