Yes, Philadelphia, We Did Get to Experience Another Championship with Our Athletes… on Twitter

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The unhappy campers are above. 

And now the Eli lovers…

JVR was tweeting about the two-time Super Bowl winner, and took some heat for it. 

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Yes, "what a clutch."

The always-entertaining halftime show caused Twitter to explode. Madonna's performance saw an average of 8,000 Tweets per second for five minutes.

Reactions to Madonna's performance from the Philly sports scene are after the jump.

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I can admit I didn't see that one coming. DeSean doesn't strike me as the Madonna type, but hey, maybe he likes ancient Rome. Kelce, Vick, and our former friend, Brian Westbook, chimed in, too:

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Screen shot 2012-02-05 at 11.30.15 PM

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B-West wasn't done either. He still wants the Lombardi trophy that he thinks the Patriots owe Philly.

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The Giants won a Super Bowl, again. Yes, the same Giants team that Vince Young beat this season. Welcome to Philadelphia.


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  1. I’m sick about this. I can’t think of a team I would rather see win the SB less than the goddamn Giants. Even more hated than Dallas. Between this nut punch and watching the Flyers crap the bed TWICE in one weekend against two other of my most hated teams, I have to say this is about as low as I’ve ever felt as a Philly fan.
    Pitchers and catchers report when?

  2. Whats this? Eagles players actually showing some emotion?
    Wow, only about two or three months too late.
    Hmm… maybe if any of these guys had a pulse and even an ounce of pride and did maybe even a little more than the very act of going through the motions for 17 weeks, they could be the ones holding up the Lombardi trophy.
    Fuck all of them overpaid faggots. And fuck the phillies, too. Can’t wait to see how they blow it this year. At least we can all take solace in knowing that much like the eagles, they also don’t seem to give a shit about winning anymore. go ahead cliff, go ahead roy, win 20 games this year and then shit the bed come playoffs.
    /end crazy, incoherent rant fueled by the Giants win.

  3. If it wasn’t for the Phillies fluke win in ’08 we’d all be killing each other in the streets.
    Oh, wait.

  4. @Larry David
    If, by clutch, you mean they’re able to work the clock and get lucky catches (even they are arent REALLY catches)then yes they’re clutch.

  5. Great effort by my dear friend Robert Kraft. Jeffrey and I are looking forward to another successful Eagles season next year with 8 home sellouts, incredible merchandise sales and Andy as our coach.

  6. Can someone please teach these athletes how to spell? Oh wait, that’s impossible when you collectively have brains with the same analytical computing power as goldfish.
    And although this won’t come as a shock to anyone on here, if you want some really good advice that will save whatever sanity you have left, never, EVER follow Desean Jackson on Twitter or Instagram. He makes retarded people look like Stephen Hawking.
    As much as watching the Giants win the Super Bowl made me want to swallow my own tongue, this should be a lesson to all Eagle players. Oh right I forgot…Eagles players never learn. Great to hear Mike Vick now has motivation…like being in prison getting bung plowed by guys named “Angel” wasn’t motivation enough to work harder.
    All you Eagles make me want to vomit. I’m so sick of your shit and loser, faggot attitudes that have gotten us zero Super Bowls. Be prepared to watch teams like the Panthers and Texans surpass us in Super Bowl wins.
    Now if you’ll all excuse me, I have to go on the internet all day and read about the goddam Giants hosting their FOURTH Super Bowl trophy. Kill me now.

  7. Seriously???? 8,000 tweets per minute??!! Athletes and humans in general are going to cause their own self-destruction via twitter. Please, fucking shoot me.

  8. I’m absolutely going to tell you that every year a typical Philadelphia fan will not hesitate to point out “luck” to de-value the success of a champion. You’re turning sports into some mystic event when it’s not. Luck is a part of the game, athletes aren’t robots programmed to not make mistakes. Why aren’t the Eagles “lucky”? Because they don’t put themselves in a better position to be lucky. LIke the Giants do, with good coaching, and great defense. And a clutch, proven, 4th quarter dominating quarterback, who is a two time SB MVP. But in your eyes, he’s just lucky.

  9. How was there any luck? I’m a die hard Eagles fan but come on guys, man the fuck up. That pass to manningham was a catch, a perfect throw by Eli. Stop disgracing this town with your constant bitching and moaning. Give credit where credit is due.
    Eli goes 30-40 and it’s “luck”? JPP bats down 2 balls and they get in brady’s face the entire 2nd half and it’s “luck”? Get the fuck out of here and go back to being fairweather and unintelligent fans.

  10. You’re right.
    Nothing lucky about a guy catching a ball by pinning it against his head with one hand.
    They probably run that play in practice.

  11. I did just re-read your post and see that you did in fact agree that they were lucky, so I take back the #Twit jab.
    #NothingIfNotGracious #ManninghamDidntHaveControl

  12. Are you living in 2007? Last i checked it’s 2012. Get with the times babydoll. #disgracetointelligenteaglesfans

  13. No, they were not lucky. He had control when both feet hit and on the way down. Once again fellow Eagles fans can’t just be gracious and give credit where credit is due instead of being disgusting sore losers.

  14. Intelligence and class? This is Crossing Broad you moron, not ESPN. If you want class, go there. This is a comedy style blog with R and X rated humor where we talk about schlongs, twats (like you), anal, bukkake, WHATEVER.
    Listening to you two babies gives me the douche chills. I’d rather watch my grandmother take a bath than have to listen to you two faggots. And don’t tell me not to read your posts because I’ll tell you to kiss my ass and take your serious barroom monday morning faggot conversation elsewhere where people actually want to hear about your nonsense.
    Now I’m so mad I have to get up from my desk and take a dump. Thanks you homos.

  15. An NFL player is supposed to catch balls, that’s what he gets paid for. And your job is to choose which ones are lucky? #growup#stopwhining.

  16. @Social Media
    My one friend and I. Our mutual best friend is a Giants fan too. So now we gotta put up with him lol.
    Honestly, I have talked sports qith quite a few intelligent Philly fans who, despite being Philly fans, know about spors in general and are willing to give praise to rival teams when it is due.
    Does that mean we hate them any less? no, but we’re not blinded by our love of our team enough that we can’t see greatness.

  17. How can you call a team lucky? Twice? I wouldn’t say the Giants are clutch, either. They just don’t panic or lose all track of what needs to be done in certain key situations of the game. They have always had awareness, except for their punter in 2010 that put the Eagles into the playoffs. Eagles, and in particular, Reid, should take notice of how Coughlin and the Giants do it. The problem is that Reid is TOO MUCH of a players’ coach and doesn’t get in the guys’ face enough with discipline….

  18. Reid is soft on his team, McNabb was soft, and now the mentality of his team is soft….look at the adjectives that you could use to name the recent teams/coaches in the SuperBowl:
    Belichick & Pats==>disciplined, tough mentally, stud QB
    Coughlin & NYG==>disciplined, tough mentally, stud QB
    Tomlin & Pit==>motivator (energetic), tough mentally, stud QB
    McCarty & GB==>tough mentally, motivator, disciplined, stud QB
    *Peyton Manning & Indy==>disciplined, energetic, stud QB
    *Kurt Warner & Arizona==> disciplined, stud QB
    NOW let’s ask if Reid, our QB or our team are any of those adjectives????

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