Today in Idiot Giants Fans

Who do you want to see most?


Sanchez comma Mark plays for the Jets. Oof. 

The good news is that one of the guys in the crowd, or the brunette on her shoulders, had sex with this girl after the parade (disclaimer: probably).

And yes, my grapes are still sour.

H/T to our man Dave from Sports Talk Philadelphia


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  1. It’s surprising how little impact these parades have on the city. No one in my office has ever gone to a parade (though I hear the ’96 Yankees drew some people). When I worked downtown, the subways weren’t even delayed.

  2. It was a madhouse on South Broadway. Trying to navigate the FiDi was annoying, but doable. The city has cleaned it up already though. Thank god. Now the douchebags need to go home. 🙂

  3. I hate girls who “like sports because guys think it’s hot.” You ruin that as soon as you open your mouth. At least do your research..

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