Announcing “The Takeover,” A Bus Trip to Washington on May 6

Screen Shot 2012-03-08 at 10.30.42 AM

It’s happening.

For several months now, we have heard from Nationals players, executives and other pesky Washingtonians about their Take Back The Park campaign. The marketing ploy is a transparent attempt to simultaneously win over DC fans and poke the angry hornet's nest that is Philadelphia sports fans. It’s a win-win for Nats COO Andrew Feffer, who knows that he can both save face with his team’s fans – all six of them – and sell more tickets to the very people that he is trying to keep out.

His plan worked.

Along with our new partners over at Phans Of Philly, the city’s premier road tripping company, we’ve secured 200 seats, located in right field behind $126 million man Jayson Werth (or, perhaps, the very douchey Bryce Harper), for the NATIONAL TELEVISION GAME ON ESPN on Sunday night, May 6. 

Washingtontoniantonians have been talking a big game. Take Back The Park. Swim across the river. Balance the budget. #FUPhilly. etc. We’re going to shut them up with a takeover the likes of which mankind hasn’t seen (OK, that’s hyperbole… but you get it). We’re taking over… and so are you. The national ESPN audience is going to see just how deep Philly fans roll.

Here’s the deal:

$120 gets you deluxe motor coach transportation both to and from the game. A lower-level ticket in right field. A tailgate buffet:

Shredded Beef BBQ

Shredded Pork BBQ

Cheeseburger & Hamburgers


Mac & Cheese

Potato Salad

Corn on the cob

Fresh bakery rolls

Fresh Fruit

Potato Chips

Beverages (must by 21+ to consume alcohol). A DJ serving up jams at the tailgate. T-shirt. And refreshments and snacks on the bus.

Now, you might be asking: Why Sunday night? We understand that, for some, a Friday or Saturday trip would work better. But, as per the usual, we like to do things a bit differently around here. The Nationals are an up and coming team– we can’t deny that. The Sunday night game on ESPN will be the first real national exposure for what could be a legitimate rivalry over the next few years, and we want to put our stamp on the matchup so the whole country can see it. What better way to do so than on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball.

Buses will depart from multiple locations in Philly at 2:30 p.m. (boarding starts at 2) on May 6. We will arrive in plenty of time to tailgate, eat great food and work up a nice, um, lather before taking over Nationals Park. Following the takeover, we will depart enemy territory no later than 30 minutes after the game ends. You’ll be home in time to catch highlights of Cliff Lee pissing excellence on the 2 a.m. SportsCenter.

The folks at Phans Of Philly are running the trip, and they are quite experienced at doing so. They have run five trips to DC over the past two years, plus many other day and overnight getaways, including this takeover of a New York City bar prior to a Flyers-Rangers game last year. Joe and Kyle, the founders of Phans Of Philly, provide high-end motor coaches, bring delicious food, beer, t-shirts, music and more. You won’t feel like a stranger on a bus during this trip. You’ll join 199 of your closest friends, me and Drew, and probably 30,000 other Phillies fans in a takeover of Nationals Park.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line CROSSINGBROAD [AT] YAHOO [DOT] COM. One item of note: all boarding locations have not yet been determined. We will have multiple locations depending on where most folks are coming from. There will be one boarding location in the South Philly stadium area, most likely one in Delaware County, and others. Phans Of Philly will communicate with you, via email, as the trip nears.

Click this link to purchase your ticket through our own It’s 100% secure, and you will be given a ticket (voucher) and confirmation number upon completion of sale. This will be your ticket to get onto the bus, where you will get your ticket for the game, t-shirt, and, obviously, a big comfy seat. 

Get your ticket here.

Friendly reminder that, despite the rhetoric being used by both Phillies and Nationals fans, this is a peaceful event. We are going to support the Phillies, not to be jackasses.


87 Responses

  1. “Buses will depart from multiple locations in the Philly at 2:30 p.m.”

  2. I will admit that I have occasionally trolled this site, but this is an awesome idea. Well done.

  3. The takeover, the break’s over nigga
    God MC, me, Jay-Hova
    Hey lil’ soldier you ain’t ready for war
    R.O.C. too strong for y’all
    It’s like bringin a knife to a gunfight, pen to a test
    Your chest in the line of fire witcha thin-ass vest
    You bringin them Boyz II Men, HOW them boys gon’ win?
    This is grown man B.I., get you rolled in the triage Beatch!!! your reach ain’t long enough, dunny
    Your peeps ain’t strong enough, fucka
    Roc-A-Fella is the army, better yet the navy
    Niggaz’ll kidnap your babies, spit at your lady
    We bring – knife to fistfight, kill your drama
    Uh, we kill you motherfuckin ants with a sledgehammer
    Don’t let me do it to you dunny cause I overdo it
    So you won’t confuse it with just rap music

  4. And yet we wonder why people think Phillies fans, and all Philadelphia fans for that matter, are a$$holes. Maybe because a lot of us are.

  5. Maybe Major League Baseball teams shouldn’t discriminate against and fuck with us, Tina. They complain about us invading their park, but then just make us angry by insulting us and trying to keep us out.

  6. Ahhhh man…. this gets me all fired up! love it! just think of how far we have come! when i was a kid (15-20 years ago), you used to get free tix to the vet if you bought a pack of Phillie franks! now we sell out every night and take over opponents ballparks. Amazing

  7. Am I an idiot for inciting such rage amongst philly fans…or am i a genius because we now jsut sold out every home game against you idiots.

  8. Dammit I’m already going to the cinco de mayo game. It would be cool if I could just pay for the tailgate and game on Sunday and make it a double whammy weekend since I’ll already be down there.

  9. Theres several trip deals available for saturday. Buses are leaving real early though, between 6-7 am. Going to be a blast. Crossing my fingers that no one gets in any fights.

  10. Went to the nats site.. 4 for Best Avail…
    I was offered 4 seats behind home plate, rows perfect national camera back ground..
    $350 per (face value) but crazy that those tix arent gone.

  11. If Chirp goes I’m giving him a wedgie & will make him do a line of c0ke

  12. I did not see any large number of philly fans in DC from 2004-8. You have every right to enjoy your team’s recent success but don’t mistake it for some kind of historical inevitability.
    Let’s compare apples to apples. The Nationals, during their 7 years as a MLB team, have never had a winning season yet they have never had a home season average attendance below 53%. That is not very good but it is not as bad as the 30% attendance rate that philly had for its home games when they were not performing well.
    While philly fans have a lot to be proud of, I am proud that DC is supporting a new team when it is performing at its worst. That says a lot more about a fan base then selling out home games for a winning team.

  13. @3 Finger Lenny, I’ll put your other 2 fingers in his La Salle backpack, thanks i enjoyed them.

  14. goddammit i would love to go but i have finals that week and also no $$$. Go forth with my blessing, my brothers and sisters… and emotionally bitch-smack those silly Nats “fans”

  15. @Mark quit school and sell your books dude, whats the chance of getting a job in this economy right outta school anyway? c’mon down

  16. @ Aaron… and how much of that 50% plus Nats attendance was made up of Phils fans, or Yankee fans, or mets fans or “red sox nation”????

  17. Idoits. Way to boost the nats attendance. baseball fans are idiots. love the sport. hate the fans

  18. is kyle scared of the dude with the bad tats??? don’t get why that post was taken down

  19. @ Aaron, you are an idiot. Are you really trying to use the Nationals first year in existence as the base year to compare attendance to another team. Of course people will attend the first year because it’s new and the cool thing to do.
    Let’s break down the Nationals annual attendance a bit if you want to use 2005 as a base year:
    2005 (first year) – 2,732,000
    2006 – 2,153,000 – Down 21%
    2007 – 1,962,000 – Down 28%
    2008 – 2,320,000 – Down 15% (would have been worse without people coming to check out the new ballpark)
    2009 – 1,817,000 – Down 33%
    2010 – 1,828,000 – Down 33%
    2011 – 1,940,000 – Down 29% (would have been 35% if you take Strasburg out of the picture and 65% if Phillies fans didn’t attend)
    I don’t see much there to be proud of. Now go get yoru fuckin shine box!

  20. I want answers??????????????????????

  21. Again I ask the question, why are we as Phillies fans buying into this bullshit propaganda from a less than mediocre/ irrelevant franchise? The only thing cool about DC is leaving DC. Let them have their minor league team and their small market, lackluster fanbase. We will go ahead and get ready for October baseball.

  22. This trip will be the biggest collection of douchey dude-bros and cargo shorts enthusiasts the East Coast has ever seen.

  23. this is so dumb. who wants to go with all of these people????????? people you dont know and who are probably annoying. I would rather watch it on my tv at my home residence then that and its on a sudnay night…. PEOPLE HAVE WORK THE NEXT DAY… would have been much more ideal if it was Friday… nice planning

  24. Thank you Phillies’ fan for giving my team more money. Please come to our park and enjoy the food, nice fans (ones that dont throw up on kids), and watch a young baseball team grow into a playoff contender, while you look at your own team that is getting older and older.
    Hows Ryan Howard doing?

  25. MFR sounds cranky.
    -what happen to that fucking idiot in the celtics jersey with bad tats post????

  26. NATS1…shouldn’t you be worried about Jayson Werth. What will be higher…his weight or his average?

  27. I’m going to this game and i’m going to have consensual sex with a female nationals fan at the park.

  28. Lmao you haven’t seen a large amount of phillies fans there?? I went last year and there was easily more than double the amount of nationals fans. So I don’t understand how you think that… We keep your stadium running because your own fans don’t care enough to go

  29. @MM thanks for the invite MM.
    Actually, I’m an older guy with a good job who still thinks he’s in college.
    My friends and I will be there. Just quickly deciding to jump in with CB, or.. one of our buds owns a limo service and has party buses, and deciding if we should go that route instead.

  30. We’re the best fans!
    No, we’re the best fans!
    F you! Your attendance is down!
    No f you! We’ll take over your ballpark!

  31. @Mark, Same thing here, i just like to encourage today’s youth to squander thier futures. Id go limo, not really a decision there. I’ll be about 30 miles northwest of manchester England in an rv myself but i’ll be there in spirit. cheers my brother!

  32. All my D.C. buddies are infuriated by this event becuase its completely soldout….its amazing!

  33. This bus trip will house the biggest collection of suburban jerkoffs outside of a Friday night at Brownies 23 East. I hope the bus breaks down and Kyle has to refund everyone’s $$

  34. Cannot wait to see my team spend all of the money you dumbass, racist, sexist Philly morons will bring with you. Please, by all means, buy up the tickets and buy lots of concessions while you’re here. Buy beer that you’ll just spill when you get drunk and even stupider. Spend money to stay in the hotels in this city and pay to eat at our restaurants. Fuel up your vehicles at our gas stations before you drive back home. Please, please, do come to DC and spend, spend, spend your money. We’ll take it. You all fell for Feffer’s scheme — hook, line, and sinker. You’ll be padding the Lerners’ pockets so they can buy better players while your geriatric team is falling apart. So savvy of you! Your mamas must be SO proud.

  35. ThiS is the fucking sorriest excuse for a campaign in DC since Rick Santorums. You’re trying to play like the big boys and imitate my dirty 30…well guess what, you slimy, putrid, disgusting pile of dog shit…fuck you. Go get anal fisted by your boyfriend Drew and jerk off to pictures of cliff lees dog. When you’re done that, go bite off a donkeys cock with your mangled overbite and jam it in your loose, swelled, slimy, disgusting cunt. After that, use the foreskin to make a little hat. Oh yeah, your head is to big to have a hat fit on it because your ego is the size of Ron jeremeys extremely large, sophisticated penis.

  36. You know you’re in trouble when the only thing a few Nationals fans can say is “Haha, thanks for your money! Haha we use that for good team later on! Hahahaha!”

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  38. Jeff — you are an idiot and you’re missing the point. You fit right in with the rest of the Phillies fan geniuses. So many proud, proud mamas up there in Suckadelphia.

  39. $24,000 (200 people at $120 a pop)
    $2500 in beer/food
    $5000 travel
    $4500 tix
    $2000 T-shirts
    $10k in someone’s pocket

  40. First and foremost the Nationals attempt to limit the number of Phillies fans from invading their ballpark is pathetic. Secondly, the Nationals fans who are spouting off things like, “yeah come to our park, thanks for your money” and my favorite, compliments of You are all idiots, “You all fell for Feffer’s scheme — hook, line, and sinker. You’ll be padding the Lerners’ pockets so they can buy better players while your geriatric team is falling apart,” are even more ridiculous. The Nats have what, all of 9 home games a year against the Phillies? Hate to break it to guys but your organization isn’t going to beak the bank because Phillies fans pack your house nine times a year. I mean seriously, you think because you sell a few extra hot dogs and beers a few games a year you are all of a sudden be a legit contender? That is foolishness at its finest. Thanks for the laughs Nationals, but come playoff time you will be on the outside looking in, but hey at least you can thank the Mets for preventing you from finishing last in the division this year.

  41. Hey idiot James, the Nats finished third last year, not last. Look at the bigger picture. Your nervousness is in fact justified. Also, the Lerners are the richest owners in baseball. Your Philly money is just gravy — we can use it to replace our giant Jayson Werth poster when it fades. (I’m sorry, I know you all are still really upset about Werth leaving your scuzzy town for a better job and can’t let that go either.) As for the “bloody cunt rag” comment — I see why that guy doesn’t get laid, like most of you losers on here. (And no, committing rape doesn’t count.)

  42. Hey ‘you are all idiots’….You live in DC, which is worse than Philly in most crime and poverty related categories. To put it mildly, DC is a slimey, creamy, blood soaked tampon that has been freshly removed from a loose, hairy, sweaty, toad like cunt for you to wrap your chipped, dry, decaying, mangled lips around and suck on until you fill that bottomless vaginal pit you call a “stomach”…And last time I checked, isn’t that where all the politicians scheme?…And you say Philly is scum? Compared to Philly, DC is a bloody, coarse, asphyxiated anus with a red ring that puts your xbox360s to shame. Go eat Werths dingleberries and the dip out of his beard you sperm dumpster.

  43. I’m sorry for talking shit on Philly. You guys are the best. I wish I was like you. I have a 2 inch penis.

  44. @You are all idiots – I don’t care if the Nats finished second, third, or fourth last year. They didn’t make the playoffs and they won’t be making it this year. Please tell me how the Werth signing was a good one? .232, 20 HR, 58 RBI, and a .330 OBP…man all that production for $126 million! In case you missed it, we traded for Hunter Pence last season, so yeah we aren’t really missing Werth too much. Hate to break it to you but being the richest doesn’t equate to being the smartest i.e. the Jayson Werth contract.

  45. I think You are all idiots just has the Dan Snyder disease and thinks that those tactics will turn out differently in baseball…Also the fact that all of his teams suck, even the caps this year.

  46. Sometimes I rub peanut butter on my nutsack and have my chihuahua lick it off. I love it.

  47. Hey @you are all idiots – you guys must have a lot of money for what you cave to zimmerman. must be nice to be rich enough to give mediocre players blockbuster deals (see: Jayson Werth) i think Mayberry Jr. had better stats than Werth last year. FAIL. Washington is turning into the banishing point of washed up Phils. (see: Brad Lidge)

  48. also, thanks for coming to this page and giving traffic to a Philly Blog site. lining kyle’s pockets. toolbag.

  49. LOL You are a Nationals fan. Come on seriously…a NATIONALS fan. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This is great. Losers not realizing that they are in fact…losers. LOL (see i can over use LOL too) LOL

  50. If you are a serious Phillies fan over the age of 10, you were a fan of a losing team once too. But — let me guess! You jumped on that big obnoxious bandwagon in 2008 like all of the other asshole losers here! *shocking*

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