Video: Sixers Get Jobbed in Final Second

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What you don’t see in this video is Doug Collins saying “that’s bullshit” and calling the ref a “fucking asshole.” 

At first it looked like Iguodala committed a foul, but after watching the replay, it’s clear that he really did get all ball.

Video after the jump.


8 Responses

  1. Iggy got all ball. It’s a tough call to make especially if you weren’t at the right angle, but Malik said it right, you leave the ball in the players’ hands at that point of the game.

  2. If this call hadn’t happened they would have gone on to beat the Heat in the playoffs.
    Oh they wouldn’t have?
    Who cares then?

  3. @Ironballs
    You didn’t know they were on because Ed Snyder runs Comcast and decided to play the Flyers Wives Carnival instead of his beloved Sixers (Kyle, can you cross the previous couple words out?) and they were on TCN…..I know the refs shit da bed on that call but so did our Closer (cross that out too please), when he (Lou Will) tried to close the game out with a weak J. You can’t blow that lead, if you do, expect losses……I think the Sixers are back down to Earth. Now it’s time to trade our (Cross the next 2 words out too) All-Star, while his ceiling is at it’s Max.

  4. Sixers got absolutely ROBBED out of a WIN in that game…..glad to see the Officiating still ruining the sport…

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