A Federal Indictment Against Freddie Mitchell was Released Yesterday

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Hey, who had Freddie Mitchell next up in the former Philly athlete most likely to do jail time pool?

I had Terrell Owens – mostly because he’s close – but Mitchell was holding strong in the number two spot. 

Here’s the deal: A grand jury indictment released yesterday and obtained by FOX Philly shows that FredEX did, in fact, fail to deliver (did I bury the pun too far down, or is that just right?).

He managed a company, Chameleon Enterprises LLC (tell me that doesn’t sound slippery), which falsified tax returns for professional athletes.

Mitchell would recruit the athletes – specifically one mentioned in the indictment with the initials "A.G." (QUICK- SOME ATHLETES WITH “A.G.” as their initials– ANTONIO GATES, A.J. GREEN? WHOM?!) – and accept $100,000 in downpayment based on a false claim that his company would obtain millions of dollars in what it knew to be false tax refunds based on false documents it falsified to trick clients into allowing the company to have false claims awarded falsely.

This is a true statement: Mitchell’s company wasn’t very honest.

Basically, Chameleon tricked athletes into paying them a downpayment so they could falsify tax refunds on their behalf. They would even claim that Chameleon paid the client millions in wages and that the IRS had, by extension, withheld millions from those wages, which were now owed to the client in the form of a tax refund.

FOX Philly has more details on the dollar amounts. View the full indictment of Freddie Mitchell here.

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20 Responses

  1. Good pick at #25 Andy… just a great player and an even greater guy.
    Way to go Freddie… idiot.

  2. See ya Fraudie. We didn’t like you when you were here and don’t give a shit that you’re going to go to prison.

  3. some day in the not so distant future…. we will be reading a similar story about D Jack going to prison!

  4. FredEx: I want to thank my hands for for being so great when it came to pleasuring Bubba in cell block five.

  5. I wonder is Harry Mays would let me play with Freddie’s nut sack

  6. Wow, what a moron. The even bigger moron is the guy who gives “Feddie” his taxes to prepare

  7. Reggie Wayne
    Tod Heap
    Drew Brees
    Alge Crumpler
    Chad Johnson (Ocho-Cinco)
    Kris Jenkins
    Chris Chambers
    Shaun Rogers
    Just a few players that were taken soon after we drafted Freddie Mitchell in the 2001 draft…Reggie Wayne was 3 picks after Mitchell…bleh.

  8. Freddie was an all pro partier though. He loved having unprotected s*x with chicks that look liked Evan Turner’s GF too

  9. Jason Babin hit me up…i can definitely falsify your tax return cheaper then FredEx…

  10. “Hey, if we give this guy 100,000, he will get us a giant over sized tax refund”
    doesnt sound like a scam what so ever….

  11. Wasted talent. This guy had it all. If it weren’t for Donovan MacNabb not throwing him the ball, he’d still be in the league.

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