Video: Curt Schilling Talks Video Games on Jimmy Fallon

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In case you haven’t heard, Curt Schilling dumped millions into forming his own video game company, 38 Studios. On Monday, he was on with Jimmy Fallon to discuss his company’s first major release, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, which is getting outstanding reviews

Part of the interview, of course, centers on that time Fallon and Drew Barrymore celebrated on the field after the 2004 World Series when filming Fever Pitch. Curt was as confused as the rest of us who were watching. 

Schilling, who is a huge video-gamer, said it took five years and “tons of money” to make the game, which he had a hand in by providing feedback… and funding the whole thing.

I’ve always been a big Schilling fan– he routinely spoke his mind and probably pissed off a lot of people along the way, but, as you can see in the interview, he was seemingly one of the few guys on the ’93 team who was more of a family man than an asshole… and there’s something to be said for that.

Bonus points to ?uestlove for playing Schilling out to “Video Games,” too. Video after the jump.


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13 Responses

  1. Rhode Island gave him a $75 million tax break loan towards his company and realistically the game is getting mediocre reviews in general.

  2. How old were you in 93?
    Schilling was the defacto definition of asshole and even his own teammates hated him when he wasn’t on the mound.

  3. i was 10. and yeah, a jerk. but by all accounts, he didn’t do drugs, get into fights, or cheat on his wife. so i’d say jerk is better than some of the other steroid using psychos on the team.

  4. And if the Phils had won it all back in ’93 (I was 34), would anybody care what a cretin Schilling was? Short answer—-no!

  5. That’s very interesting, Will. I noticed that you didn’t offer an opinion on the article. If I could be so bold as to offer mine; in light of the preceeding comments, mostly dealing with Schilling’s status as a jerk or not, this article should, in no way, be regarded as any kind of determining factor for either judgement. If there is to be any negative impression from Schilling’s involvement with his gaming endeavor and the State of Rhode Island, it should be associated with the latter. Aside from the fact that the article itself implies this, it would be counter to the spirit of the American doctrine to lambaste an entreprenuer who was fortunate enough to take advantage of his own success in another field and parlayed into government assistance.
    He might still be a jerk despite this article, but it would, in no way, fortify it.

  6. Who was the steroid using jerk on the ’93 team – Mickey Morandini??
    Also, the band is called The Roots and ?uestlove is the drummer, not the name of the band.

  7. JBABZ, that was a WEAK knob job…..if you didn’t like this site, you wouldn’t read….and if you really hated it, why would you even visit it?
    Kyle does a HELLUVA job with CB…..I hate most bloggers but don’t really even consider this a blog. Over the past year or so, I’ve noticed a prominent SPORTS RADIO STATION in PHILLY uses about EVERY one of his pieces…..job well done. Let the haters hate, Kyle…..Fuck em. If he don’t like it, he wouldn’t waste his time visiting, reading and commenting….

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