Video: Lavs Dunks Missanelli

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Thus continues the flirty banter between Mike Missanelli and Peter Laviolette, who, each time he goes on 97.5 in the mid-afternoon, reminds Mikey Miss of his fondess for the show. Missaenelli then promises more hockey talk, but never makes good on his word. It's all cute, really.

At yesterday’s carnival, Lavs showed off his arm, sort of, by dunking Missenlli… all in the name of charity.

The video, via 97.5, is after the jump.



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  1. I wonder if the 76ers new ownership cut a check to 97.5 to talk Sixers. Who gives a shit about the Sixers? Breaking News…they have NO chance at winning a championship, and Dwight Howard will never come here.

  2. 97.5 is starting to make me lean back to wip with all this nonsense they been talking lately. last week was all about jeremy lin & sixers on 97.5.

  3. Sports talk radio in Philadelphia in an embarassment. Instead of real talk and interaction with intelligent hosts, we get:
    Duh Cuz – wanna-be Souf Filly guy
    Cataldi – a NY-er determined to make Philadelphia sports the laughing stock of the country for his own profit
    Macnow – who is smarter than you, no matter what
    Ike Reese – talks like he has a dick in his mouth
    Missanelli – an immature race-baiting hack who thinks that because he went to law school (at Weidener LOL) that he knows more than you
    Schwartzman – basically an integrity whore who will say anything on the air short of an FCC violation if he thinks it will get him one phone call.
    Do other cities have to deal with this nonsense? It seems like when I hear WFAN in NYC, they are talking sports, not mafia movies from 20 years ago, they are also interviewing players and coaches, who hardly ever agree to come on the radio here, because they know it is hack city. Considering how much is spent on sports in this town, you would think the talk would be good, and not be a roster full of morons and cartoon characters.

  4. I like Missanelli, but here’s my beef with him – he says he doesn’t talk hockey because people don’t call in wanting to talk it. BUT, when they do, he berates, insults, and belittles them. No wonder they don’t call his show to talk hockey.

  5. That bozo Cataldi and his ensuing economic windfall pretty much killed quality sports talk radio in this city. E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES.
    Its all circumstantial fluff now, both stations. Take yesterday for instance . Quality hosts would be having a smorgashboard of quality issues to break down(Phillies,Flyers,Sixers, NHL,NBA,MLB maybe some NFL thrown in) Not Philadelphia.The hosts dont know sports very well so they need to pick a theme/gimmick of the day. e.g., Bryz is a bust so lets name your biggest sports busts in Phillies history? Lets not. Why dont you A-holes forget the cheezy crap and try to educate your listeners by knowing whats going on in the world of sports.
    Sorry but CUZ needs to cool it with the chuckling, laughing and whatever else that is.

  6. Here we go again today.
    2 stations neither talking sports. Todays topic on bothe stations is ” Philly guys”.
    What is the story with both stations talking the same repetitive topics everday. Seems like the people at 97.5 listen to WIP morning show, rip their topic off and run with it. Thi is ridiculous.
    Philly sports radio blows so badly. The Flyers/Jets game was some of the best hockey Ive seen all year. Sixers scuffling,Phils getting ready down in Clearwater. Nary a word said about any of it.
    Its all womanesque drama. This guy is a Philly guy, that guy isnt. Who the bleep cares about this bullshit. Start talking sports A-holes.

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