You Can Finally Download the CB App

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It hath arrived.

We have an app. Get all your snark, news, dick jokes, Photoshops and general jackassery right in your pocket! (!!!)

 Here’s what you get: all the current posts from CB and (ad-free), all CB Radio shows, a one-click button to send us tips, and Twitter and Facebook feeds. It’s quick-loading and very easy to use.

The app is currently only available in the Android Market, with Apple to follow soon (they take a while to approve apps…), along with Windows Mobile and BlackBerry. Cost: $0.99.

Why not free, Kyle?

Because, I have mouths to feed (I don't).

We do this for living and, rather than muddy the app with obtrusive ads, will charge a very reasonable .99 for you to get all of our content. The ads on this site allow us to do this full-time, so, instead of creating a terrible app experience, we felt the best way to do it was to charge a small one-time fee and make the whole thing clean and easy to use.

We will be rolling out updates over the next few weeks. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and we will do our best to address each concern. You can email us directly from the app.

As always, thanks for your support!

Download the app for Android here.


16 Responses

  1. I don’t understand I get all the post, Facebook feeds and jackassery in my pocket already and for free soooooo what’s the big idea Kyle?

  2. Just as easy to just bookmark it to the home screen. Save that $ to go towards your lunch

  3. CSN is free. SI free BR free. All sports news free. Guess I’ll stick to the site. Ain’t buying a .99 app. What is this angry birds pro? Come on

  4. Apple!!!! Fuck androids, those retards who have them don’t know how to spend a dollar. I would buy a crossing broad app at $5.

  5. To Boo Bryz
    CSN and SI are HUGE media conglomerates who don’t need my .99 cents. CB is a blog. MLB Trade Rumors charged 3 bucks. You dont have to buy it if you dont want to, but to try to compare CB to CSN and SI is unfair. and Bleacher Report is complete and utter trash, I wouldnt clutter my phone with that if you paid me.

  6. if we have a smart phone, whats the difference of going on the internet rather than paying a dollar and using the app? serious question.

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