An Update: Danny Briere and Travis Knight Deny Travis Knight’s Story

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Take out your rubbers, folks. You're going to need them for this.

Earlier today, we posted the transcript and audio of a joint interview with porn star Gina Lynn and her ex-husband, Travis Knight, on the KiddChris Show in Atlanta. Not surprisingly, the conversation quickly turned to Lynn’s sexual conquests. That's when Knight said that his ex-wife slept with former Flyer Scottie Upshall, an act that Lynn admitted to. 

Knight then said – and I quote – “Danny [Briere] sent her naked pictures.” He also brought up Shane Victorino’s name, hinting that the Flyin’ Hawaiian had an encounter with his ex-wife, as well. Lynn didn’t deny either claim.

Both now appear to be false.

Through a team spokesperson, Briere “100% denies” sending pictures to Lynn. And, almost on cue, a person claiming to be Travis Knight commented on our original post. He said that the part of his story about Briere and Victorino was not true.

I reached out to the commenter via an AOL address that was left on the post, asking if it was, in fact, Knight (the email is linked to Lynn and Knight in multiple NSFW places, and this Facebook post from a Reality Kings rep…). The response. Unedited.

Kyle I said what I said and dealing with it now but this was not a way to get press just a fun show like we always did. Gina and myself have a way to get each other going so we were having fun, I do not regret saying Upshall cause he fucked up and did fuck Gina but its her fault as well. I was kidding about Danny and feel stupid now cause he is a good guy. He does text her but I should have kept that quiet. Victorino just text her and used to be my boy but we dont talk cause her tits are bigger than mine, lol. In all of this I am still close with Gina and she has the biggest heart out there and is not a slut no matter what we did for a carrer or not. Thanks for writing me, Travis


My inbox feels like it needs a bath. But there you have it– Upshall, yes… Briere and Victorino, sadly, no. 

A note: Understanding that Knight’s original on-air comments would get quite a bit of attention, I listened the audio at least three times before posting, and while it’s clear that the segment was, um, fun, at no point did it seem like Knight was “just kidding.” Maybe that qualifier should be required for when ex-husbands go on the radio and falsely spew the names of friends and athletes as partners of their porn star ex-wife. Just a thought, Travis.


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  1. WOW-if that was all lies, then it is OBVIOUS he’s a publicity seeking scumbag (her too for not immediately denying that shit on air). Too bad Gina fucked her face up with all the procedures. At one point she used to be pretty. I don’t care HOW good her ass is, she looks like a science project and her shitty fake tits have crooked nipples.
    I just want to know how she hides the adam’s apple.

  2. I would kick that guys mother in her teeth for raising such a piece of shit if i could. What a fucking tool, why in fuck’s name would you go around spreading slander and bullshit like that? Fuck him and fuck his dumb cunt slut ex wife, whores in more ways than one.

  3. Maybe Briere should call her again. A little stress relief may make him play better.

  4. Imagine all the nasty gram texts Briere is sending those 2 lowlifes for saying that about him. No class, the guy has kids & they say that bullshit about him. SMH

  5. I can’t bring myself to listen to it, but why go on what’s barely a radio show and talk about athletes who play a sport irrelevant to Atlanta. It’s not funny; it’s not fun.

  6. Oh Look, He’s also “friends” with Eminem. So Travis, Is it apparent to you yet that these people wouldn’t know you or give a shit who you were if they weren’t trying to check the ex’s oil with their very own dipsticks?
    You were a sucker and I actually feel bad for you man.

  7. Journalism 101 – if you can’t confirm it – DON’T FUCKING publish it
    You really failed here Kyle – you disappoint me that you just republished something like all the other cheap-shit media outlets do
    you get a F – a big fat fucking F – I hope Shane or Danny pucnch your fucking lights out

  8. @you heard it here, this isn’t the nightly news who gives a shit if it’s a fact?

  9. @You heard it here -get the f off the site. we don’t want you here. Beat IT!!!!
    get gettttt(in brother voice)

  10. It’s kinda cool when people pretend to be me and post as me.. although I do agree with their sentiments- this time.

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