Brad Lidge Has Been Turned, Says Nationals are “Most Talented Team He’s Ever Been On”

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The Nats, their coaches, front office members, and fans have been talking a healthy dose of smack this winter. Today, it pains me to tell you that you can now add Brad Lidge to that list.

Here’s what Lidge said in fluffy video posted on

“[The Nationals are] probably the most talented team I’ve ever been on, and I’ve been on some great teams. So I’m very impressed with that– very young and very exciting.”


Oh for fuck’s sake. Not you too, Brad. Goddammit. 

throws 2008 World Series frame on the floor, watches it break into a million pieces

Excuse me for a minute:

You were invisible! Transparent to any and all mean-spirited criticism. 48-for-48! Undetected by reactionary fans when you were awful in 2009 and battled through high-priced injuries in the three seasons following the World Fucking Championship (I capitalize that shit around here, Bradley!). Forever beloved in Philly for the lasting image of you dropping to your knees and hugging our Panamanian catcher. You were perfect to us. For one season– perfect. You hear me? Perfect! PERFECT!!!

Now this.

A safe house in Washington offered you shelter in the twilight of your career. An escape to the lowly Nationals. Brainwashed in a matter of weeks. Spitting crimes against the Homeland. Believing extremist doctrine. Dammit, Brad. The next thing you know you’re going to be fucking Claire Danes and screaming out Wilson Ramos’ name in your sleep. Fuck!

I knew it, Saul. I fucking knew it! Brad's the enemy now.

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I'm done. The video is after the jump.

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  1. He’s just saying they got potential, two # 1 draft pick, franchise players, i’d say they are pretty talented

  2. compared to Lidge’s shitty arm, of course the nats are talented. hell, your grandmother is talented next to that mess of a closer.

  3. strasburg and gio are better than hamels and myers… even zimmerman is better than blanton and moyer.
    Rollins, utley, victorino, and howard are all more talented, but I’d take zimmerman over feliz, morse over burrell, and werth is… well werth.
    And to boot, I’d probably take ramos over chooch.
    the 08 team won the world series, but certainly wasnt the most talented team in the bigs… and you take out lee and halladay the last 3 seasons and it’s not that far off.

  4. can you argue? they’re the 2007 phillies, young talented pitching, a great bullpen, and offensive players hitting their prime (Morse, Zimmerman) along with incredible youth including strasboner and harper. I think talent and skill are totally separate. Guys like Halladay are skilled in what they do, talent is just the word you give the guys who haven’t completely proven themselves yes.

  5. They’re talking the talk, but I bet they can’t walk the walk. Let’s see how talented they are in September … better yet, June.

  6. The guy is saying what he has to say…who cares? Do you seriously believe the Nats will threaten the Phils in the next 2 years? After 2 years anything can happen, especially when your club can restock by spending…I wouldn’t get worked up over his comments – Lidge was dead to me after 2009.

  7. Man, I’m tired of the trolls and the negativity on here. Fuck Lidge, he doesn’t wear a P on his hat anymore, so until he retires, he can kick rocks.

  8. What’d you want him to say? “We fucking suck.” Back in the real world, a player on a new team is always gonna build the new team and city up. Need an example? See Papelbon, Jonathon’s comments last week…

  9. Aren’t we all quick to forget Jimmy Rollins talking smack before the 07-08 season…Just sayin…

  10. Good, hopefully this wakes up all of the kool-aid drinkers to how this dude really rolls.
    He thought because he was on the mound for the final out in 2008, that he would be able to name his price here for ever. He found out the hard way that most people do not take kindly to being lied to about someone’s health for years, while cashing $1M per month in paychecks.

  11. Can you imagine the PR nightmare that would have to be kicked into gear, apologizing to ticket holders, sponsors & partners, etc. if he were to get on TV and say, “Hey we’re a crap team that’s only slightly better than the Mets”?
    Of course he’s saying this. It builds excitement for the local team. Exactly like Steve Mc said in his comment about Papelbon. Anybody that doesn’t see that has his homer shades on like an idiot.

  12. Rollins said that they were the team to beat because they signed Adam Eaton and traded for Freddie Garcia.
    Think about that, let it roll around the brain a bit, then realize that there should be zero issue with this.

  13. Welcome to Philly, remember I said if an athlete from Philly plays somewhere else and says he’s gonna rip our hearts out (Kobe)….he’s an asshole BUT if a player on a Philly team is from another city he cannot root for his home town team (DeSean), he’s an asshole too.
    So now, here’s the new rule, if you come here (from another successful team) to play, you must kiss our asses when you leave (Lidge) but Papelbon is cool because he told YOU that you are smarter than Boston. Lidge was cool too when he left Houston and said Philly was a better place to be than Houston was, so he was cool then.
    Now since he said that, certain bloggers are going to have an article about Lidge, Carter and Richards every week….with pictures of Lidge and Richie’s dad with beers in hand.

  14. It only matters if the Nats win more games than the Phillies… which, except for a few trolls on the comment board, I think we ALL know isn’t going to happen. So, for now… who cares?! It’s Brad “I’ve one good year in the last four” Lidge. I’m pretty sure he’s not making it two out of five.

  15. If you were a Baseball (or any Sport) fan prior to 2008, you should expect things like this, Lidge’s job isn’t to stroke the ego of the enemy, he’s in a new place now…..let him be him. What did you expect him to say?

  16. Ok, this new city is also going to cringe when you walk out of the bullpen, just like us Philly fans have for the last 2 seasons Brad.

  17. And with each passing day, KyScotties’ somewhat irrational hatred of the Nationals grows more and more and more

  18. Rob Ellis is a stinky, smelly cunt who sucks so much penis that he had to get a root canal. His boner is 3 centimeters long and has almost as much dandruff as he does hairy, mangy, scraggly, infected pubic hair around his asshole. Hes going to eat vomit one day and say, “FUCK YOU SANTA CLAUS. CLIFF LEE IS A GOOD GOALIE!”

  19. Pfft! If Brad had signed with the bottom feeding Royals, he would’ve called them the most talented team he’s ever been on. This is about as significant a news item as someone telling me the sun sets in the west. Nothing to get worked up over. Really.

  20. Fuck u brad, u sound like a scorned ex lover.
    If I ever see you, I’m dropping the hammer & ripping that ugly mole off your face

  21. Not only that but strasburg ain’t better than hamels either. He might eventually be, but hamels is a top 10 pitcher in baseball right now. CLUELESS

  22. chirp chirp, hamels was better than any pitcher maybe ever in that postseason so strasburg would not be better than him. unless he puts up the greatest performance ever. utley, howard, rollins, and victorino in 08′ is better than anything the nationals got. and chooch is the best catcher in the nl when it comes to calling games, defense, and offense, get the fuck out of here. only nats fans say stupid shit like that

  23. WTF is he supposed to say, how shitty the new team that pays him is??! Youre such an Assclown Kyle.

  24. @LouWill
    chooch the best catcher in the nl when it comes to offense? did you watch the playoffs the past two years? ever heard of a guy named brian mccann?

  25. Washington finishes 4th in the division.
    How anyone doesn’t see that or sees anything else is mind boggling.

  26. It’s hilarious that anyone would be upset by this. In the sports world, these things happen ALL THE TIME. They’re trying to create a rivalry, and Lidge is trying to get Nats fans to buy his jersey. Relax, it’s only lip service. Unbunch the panties.

  27. @Steve Radio. You’re buying into the Marlins hype? That’s hilarious. NL East will look like this at season’s end:
    1. Phillies
    2. Braves
    3. Nationals
    4. Marlins
    5. Mets
    The Nationals are going to be a good ball club. Anybody who fails to recognize that must not know too much about baseball.

  28. @Odelayer
    How’s it hype? They’re better at almost every position and just as good if not better at pitcher.
    Meanwhile, they’ll be finishing 2nd or 3rd anyway.
    We hope.

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