Videos: Our Top 15 Super Bowl Commercials

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Because everybody else on the Internet is doing it, and because you’ll probably watch– here are our top 15 Super Bowl commercials from last night. There were a lot of horrible ones, but we countdown the videos from 15 to 1. And yes, we’re suckers for a teasing commercial. Every time.

After the jump for all 15. Might take a second to load.
















All of the commercials can be viewed here.

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18 Responses

  1. seriously? Go Daddy? the Fiat hooker? who picked this list, your 12 year old little brother?
    i think the M&M’s was great, and the cheetah too. there’s something about a grown man screaming like a little girl that strikes me as hilarious.

  2. Top Three: CareerBuilder for the monkeys, Fiat 500 Abarth and Doritos Man’s Best Friend.
    Overall, thought it was a pretty crappy run of commercials as compared to the past. Nothing really stood out, nothing had the group I was with laughing and dropping the commercials weeks prior (like Seinfeld & Ferris Bueller ones) just was a bad idea. You knew they were coming but weren’t excited to see them.

  3. No e-trade baby? That’s blasphomy! That is the only commercial I laughed out loud at. “What are you doing in there!?!” “I’m speed dating!” that shit was funny.

  4. I love the E-Trade baby but was grandstanding against him, that was by far the worst of the series. Left it out on principle. Abbreviated punchline, little material up until that point. No singing. Boycott.

  5. The lesson of the Super Bowl commercials is that people like pets. Also, Seinfeld only shows his face to sell some product, anymore.

  6. Really? GoDaddy and You have terrible taste in commercials or the intellect of a 4 year old. Go Daddy has had consistently the worst commercials for the last 4 or so years.

  7. commercials are fucking retarded. Does anyone really log onto their site to “see more”? As if we live in a world where internet porn is so hard to access that we have to log on to to see a fake promise of porn.

  8. the dog with the sketchers shoes who wins the race????? that was the best one by far. how does that not even make top 15?

  9. The Voice commercial with Betty White was funny. The commercial was lame until she walks out of the shower and starts busting one liners out.

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