Vegas Likes The Eagles in 2012

It seems like someone appreciates the fact that Juan Castillo is working hard. Whom, you ask? VEGAS BABY. VEGAS!

The 2013 Super Bowl odds are out, and tied for third place with the Steelers, at 6-1 odds, are your Philadelphia Eagles, who come in just ahead of the Super Bowl champs: 

New England Patriots 5-1

Green Bay Packers 11-2

Pittsburgh Steelers 6-1

Philadelphia Eagles 6-1

New York Giants 8-1 


Don’t put too much stock into this, though. On September 12, the Eagles were third, behind the Patriots and Packers, at 7-1. The Giants were 14th… at 40-1.

via Bloomberg 

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5 Responses

  1. I guess their thought process is that nobody ever repeats…but then again, losers never go back the next year either, so I don’t get it. I think the Packers gotta be #1. I’d say the Saints too, but next year’s Super Bowl is in New Orleans, so that basically eliminates them.

  2. 2-1 Reid has a thrombo, 3-1 Mike Vick does something stupid/illegal, Even money jeff lurie buys a bigger house with our money.

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