Your NHL Trade Deadline Running Commentary

Keep it locked here all day for any updates and rumor chasing. 

3:01 p.m.: Deadline. Nada. Some deals could get announced after 3, so stay tuned for any updates as they relate to the Flyers. But I'm thinking there are none.

2:46 p.m.: In the not news but still disappointing nonetheless category: Sam Carchidi reports that the Flyers are officially out on Rick Nash.

2:27 p.m. Blue Jackets reporter Adam Portzline

Situation behind the scenes between #CBJ and Rick Nash has turned frantic, as suitors are making late push for #CBJ captain.


Most think that push is coming from the Rangers.

2:25 p.m.: The consensus from around the interwebtuals seems to be that the Flyers won't do anything. We will know soon.

2:06 p.m.: That last one was a joke. These running commentaries are difficult on all of us…

2:04 p.m.: Paul Holmgren just seen running, nude, from the SkateZone screaming the Dawson's Creek song. I don't wannnnanananana wait!!! Updates coming in.

2:00 p.m.: NHL Network reporting that the New York Rangers are in on Rick Nash and Nash is pushing for a (the?) trade. Sure, why not?

1:46 p.m.: Carchidi follows up to that last Tweet about Homer being on phone: "Just spoke with Flyers source who talked with Homer: "Nothing cooking at all," he said."

1:43 p.m.: Flyers beat writers, ladies and gentlemen:

Screen Shot 2012-02-27 at 1.44.59 PM


1:19 p.m.
: Little situation developing here. More of a discussion, really. The Flyers sent down Eric Wellwood. Beat writers Frank Seravalli and Sam Carchidi posit that it could be to make room under the cap for a possible move. 

Tim Panaccio says that has nothing to do with it. According to AHL PR, players must be on roster by 3 p.m. today to play in playoffs, meaning that could be why the Flyers sent him down– so he’s eligible to play for the Phantoms in the playoffs. Carchidi, however, says the Flyers believe that deadline isn’t until March 5, a reality that would lend more credence to the theories surrounding the seemingly random demotion of Wellwood– to clear cap room.

Whatever the case, someone – either AHL PR Twitter account or the Flyers – is wrong. I’m inclined to believe Panaccio and the AHL PR folks. 

The NHL trade deadline, folks: where the world has to make sense of rules drawn up by a bunch of silly Canadians.

12:56 p.m.: Sword fight!!!!! Seravalli responds to Panaccio squashing his earlier speculation about Wellwood being sent down to make room:

For those who say Wellwood demotion has nothing to do with acquisition, it pushes Flyers cap space to $1.6 million or so. Therefore, if Flyers don't make a move… Wellwood can be re-called tomorrow, will likely remain with the team in San Jose.


Ding, ding.

12:51 p.m.: Flyers beat writers are throwing shit and speculation at the wall, which is just fine by me. Check out this Tweet from Tim Panaccio:

Screen Shot 2012-02-27 at 12.52.34 PM

Whoever has Panotch’s number is either the most mysterious NHL source of all-time, Paul Holmgren, or a 15-year-old who is fucking with the city’s lead hockey reporter. I’m going with door number three and would encourage that person to start sexting Panotch.

He also corrects Seravalli, saying that the Wellwood move has nothing to do with a trade. Tim Panaccio: a cold shower for when you're hot and bothered.

12:39 p.m.: Crickets…. Frank Seravalli says that the Flyers have sent down Eric Wellwood: "Not really sure why they'd do that during a road trip unless to make room."

11:37 a.m.: Rick Nash (and Jeff Carter…) banners are being removed from High Street in Columbus. Something could be up (with Blue Jackets). A similar marketing material purge occurred just hours before Homer's Massacre last summer. Video here via (@215Cash).

11:33 a.m.: Someone should tell the chick with the short skirt on NHL Network that you are supposed to have two knees, not one mass of flesh and bone rubbing together. Those things look like they are trying to tell a knock-knock joke.

11:17 a.m.: Tim Panaccio reports that Niemi was not the player offered to the Flyers.

10:24 a.m.: Fright fest.

Screen Shot 2012-02-27 at 10.25.13 AM

This guy… looks like he has a van, duct tape and treats. Lots of treats.

Anyway, he’s Mike Zeisberger of the Toronto Sun, and, although he murdered JVR’s name, reports that the Flyers have “comfortably assured” Riemer that he won't be traded.

That’s nice. The last time a Flyer was “comfortably assured” that he wouldn’t be traded, Jeff Carter wound up crying in his Sea Isle house for three days. Paul Holmgren immunity idols are worth dick. Dick, I tell you.

9:59 a.m.: Tim Panaccio, the trade boner equivalent of medical procedure photos, believes that nothing of consequence will happen:

“You don’t hear their name mentioned anywhere right now,” said a league source.
Several members of the Flyers organization with direct knowledge say they think the team will stand pat given they addressed their top priority — defensive help — weeks ago, before the trade deadline frenzy began.


We shall see, Timmay.

9:46 a.m.: TSN’s Darren Dreger says that teams are still interested in James van Riemsdyk and his sometimes present balls. Here’s what Dreger tweeted this morning:

Flyers still fielding calls on JVR. San Jose believed to have made an offer, but so far Philly isn't willing to move him. Belief is San Jose threw Antti Niemi's name at the Flyers hoping for JVR in return. Not happening.


High comedy. The fact that JVR’s name is coming up in trade discussions is the ultimate mind asplod: the Flyers re-signed JVR as part of their long-term, forward-looking plan, which included offing Richards and Carter and signing Ilya Bryzgalov. Now JVR is touchable (though it looks like this specific deal won’t happen) and a goalie acquisition – while I’m not betting on it – isn’t out of the question, it seems. But I honestly believe for that to happen (goalie), two things: 1) the Flyers find someone dumb enough to take Bryz's contract and 2) Bryz agrees to the trade. Both are unlikely.


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  1. well, he just settled here for what was supposed to be a decade. there are family considerations i’d think

  2. I think he doesnt want to move again. Signed long term. Hates to move midseason.
    I think Paul is going to go bat shit crazy today. He is in trouble. Can not feel comfortable with his job right now and Flyers have assets to move and get way better right now if wanted too. It could be a big big day or it could be a quiet Soprano type killing of Homer where Snyder picks up that phone and orders the hit quietly.

  3. Do we REALLY need a goalie? Bryz and Bob have not been good yes, but are we really at the point where we need to replace them and completely destroy all remaining confidence from both of them? Is that going to help, since they are going to be our goalies (Bryz at least) for a LONG time….(no one is gonna take Bryz’s contract).

  4. Is JvR coveted because teams feel that he has underacheived or because they feel that the Flyers want out of the extension?
    Everytime Holmgren inks a new contract, he opens up the phones.

  5. JVR has unique intangibles that combine his size and speed which is rare in the NHL. GMs salivate over his upside and potential so I want a king’s ransom in return.

  6. Richards, Carter, and JVR were NEVER “untouchable.” They each agreed to long-term contracts that either have springing no-trade clauses that trigger in later contract years (Richards and Carter) or don’t have a NTC at all (JVR).
    When are NHL players going to wake up and realize that long-term contracts are nothing more than cap management tools, and not guarantees that you get to play in the same city? If they wanted to stay in Philadelphia for their entire careers, they should have bargained for a better contract.

  7. PLEASE throw a pick at the Islanders for Nabokov. Or try for Roloson. They need a plan B for when Bryz stinks it up in April.

  8. Chris,
    And just how well have Nabokov and Roloson done in the playoffs in their careers? Nabokov has been a joke in the postseason, Roloson has had a couple good runs but never anything amazing.
    The Flyers got Bryz because he was the best goalie available. Even though he has played like shit, you aren’t going to be able to trade for a solid, no-doubt-about-it number one. They don’t grow on trees, and when a team gets one, they hang on to him.

  9. I know they are both nothing special, and im not suggesting they trade for a solid #1. Bryz is here for awhile and we have to deal with it. All I was looking for was to grab a Veteran backup for a draft pick. That way, if Bryz continues to play like shit in Game 1, you have an alternative. All you need in the playoffs is someone to get hot, make them self look big in the net and steal a few games.
    I don’t trust Bob and I have a bad feeling Bryz is going to perform the way he did against Detroit in the playoffs last season:

  10. “Any deal for a goalie will be for a backup, not a replacement for Bryz.
    Posted by: Pete H | February 27, 2012 at 12:12 PM”
    The backup will eventually replace Bryz, so yes it would be.

  11. Stevie Radio…What goalie available now is going to replace Bryz as our goalie of the future? Niemi? Nabokov? Getting one of them to replace Bob as backup (which would be a risky move to begin with) in case Bryz shits the bed in the playoffs is fine with me, but none of them are viable, long term options.

  12. check out @HockeyNewsCentr’s twitter. Claims he’s a retired NHL scout and has been saying the Nash-to-Flyers deal is done. Either true or he’s a crock that will disappear when nothing happens in an hour

  13. Roger- I am guessing its the second option that will turn out to be true. I’d be happy to get Nash but not for the rumored asking price of Bob, JVR, Schenn or Coots and a draft pick. That’s way too much.

  14. I’ve never understood what it is exactly that a source gets by telling Fat Frank or Angry Sam that a deal is in the works?

  15. @PeteH I didn’t say anything about the future.
    What I said is that the backup will eventually replace Bryz. I’m referring to THIS season.
    Whether its Bob or an acquisition.
    Are you familiar with Lavy?

  16. i think its hilarious how these beat writers are all “source spoke with holmgren, nothing happening” like they are gonna tell these clowns what trades they could be working on.

  17. Weber = not available.
    Nash = available.
    With Bryz in net, we need to score A LOT of goals. We need all the help we can get…

  18. We do lead the league in goals scored, however offensive zone turnovers hurt us. Our offense does indeed contribute to our crappy GAA.

  19. But will Nash will make it any better? -23 (Doesn’t matter now – looks like no one is getting Nash).

  20. You’re spitting truth @RH. I think the Flyers need to stop playing like pussies and am hoping that Bryz will come around.

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